UPI Casino Payment System (Unified Payments Interface)

UPI Casino Payment System (Unified Payments Interface)

Updated 10 february 2023

The UPI payment system for online casinos is a unique financial tool thanks to which it is possible to make instant payments in real-time. The software is developed on the basis of the technology of a unified interface and serves as an affordable and convenient analogue of a traditional electronic account or onsite bank cards.

UPI payment system for online casinos

You can learn more about the capabilities of the service and order the connection of the UPI casino payment system in 2 clicks ― just leave an application to the managers of Online Casino Market. We guarantee fast integration, professional technical support, and pleasant discounts.

Brief Overview of the UPI System

The UPI online casino payment solution is a completely new financial model that makes it possible to use your mobile device as a virtual debit card.

All traditional banking services have been introduced into the aggregator's ecosystem. Technical parameters guarantee an instant response and smooth operation in real-time. The product is based on the program that recognizes QR codes.

Integration of a casino with UPI payment systems gives users the following advantages:

  1. Operational efficiency. The developer guarantees instant transfers regardless of the time of access to the system.
  2. Unified interface. Connection of the UPI casino payment system allows you to interact with any banking and commercial enterprise through a single administration panel since the product does not require additional identification or any downloading services.
  3. Convenient authentication. The registered users can log in and conduct money transfers in one click. The service uses seamless API gateway protocols that comply with international standards for protecting information.
  4. Virtual address. An additional security measure is the remote digital record on the user. This approach allows the system to work without the necessity to enter restricted financial data on the client (for example, the bank account number).
  5. Multitasking. The UPI system allows you to conduct any financial operations, including transfers between personal accounts and different banks, payment for commodities, replenishment of deposits, withdrawal of winnings, utility payments, and much more.

Thanks to the unified interface, convenient navigation, a wide range of settings, and adaptation to the mobile audience, the UPI platform has won the worldwide recognition and has provided competition to the traditional banking services Visa and MasterCard. Since the summer of 2019, it is possible to connect the service via the Google Play store.

About the Software Vendor

UPI software vendor: brief overview

The UPI financial service is a brainchild of the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). The company was founded at the discretion of the Reserve Bank of India and the Association of Indian Banks.

The manufacturer is registered as a noncommercial enterprise. Its main task is to provide banking facilities and individuals with a comprehensive financial infrastructure that allows them to carry out digital estimations.

The developer appeared in the market in 2007 and created an innovative project that brought together more than 50 financial institutions. The first participants in the system were the National Bank of Punjab, Bank of Baroda, Bank of India, Citibank NA, and HSBC.

In 9 years’ time, the company had 56 shareholders. In the spring of 2019, the system was used by more than 142 financial institutions. The total amount of transactions made via UPI exceeds 240 million dollars.

The company is actively negotiating for the integration of its payment systems into casinos in the UAE and Singapore.

How the Indian Banking Works

Connection of the UPI system massively simplifies the process of making payments (deposition and withdrawal of prizes). Clients no longer need to memorize the account number, the name of the bank, and other information to conduct money transfers. All necessary data is stored on remote secure servers of the aggregator and can be removed from the internal list provided by the program.

Ways of working with financial flows in the UPI system

Virtual address for making payments or a personal ID code

The platform generates a unique one-time password to sign in to your account. All further actions are carried out through a digital account inside the system

Mobile number

The bank account of the user can be displayed as a personal phone number. The installation of the UPI payment solution makes it unnecessary to keep traditional bank cards or e-wallets

Bank account number

You can send transfers via the UPI platform in the traditional way: by indicating the recipient's account details

Aadhaar code

It is possible to adjust the system so that it will interact with banks using the Aadhaar certification numbers

QR code

The developer has provided customers with an opportunity to use unique QR codes to generate payments. The service can be customized, and it can also send graphic passwords to mobile numbers or electronic accounts of clients

In August 2018, the developer presented an updated version of the system ― UPI 2.0. The product received new visual modifications and several additional services, including:

  • management of the connected overdraft accounts;
  • pre-authorization of transactions for a specific seller;
  • revision and storing of accounts with completed transactions;
  • automatic sending of regular transfers.

How to Quickly Connect the UPI Casino Payment Service

UPI casino payment service: quick integration

You can order the integration of the innovative payment aggregator from Online Casino Market.

Cooperation with our team of experts gives you the following benefits:

  • professional advice (we are ready not only to answer any questions about technical characteristics of the software but also to offer a free launch of the gambling platform);
  • prompt response (we work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week);
  • quick adjustment and free updates (the UPI system allows you to use seamless technologies: you do not need to change the source code of your platform to connect the services);
  • round-the-clock support (we guarantee prompt failure recovery);
  • legal status (we cooperate with reliable developers who gave a good account of themselves in the global gambling market);
  • loyalty programs (we offer individual bonuses, good discounts, and exclusive offers for regular customers).

You can always buy separate categories of products or order a complex turnkey project.

Moreover, Online Casino Market offers a wide range of additional services:

  • an independent audit of a gambling startup;
  • assistance in the operation of the financial infrastructure of a casino;
  • educational content and cases for the company’s employees;
  • creation of exclusive HTML5 content;
  • development of unique bonuses and loyalty programs;
  • adaptation of casino platforms to the needs of a mobile audience;
  • adjustment and maintenance of a marketing program (cooperation with our advertising department guarantees a return on investment already in one year).

The Main Things About the UPI Financial Ecosystem

To buy a unique payment platform from the Indian developer is a good way to make it easier for users to interact with financial instruments and guarantee customers that payments they make are absolutely secure.

Advantages of choosing the Unified Payments Interface system:

  • Popularity and recognizability of the platform. As of 2019, more than 140 banking and commercial institutions have become partners of the service. Besides, this solution is available on the Google Play store.
  • Security assurance. The product allows customers to avoid the need to disclose confidential financial information (the numbers of bank accounts, personal cards, and other details). To work with the service, a unique virtual environment was created. It provides electronic accounts for each participant in the transaction.
  • Ease of operation. The payment management process is built on the basis of a single mobile interface. Moreover, users do not need to enter the recipient's account details with each new login since the platform saves templates of previous transactions and offers a wide range of automated settings for generating payments.
  • Variable identification. Clients of the system can choose different methods of confirming the operation: the use of QR codes, working with an electronic account through the internal ID system, transfers via Aadhaar codes or traditional bank account details.
  • Multitasking. The system is suitable for any financial manipulations: replenishment of user accounts in a casino, withdrawal of winnings, payment for utility services, online purchases.

When ordering the connection of the UPI financial service from Online Casino Market, you will receive professional support and pleasant discounts. We will take on all organizational and legal issues and technical support. You will have only 2 tasks: to promote the gaming site and realize a profit.

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Karen Fill

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Updated 10 february 2023

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