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Updated 10 february 2023

LiqPay is the most popular provider of payment services in CIS countries, especially in Ukraine. This casino payment method allows you to make payments via mobile phone, internet banking, terminals and bank card.

If your online casino is oriented towards the Ukrainian market, we recommend you to connect to the LiqPay online casino payment system.

The LiqPay platform was developed in 2008 as an analogue of PayPal (this service still is not implemented in Ukraine). The provider offers its customers both money orders and Internet acquiring.

You have probably dealt with this online casino payment system if you paid for something on the Internet in the territory of Ukraine. With the help of LiqPay you can buy tickets for international flights, pay for products in online stores and so on. Another important factor is that this casino payment method is connected with the PrivatBank. Considering that many Ukrainians use services of this bank, it is worthwhile to have an opportunity to deposit funds through LiqPay. 

Review of the LiqPay System

It is considered to be one of the best online gambling payment methods, particularly for a low amount of its commission 2.75% per payment. In other payment systems, such amount may rich 5%. Besides, there are several functions and solutions, which are profitable for both business owners and customers:

  • transactions in 203 countries pass through the described service;
  • the presence of multicurrency – 200 local currencies and the conversion of USD / EUR;
  • a possibility to accept payments through a credit card Visa or MasterCard, Internet banking or in terminals;
  • when paying cash, the online casino payment system forms a payment account, and in this case the cash contribution will be displayed in CMS;
  • credit of funds is made during the bank working day;
  • a convenient payment widget in the form of a pop-up window or an iframe page;
  • players can deposit funds without leaving the website of an online casino;
  • round-the-clock technical support service;
  • a possibility to accept payments under individual tariff plans;
  • the provider is represented on such mobile platforms as iOs 7+ and Android 4+;
  • LiqPay accepts payments through such messengers as Viber, Telegram and Facebook Messenger.

LiqPay is an advantageous casino payment method, known for its loyalty and flexibility.

LiqPay as an online casino payment system

LiqPay as an advantageous casino payment method

The LiqPay service identifies a gambling establishment as an online store. It is very convenient, because you can use the extensive functionality of the platform.

The most important options for online casinos are:

  • acceptance of payment in two stages – there may arise different situations, for example, players may need to pass a verification process. In this case, the operator can use such payment acceptance of two stages. At the first stage an amount of payment is blocked on the credit card or on the user's electronic wallet, and on the second stage the payment is transferred to the account of the online casino;
  • invoices – in order to use an online casino deposit and withdrawal methods in a convenient form, LiqPay creates an individual account, after which clients are able to carry out payments even through a banking unit;
  • chargeback – through the LiqPay administration panel or the API system it is possible to return payments to the user's card;
  • B2C, P2P – an operator can transfer winnings from the online casino account directly to the account of his client. This process can be automated.

Security of LiqPay

Multi-level security system for LiqPay payment service

This platform has a multi-level security system that includes the following parameters:

  • OTP (One Time Password) – one-time individual password;
  • CVV – a three-digit code on the back of the bank card;
  • 3D-Secure – an additional measure for Visa and MasterCard cardholders;
  • Deepmemo – a platform for monitoring of transactions.

Besides, LiqPay payments are protected against fraud with unique Anti-fraud software. This system was developed in special Prolog language and can partially replace you a risk manager.

Anti-fraud software has its own limits and rules, and also operators have rights to manage the black list.

Moreover, you can receive payment statements via e-mail or API. It is very convenient for casino operators.

Connection of the LiqPay Online Casino Payment System

  1. Before you start an acquiring of the payment system, it is necessary to be sure that the website flies under the rules. On the website of the service you can find a complete list of requirements and prohibited products.
  2. Creation of the LiqPay store.The verification procedure takes no more than 24 hours. Then you will need to sign an offer contract.
  3. Launch the system and customize CMS

Your specialists will receive a full access to the API along with instructions on how to install the payment button, to form a payment widget and to set up a casino payment method. You can even connect payments via Bitcoin. You may find all information in special section of the instructions made for those, who have decided to open online casino.

The LiqPay provider is a very reliable online casino payment system. In addition to a loyal commission, the service offers a number of innovative solutions, such as payments through messengers. This is another way to deposit funds and an alternative method for online casinos to get revenues. And thanks to the multi-stage security system, players will surely trust you.

If other providers offer to buy an online casino payment system, the only requirement of LiqPay is to pay a commission from payments. As you can see, this platform is beneficial on every hand.

It is possible to buy the described online casino payment system from Online Casino Market. This company may also help you with a process of the development of online casino, and its specialist can develop a gambling establishment on demand.

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Updated 10 february 2023

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