Qiwi Online Casino Payment System: Key Features of the Service’s Work

Qiwi Online Casino Payment System: Key Features of the Service’s Work

Updated 10 february 2023

Qiwi is an electronic payment system that allows people to carry out financial operations via mobile gadgets and other communication channels. The service makes it possible to pay for mobile communications and utilities quickly and conveniently, make credit payments, buy railway and air tickets, and goods from China. It is an intuitive online casino payment aggregator with an interface in Russian.

Qiwi payment system

It is also possible to use Qiwi when you want to withdraw funds after spending a very successful time in online casinos.

And the demo version of the service allows you to see all the advantages of this casino software

Historical Background

The Qiwi online casino payment system was launched in 2007. Developers have introduced a Qiwi wallet with the support for all popular mobile platforms and social networks. After some time, the brand under the same name was officially registered.

In 2011, the company presented an updated version with the Qiwi Bank function.

A year later, the cooperation agreement with Visa was signed. As a result, users received a completely new product — Visa Qiwi Wallet.

Currently, the online casino payment system has more than one million customers. According to the statistics, about fifty thousand people use this service every day. Over one thousand new users become clients of the company every day.

The Qiwi Online Casino Payment System: Getting Started

How to register and create an electronic wallet:

  • Via Mobile app. You need to download and install the application of the company on your personal mobile device. The phone number and the password should be indicated in the corresponding field. To confirm operations, it will be necessary to enter the code, which can be found in the SMS message.
  • Terminal. The registration can be passed through the main menu of the terminal. The procedure is similar to the mobile version — users need to enter the phone number, invent a secret password, and confirm their actions by typing in a code from the message.
  • Registration on the official website. On the home page of the website, there is a button that is called "Create a wallet". The system automatically redirects you to the registration section, where you will have to do everything that we have already mentioned above. On the website, you can enter your personal account with the help of the identification through the social network.

Qiwi Verification

Those users who have passed the identification procedure will be able to get the following statuses:

  • Minimal. The status is assigned during the registration process and includes the identity authentication of users only via the phone number. Provided limits: up to forty thousand rubles for making payments and up to twenty thousand rubles monthly for withdrawing cash.
  • Basic. The assignment of the status takes place when users indicate all necessary information in personal settings. The system offers a limit of up to two hundred thousand rubles and the withdrawal of cash up to forty thousand rubles per month. Customers are also offered such additional services as an opportunity to pay for products and services on foreign websites (AliExpress, Steam, Skype, etc.). Transfers of funds are possible as well.
  • Professional. To confirm the status, it is necessary to deliver a package of documents to the company's office. This level completely removes payment restrictions and allows users to withdraw up to two hundred thousand rubles in cash each month.

Financial Operations in the Qiwi Online Casino Payment System

The Qiwi service works with the following types of transfers:

  • operations between wallets of users;
  • transfers from electronic wallets to plastic cards or banking accounts;
  • interaction with money transfer systems. Customers of Qiwi can send money to someone from the same country, to people who live in neighbouring countries, and to those who are far abroad;
  • transfers by e-mail. In this case, funds are transferred in the form of a special Qiwi voucher, and the addressee will have to create a personal account to get them.

The amount of commission for the operation depends on the chosen method of transfer.

Qiwi Online Casino Payment System: How to Deposit Funds

Depositing funds with Qiwi

The service offers its customers several ways to deposit funds to the electronic wallet. It can be a transfer from a plastic card, deposits in cash via an ATM or a specialised Qiwi terminal, an online loan, a bank transfer or a withdrawal of funds from the mobile phone.

As soon as the client receives a notification of the transfer of funds, the online casino payment aggregator can be used to deposit them to the game account.

Qiwi Payment Method Accepted in Gambling: the Main Ways

  1. Transfer with the help of the payment system. If the Qiwi service is integrated into the online gambling establishment, it will take no more than a couple of minutes to replenish the balance. Users just need to open the "Cashier" section in the casino website, select the Qiwi system from the provided list of operators and indicate the amount of the deposit.
  2. How to deposit funds without the use of the Qiwi service? If it is impossible to replenish the balance directly through the system, you can use the virtual card Qiwi Visa Virtual. The electronic account is equipped with all functions of a standard bank card.

The withdrawal procedure is similar. Clients of online casinos need just to specify the Qiwi resource as the desired system of the transfer of money or use a virtual card.

Qiwi Online Casino Payment System: the Rate Policy

The operator of electronic payments offers the following system of tariffs:

  • transfers of funds within the framework of the Qiwi system — 0%;
  • payments for goods and services by the Visa card, which is connected to an electronic wallet — 0–0,75%;
  • withdrawal of funds to a bank card — 1,5–3%;
  • replenishment of an electronic wallet — 0% (if the amount of money is less than five hundred rubles, the commission fee is 3%).

Qiwi Payment Method Accepted in Gambling: the Security Accreditation

Qiwi for gambling

This online casino payment system requires an encrypted password code, which is known only to the player. It also cooperates with providers and developers of anti-virus tools and the software to block fake websites. The data transmission is carried out via a special secured connection.

If there are some suspicious actions on the account, users will receive a notification with recommendations to change the password. All manipulations performed are analysed in real time. Each operation needs to be confirmed by the code, which is sent to the indicated phone number of the client. Players also receive instant notifications about any change of their balance.

An additional advantage of the service is the ability to see all payments through checks that are provided by terminals in the "Info" section.

Advantages of the Qiwi Online Casino Payment System

Among the positive aspects of this service we can name the following:

  • Availability. Financial operations in the Qiwi service can be made both online and offline. The company's portfolio includes a large number of land-based terminals.
  • Mobility. Convenient, intuitive applications can become a worthy alternative to the usual plastic cards and payments in cash.
  • Multicurrency. The resource offers a list of the most common currencies (euro, dollar, and rubles).
  • Multifunctional. There is an opportunity to pay for any services on the Internet, make credit and tax payments. The system also provides an option for remembering the account details, which simplifies the repeated manipulations. Qiwi offers services for payment planning and analytics.
  • Support for online stores and acceptance of Qiwi payments in gambling. The integration of this online casino payment system allows you to significantly expand the client base of your resource.

If customers do not use their electronic wallets for more than one hundred eighty days, their accounts will be deleted automatically. It is a very convenient feature that the famous giant WebMoney does not have. This system does not delete inactive wallets, and they are just kept in the user's account until it is deleted.

The Qiwi Online Casino Payment System: the Integration of the Service with Online Casino Market

Qiwi service integration

Advantages of the integration of the payment system with Online Casino Market:

  • confidentiality;
  • reliability and functionality of the software;
  • a high speed of operations;
  • nice bonuses and prizes.

Online Casino Market offers the reliable, functional, and convenient software. You can test the system by ordering a demo version of the payment service.

On all issues related to the purchase or rent of the Qiwi payment system, the development of an online casino on a turnkey basis, and the integration of the gambling software, you can contact specialists of the company by choosing the way that is most convenient for you form the list, which can be found in the "Contacts" section.

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