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Updated 10 february 2023

Start2Pay is an international provider of payment services. This casino payment method provides a set of tools for the business monetization on the Internet and offers a variety of solutions for the transferring of funds and monitoring of financial flows in casinos.

The area of focus of Start2Pay includes: gaming industry, e-commerce, currency transactions, and everything that is related to the sphere of high financial risks. The company has many high-profile clients, so the level of their safety is also very high. 

Review of the Online Casino Payment System Start2Pay

Start2Pay as a specialized online casino payment system

For each casino owners it is very important to have great professionals working for them. Employees of Start2Pay have many years of working experience in the field of gambling, so they are aware of all aspects needed for the organization of online casinos and all difficulties of financial accounting. The aim of the company’s management team is to become a perfect iGaming payment provider and to create a strong CSM for the gaming industry.

If standard payment aggregators deal only with making payments related to online casinos as in the online store, the Start2Pay system can be described as a specialized online casino payment system. It doesn’t just use online casino deposit and withdrawal methods, but also can pay winnings to players profitably. All financial logistics of the website can be adapted to the Start2Pay system: control of limits, generation of reports related to payments, as well as other important tasks.

Start2Pay Casino Payment Method

The platform supports 23 local currencies and it covers 25 countries in Europe and CIS. At the moment, this service is used by more than 1,500 companies. This online casino payment system can be adapted to any business and website. If you are planning to buy a reliable payment system, Start2Pay can offer a full suite of innovative solutions, which includes:

  • several types of the integration;
  • multicurrency;
  • security system for protection against fraud;
  • complete back-office;
  • on time repayment;
  • analytical tools.

The described online casino payment system cooperates with international payment platforms, e-wallets and the service One of the pleasant additions is the fact that customers can create a designer interface for payments. Your developer will receive full instructions on how to brand the payment field using the tag <iframe>.

There is also a functional option for online casinos: individual currencies of the website. For example, your gaming currency is coins. The casino operator can customize its rate at which the player will buy them. You do not need to carry out the conversion of funds separately, but you will receive payment on your account in local currency, and users will receive coins which can immediately be spent in your online casino.

Employees of the company, as experienced professionals in the field of gambling, can help you to audit finances and advise on how to organize the work of your casino in a better way. You may also get help with receiving a gambling license, registration and opening of an account. These services are absolutely free.

Why Start2Pay is Useful for Players

The system understands perfectly well all needs of players, so the developers have made this online casino payment system intuitive and user-friendly.

Clients of an online casino can receive:

  • adaptive payment interface, and all transactions can be carried out via any gadget;
  • multi-language platform — based on geo-location, the payment interface is displayed in the language of the region;
  • Start2Pay can predict which method is more preferable for a particular player, and will offer it primarily;
  • intuitive processing.

It is worth noting once again that this casino payment method works equally for receiving money on your account and for the payment of winnings. Experienced players are familiar with this service and prefer to use it.

Security System

Three major Start2Pay security systems for all operations

Speaking about payments and online casino’s payouts, it is necessary to pay attention to the security system, which offered by the payment aggregator. This online casino payment system protects monetary contributions with the help of three major systems:

  • certificate of conformity PCI DSS — it is a set of standards, which confirms the reliability of the system on a worldwide basis;
  • encryption system, which guarantees the confidentiality of transactions and protects user’s personal data;
  • protection against hacker DdoS-attacks.

How to Hook Into the Start2Pay Payment System

The process of integration of the system is very simple, so you can do it by yourself.

First of all you will need to register with the system and to complete the required fields. Then you are to enter information about yourself and your company, and after that the sales department will get in contact with you in the earliest possible timeframe.

Then employees of the company will send you a contract and discuss the strategy of individual integration in accordance with the needs of your business.

At this point you are to set up CRM and a personal account, and you can already start accepting payments.

On the Start2Pay website you will be able to find a demo shop, where it will be possible for you to size the possibilities of the platform and to see how things will work for the client's online casino.

The described online casino payment system is product, which was developed primarily for the gaming industry. If you have a betting website, where you accept bets on sports, an online casino or a live casino with live dealers, hook into the Start2Pay system. With such a platform it will be easy to manage revenues of your casino.

If you want to buy this online casino payment system, leave a request on the website OnlineCasinoMarket. You may also buy a turnkey online casino.

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Updated 10 february 2023

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