B4U Global Casino Payment System: Cryptocurrency Solutions for Sale

B4U Global Casino Payment System: Cryptocurrency Solutions for Sale

Updated 10 february 2023

B4U Global (BitLoad4U) is an innovative payment service that provides for the liquidity of the cryptocurrency. The aim of the system is to turn bitcoin into a full-fledged replacement for the traditional banking system and fiat money.

B4U Global (BitLoad4U) innovative payment service

From Online Casino Market, you can learn more about the capabilities of this product, test the software, and order the connection of the B4U Global casino payment system. We offer certified high-technology solutions that can bring a big profit to our clients.

Advantages of Installing the B4U Global Casino Payment System

The B4U Global online casino payment system is the result of many years of research that was conducted on the financial market. The connection of this platform gives business enterprises and individuals a unique opportunity to process unlimited cryptocurrency transactions at the most favourable rates.

What the integration of the B4U Global payment system gives operators

Advantages of the purchase


Bitcoin liquidity

The exchange of cryptocurrency deposits takes place at the most favourable rate at the moment of the transaction (quotes are broadcasted in real-time).

The platform interacts with such popular fiat services as:

  • China Unionpay;

  • Visa;

  • MasterCard;

  • electronic bank cards

Audience coverage

Installation of the B4U Global payment system for casinos provides operators with access to a global database of IBAN bank accounts

Speed of transactions

Processing of incoming requests takes no more than 3 days

Commission fees

Customers pay a single fixed fee of 3% of the size of the deposit for being able to use the system

Secure payments

The company guarantees the absolute protection of the users’ data and the provision of transparent transfers without hidden fees. The system works in accordance with PCI-DSS standards

Legal business

You can absolutely legally install the B4U Global casino payment system. The provider is a holder of the Maltese licence (it is possible to check the information on the provider via his registration number: C-74252)

The interface of the product

The administrative panel is distinguished by its laconic design and ergonomics, so it will not be difficult to understand the nuances of software management. Besides, the developer has provided a wide range of personal settings

Integration of the B4U Global System

B4U Global system: integration

A new client is connected to the cryptocurrency platform in the following way:

Registration Request

After the creation and filing of a connection request, users must choose a unique password and personal identifier (the system offers several adaptive templates).

All data is stored on remote secure servers, and information is transmitted only in the encrypted form, which excludes any possibility of its transfer to third parties.

Two-Step Identification

The website visitor enters the system after the selected username and password are indicated. To confirm the registration request, casino operators must activate a personal link that is sent to their e-mail addresses.

Compliance Test

Control of behavioural reactions and activity of users is carried out through the “Know your client” program.

The service mandatorily requests KYC data:

  • scans of identity verification documents;
  • information on bank accounts and electronic wallets;
  • information on the legality of using the platform.

Activation of an Account

It is possible to log in to your account only after you pass the two-step identification and the request is approved by the company's internal security service.

Where to Connect the B4U Global Casino Payment Service

B4U Global payment service for online casinos

You can buy or rent the payment aggregator from Online Casino Market.

We guarantee professional support at all stages:

  1. Inspection of documents (control of the compliance of a casino with the current legal standards).
  2. System testing (free connection for a detailed study of the service's capabilities).
  3. Conclusion of an agreement (we can help you with the collection of documentation, resolution of controversial issues, monitoring the process of paying for services, etc.).
  4. Integration (we guarantee prompt connection and the ability to use the service as a basic or backup source of payment).
  5. Personalisation (an adaptation of a typical template of the system in accordance with the needs of the client).
  6. Technical support (prompt troubleshooting, round-the-clock query response).

The Main Things About the B4U Global Payment System

This solution is a convenient way to reach a wider audience, providing users with secure transfers without hidden fees.

  • The B4U Global system is designed to make cryptocurrency transfers a viable alternative to traditional banking arrangements.
  • The company guarantees data protection, transparent payments, and the most favourable exchange rate at the moment of the transaction.
  • To connect the B4U Global casino payment service, just contact the manager of Online Casino Market. We offer fast integration, free customisation, professional technical support, and competitive prices.

Online Casino Market offers the best range of software solutions for those who want to launch a profitable gambling business. We are also ready to implement exclusive projects from scratch on the basis of your sketches.

For all questions, please contact us:

  • in Telegram: @spinwin
  • by e-mail: manager@oc-market.com
  • on Skype: slotsmarket
  • via the feedback form.
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Karen Fill

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Updated 10 february 2023

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