Visa: Online Casino Payment System

Visa: Online Casino Payment System

Updated 10 february 2023

Payment system is one of the most important elements of online casino. Your income depends from its quality and quantity. User should simply deposit. About hundred payment systems and e-wallets operate today but all of them have to compete with Visa. 

Visa is a popular online casino payment system in the world. If you decided to open casino you need to review Visa offer.  

What do You Need to Know About Visa?

  • this is an international payment system; 
  • it is supported in 200 countries around the world; 
  • cash cycle on the cards is $4,8 tln for the last year; 
  • Visa is focused on transactions in dollars. 

You certainly used this system to pay for delivery, tickets or Internet shopping. That is why you know perfectly about all its peculiarities. 

Visa cards can vary, all depends on the purpose: 

  • debit cards;
  • credit cards;
  • prepaid cards;
  • virtual cards.

Any debit card is needed in order to deposit money in online casino. Even simple Visa Classic. The majority of banks that cooperate with Visa can provide these cards. Bank also ensures customer technical support.

Visa Security

Visa guarantees highest protection for all financial operations

This is the main reason why customers choose Visa: highest protection for the funds and personal and financial information protection from unauthorized access. Besides, the fees are insignificant.

There are several protection systems:

  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard: requirement for Visa payment cards service;
  • Secure Sockets Layer: coding system that ensures protection of data transfer from client to server and vice versa;
  • 3D Secure Verified by Visa (VbV): additional coding that helps to protect client’s personal information. It is done with 3D Secure password. 

Casino Electronic Payment System 

Visa is a popular payment solution for online casinos

Visa is the best at the market now for your clients. The system is easy for use, does not apply big fees and user can ask bank for help any time. But everything is a little different for the business owner. Casino electronic payment system is connected through Internet acquiring. This is a special technology that helps you to integrate payment system and accept money from the cards. 

Payment provider or aggregator that confirms transaction participate in Internet acquiring. This supplier charges small fees from each payment which is usually less than 3,5%. 

Advantages of Visa acquiring system: 

  • 24-hours transactions – the process is automatized; 
  • only card is needed to deposit (in some cases you have to check an option of Internet payment that can be done through Internet banking); 
  • Visa system is not related to any country. Even if you are registered in Russia and user is located in Australia he can easily make a payment; 
  • your customer can realize spontaneous ideas. For example, he wants to raise bets and deposit additional money. Visa card is always on his hand. 

You need to refer to your bank to connect Internet acquiring. You will sign agreement and get access to special interface to monitor payments. You may certainly use CRM or other system to track payments in online casino if it is comfortable. 

Visa for an Online Casino: Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if the card is rejected?

User has to check limits for Internet payments. They forget very often to activate a card for Internet payments or set up small limit. If your system operates without any issue and the gambler can not deposit means there is a problem with his card. Suggest him another payment method. 

Which cards are better to use: debit or prepaid? 

Online casino like Internet shops accept Visa debit cards. You may have problems using prepaid card, so it is better to choose another card or payment system. 

What amount should be deposited in Internet casino? 

Casino operator defines the limit. In American online casinos amount is often fixed as minimal equal to $35, and maximum $1000. Payment provider can also set up his own limits. 

Can Visa reject to make payment through online gambling site? 

No, they can not. Visa does not set up the policy to use their cards. But banks have the right to bring in such rules. This is usually discussed when signing agreement between bank and client.

Anyway, you can offer another method to deposit money to users. But Visa is the best online casino deposit and withdrawal method. 

As you see online gambling payment method is a financial basis of your business. The more payment methods the better. Some countries have limits or your gamer use some payment system on personal reasons. But Visa is a golden standard for any Internet business. 

Online casino payment system Visa is safe and reliable that is why you must add it as a main method to deposit money. 

You need to fill an application form on the site of Online Casino Market company if you want to buy electronic online casino payment system. Visa is a globally known payment system and trustworthy among cardholders. If you decided to open casino you should review the offer from Visa as an online casino deposit and withdrawal method. 


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Karen Fill

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Updated 10 february 2023

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