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Updated 10 february 2023

The Click2Pay electronic payment system was created 14 years ago and since then has reached significant results: it is used by millions of people all around the word and it is respected by its partners. Because of the appearance of the Click2Pay service clients receive additional payment possibilities and an opportunity to pay for different products and services via Internet. 

Online Casino Payment System

As any other service this system is a kind of a connection between a bank (credit card) and an object, which provides online services.

When this casino payment method first appeared representatives of the gambling industry immediately showed their interest in it. Many operators have integrated Click2Pay into their online casinos. Thus, players have received another great service to conduct financial transactions.

Online casino payment system Click2Pay enables players to deposit and withdraw their funds.

How to Sign-up in the System

The sign-up procedure for the Click2Pay payment system

Many users think that it is the system’s disadvantage that there is no Russian version in it, but in fact it is really possible to understand everything they need from the very beginning of the procedure. Surely those who use Internet for a long time are aware of different kinds of signing up when they took part in various promotions or just created an account in some programs or on websites.

Therefore, the sign-up procedure and payment transactions should not cause any problems, but as an additional precaution we will describe the actions that you will need to do on the website of the Click2Pay payment system.

Once you enter the site, you will need to fill out a form “Join now”, entering your passport data, then the button “Continue” should appear. The second step is to check carefully all information that you’ve entered and then to click “Continue” again, after which you will need to indicate what you would like to do – “Register Now”.

Then you will have to activate your account by typing-in an activation code, which will be sent by the system to your e-mail address.

After you pass all these steps a thing that scares most of users will happen: the client’s support service will contact you in order to be sure that you are really you. It should be a Russian speaking specialist, but if you will hear the English language – don’t get embarrassed, just tell him you don’t speak English.

On this pleasant note your registration is considered to be completed, and the online casino payment system will be fully at your service.

The account will be activated with a “two stars” status, which is the entry level. After you use online casino deposit and withdrawal methods, your rating will rise. However, playing in casinos with Click2Pay you may feel that the entry level is enough, because it allows operating the sum of $ 500 weekly, which is quite normal for those who not spending most of their lives gambling.

The following actions of visitors of an online casino with Click2Pay are simple: it is necessary to sign-up on the website if they haven’t done it earlier, and then to make a deposit.

We should say that when registering in this online casino payment system it is better to place a check mark on the option “Snap your wallet to a bank card”, after which financial transactions will be made both on your banking account, and on the credit card, and the deposited sum will be in a single service. Thus, if you withdraw funds, the same will happen to your credit card. For these operations experts recommend a credit card Visa Classic.

Advantages of Click2Pay

Among the undoubted advantages of the online casino payment system Click2Pay we can name:

  • easy and fast way of conducting transactions;
  • availability of the system on all websites of foreign casinos;
  • provision of branded debit cards Click2Pay or MAESTRO to each user;
  • personal data of a credit card are entered only during the registration procedure, which ensures complete safety of players;
  • easy rollover from an account of one poker room to another;
  • when withdrawing funds from the casino’s account money are still in the system and user can get it at any time;
  • currencies in Click2Pay are converted automatically.

The received Click2Pay or MAESTRO debit card is an unembossed card and is anonymous, players can use it in online casinos and his financial operations can’t be traced. It is also possible to withdraw money from ATM.

According to experts the disadvantage of the described casino payment method is the absence of version with Russian language, but it is not a huge problem – anyone can just write to the administration of service and get all necessary recommendations in Russian.

Ways to Withdraw Funds and Tariffs

Ways to withdraw funds from the Click2Pay account

There are four simple ways to withdraw funds from the Click2Pay account: using check, the received MAESTRO card, personal credit card at ATMs or bank transfer service.

Check must be ordered by paying $2, using ATMs you will face a commission fee of 2% from the sum, for Click2Pay / MAESTRO card you will need to pay $10, and when you decide to withdraw funds – another 2% of the sum; for withdrawing from the personal credit card a commission fee will consist of 3%.

The online casino payment system Click2Pay is integrated into almost all gambling establishments and betting companies, and many affiliate programs also work with it, so we can see that the system is reliable and safe to use.

The brand has an unchallenged reputation, and a huge list of partners and millions of users serves as a proof.

You can buy or rent this online casino payment system from OnlineCasinoMarket. Specialists of this well-known company will answer questions of any client and will give valuable advice on installation and maintenance of the system, and all this is going to be absolutely for free.

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Karen Fill

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Updated 10 february 2023

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