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Updated 10 february 2023

Wallet One is an international aggregator of transactions for business on the Internet. The platform has offices in 15 countries, including the United States. It is a well-known brand on the online payments market and is considered to be one of the most reliable. 

This Casino Payment Method Consists of Four Systems:

  1. ‘Wallet One’ – electronic money, payment methods and P2P transfers.
  2. ‘Wage office’ – provider of payments for business on the Internet. CSM for working with clients and statistics.
  3. Payment terminal – payment booths. Wallet One provides both processing and software, as well as the payment panel itself.
  4. White Label solutions – an affiliate program, which enables you to create your online casino payment system based on software and technologies of Wallet One, but under your own brand.

If you are an owner of a gambling website and you have decided to buy this online casino payment system, you will find the ‘Wage office’ system useful in order to receive payments.

For an online casino ‘Wage office’ is a profitable option. Users receive multi-currency accounts for making payments, with the help of which they will be able to deposit funds through Internet banking or a mobile app. Such multi-currency invoicing can be performed several times and from different CIS countries.

The described casino payment method includes more than 50 methods of payment and a mobile application. For online casinos it can offer personalized settings of an Internet acquiring.

Online casino payment system Wallet One

Such online casino payment system has a number of advantages for operators, so here are some of them:

  • functional management office, where there are available: financial KPI casino, balance, data on payments, analytics, basic tools and setup of an account;
  • ability to withdraw money from the account under the request;
  • analytics of sales, demographic data and currencies;
  • round-the-clock technical support service;
  • prescribed roles in ‘Personal office’. You can add another participant or an operator and give him either limited or administrators rights;
  • mobile app ‘Wage office’. You and your employees receive an access to the management of casino financial flows via any gadget.

Users choose ‘W1 — Wallet One’, because there is no commission fee in it. However, online casinos connected to the Internet acquiring pay interest from cash receipts.

The online casino payment system charges interest from operators in the following amounts:

  • electronic money MasterCard, Kviku, Wallet One – 4%;
  • Yandex money, QIWI — 4,5%;
  • other electronic money — 5%;
  • banking cards Visa, MasterCard — 4%;
  • Internet banking — 4.5%;
  • payment terminals — 5%;
  • realization of online casino deposit and withdrawal methods via a mobile phone — 5%.

This percentage is not the lowest on the market, but many people who make purchases on the Internet use the Wallet One system. If they see on your website an opportunity to make a deposit via the Wallet One, you may be sure they will become your regular customers.

Safety of the System

Wallet One guarantees maximum safety for its users

This online casino payment system operates under the license of that state where the service has an office, and it is already enough to guarantee its safety and reliability. However, there are some additional systems, which protect users’ payments:

  • PCI DSS is a number of standard requirements that should be met by any online payment services. Wallet One is tested in accordance with these standards once a year;
  • Secure Sockets Layer protocol is an encrypting system for the protection of data;
  • verification by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode refers to additional security settings of global payment systems Visa and MasterCard.

Wallet One also has its own security system against fraud. These methods work for both users and operators of the ‘Wage office’. But if you want to launch the online casino payment system, the system will help to better protect your finances with:

  • a password which consist of symbols from different registers;
  • Phishing Filter – is used when, for example, you receive a strange letter where you are asked to follow a link. In this case experts from Wallet One will check this link;
  • an antivirus update. The system will regularly remind you of the importance of the antivirus system.

Modules for CSM From Wallet One

In order to simplify the integration process of the described online casino payment system Wallet One offers ready-made modules for various website builders: CMS Webasyst Shop-script 7, Wordpress WooCommerce, Drupal Ubercart, Modx Shopkeeper3, Netcat, Simpla, PrestaShop and others.

You can let the developer to do it all by himself according to the instructions. These modules are completely free.

Also, the casino payment method includes some technical documentation which is necessary for the connection of Wallet One. You will be able to customize your account and the security system, as well as to create a payment form. And with the currency identifier it is possible to make settings for a particular country. Install the system, test it and accept monetary contributions.

The online casino payment system Wallet One is known all over the world, but it is especially in demand in CIS countries, as a safe and reliable service for online payments. Therefore, if you are focused, for example, on the Russian market, we strongly recommend you to install this system.

If you want to buy the Wallet One system, you can leave a request on the website of the company Online Casino Market.


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Karen Fill

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Updated 10 february 2023

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