Ukash: Online Casino Payment System

Ukash: Online Casino Payment System

Updated 10 february 2023

Electronic payment service Ukash belongs to a British brand Smart Voucher Ltd., which has promoted its services and spread it throughout many countries of the world. Today this online casino payment system is applied in Africa and Asia, as well as in the CIS countries. It is a perfect casino payment method for users who don’t have a banking account, but want to preserve anonymity of their transactions.

The Ukash method is among of the most useful and simple systems that are used for making payment transactions on the Internet. This casino payment method doesn’t require from users to make complicated actions, such as opening accounts, copying their passports and so on.

Users only need to register and to buy a voucher with the help of which the rollover will be made. Every voucher has their personal code that needs to be entered when paying for products or services. Such accounting system makes users’ personal data inaccessible.

Especially it is essential when you conduct payments in casinos where vouchers are serving a purpose of depositing, as well as receiving prize money. Besides, vouchers may be applied only when you purchase products and services where it is unnecessary to indicate consumers’ privacy.

Nevertheless, financial analysts note a necessity of not telling anyone the voucher’s code and the amount of money that is placed on it. If the code is lost, it is lost forever, and customer funds, of course, will be lost too. An availability period of vouchers is equal to twelve months. 

The Way of Creation of a User Account and Why it is Needed

Online registration on the Ukash website

This seems obvious that a Ukash voucher can’t appear from nowhere. Firstly, this is necessary to get in the firm’s official website and to pass a log-on procedure. Notably, you may not enter a true name – only a real email and a phone number in extranational format.

After passing a log-on procedure customers can easily make purchases, as well as convert currencies, exchange Ukash funds to another e-currency.

How to Buy a Voucher

Russians can choose between about twenty electronic services such as Webmoney, QIWI, and so on.

In Europe vouchers for this casino payment method can be found everywhere – in newspaper stands, petrol garage and different shops. They can be bought for a stable nominal value. Thus, it is possible to buy a voucher for a hundred euro and its cost will be also a hundred euro.

How to Conduct Payment Transactions

Ukash vouchers are easy to use for casino payments

To conduct payments users only needs to choose “Ukash” and to type-in a code of the acquired voucher in the required form, and after which to indicate an amount of payment. There are two options: to pay the whole value or a piece of it.

Many Ukash casinos do a correct item: they do not forbid payments be piecemeal, because otherwise users can simply leave the brand’s gaming establishment and find another one. But there are also gambling sites, which do not deal with "little things" and do not give the remaining amount of money to the owner of the voucher, and require to make payments of the full cost of the voucher.

Having paid a partial amount of the total value of the voucher, the customer receives an e-mail with a report and information that the code has changed into another ones, and from that period of time user will need to enter the other 19 numbers.

You should also remember that when making payment you will need to type-in the incoming data: a minimal deposit amount, a number of the voucher, a full value of this voucher, and an amount of the partial payment.

It is crucial not to commit an error and to write all sums correctly!

Such online gambling payment methods enables to combine several vouchers with small amounts into a single Ukash voucher with common nominal, it is also possible to split the amounts.

However, all these operation can be made only after passing a registration process. In this case, customers will get an opportunity to do currency conversion and to withdraw funds to other payment services.

How to Withdraw Funds

This online casino payment system doesn’t allow withdrawing funds, although it is possible to make a deposit. Of course, it doesn’t mean that there is no way out: you can, for example, to withdraw your winnings on another payment system like Webmoney, which enables to receive cash. Also you can transfer your funds on your bank account, which is an already tested and reliable way.

So, to make successful financial transactions experts advise to read carefully the Ukash casino rules – some of them transfer money only on those services from which funds were added, and in this case to choose other casinos to transfer funds through other payment systems. In these circumstances Ukash will act as an additional service.

Advantages of These Online Casino Deposit and Withdrawal Methods:

  • Usability;
  • Lack of necessity for an integration of complicated software;
  • Lack of necessity for declassify personal data;
  • Absence of necessity to identify a real age;
  • High speed of making transactions;
  • Lack of necessity for opening bank accounts;
  • Complete anonymity and privacy;
  • No age restrictions.

Security Matters

Ukash recommends to keep codes of purchased vouchers in secret

This online casino payment system provides customers with full knowledge on the protection against fraud or a loss of the voucher.

It is recommended to keep codes of purchased vouchers in secret, not to name them to anyone or to send by an e-mail or in social networks.

Financial procedures are recommended to make only via objects listed on the Ukash website, because these sale points were checked by its system.

An exchange of vouchers with small nominal on those with high value can be made only with the usage of the brand’s tool Ukash Tools.

How to Deposit Funds

Casinos with the described casino payment method offer users an ideal way to deposit funds: type-in “Point of sale”, select the Ukash payment (click on logo), type-in a required sum and a voucher code, which consist of 19 numbers. After such actions money appear on the customer's account almost momentarily, following which the user should confirm the payment on the website. It is worth noting a necessity of taking into account a nominal value and not to attempt to pay with it sums, which exceeds such value.

Although the system does not allow to pay for casino services with vouchers or to withdraw money, it offers a great way to make this operation – by the purchase of plastic cards MasterCard, which actually are the method of payment, and one of such cards makes it possible to withdraw money by using ATMs.

It is worth noting that players prefer Ukash also because of the absence of a necessity to enter their personal data, to indicate their age and other information. Such policy keeps anonymity and preserves confidentiality.

More Information About This Casino Payment Method

We should also describe a feature “Combine Tool”. It may be applied when as a result of several payments user has several vouchers with little sums of money and he wants to scorse it on one voucher with the amount of money equal to those sums from former vouchers.

A loss of the Ukash voucher will become bad news. It can be renewed only if its owner remembers when has he bought this voucher and what is value.

The user may contact a technical support service to be able to restore his PIN code. But still, it is better to save all information on the voucher and keep it in secret from the very beginning, because unfortunately the administration meets clients halfway, and the process of restoring can take a long time.

Each user has a possibility to obtain a plastic card of two types: Ukash Out or Ukash Neo. These instruments operate in the MasterCard service, and they may be utilized to pay for any products and services. However, these cards are used for different purposes. Ukash Neo shall be applied only to pay for something, and Ukash Out enables its holders to cash out funds in ATMs.

To order and get such card will cost 15 dollars, and to buy them it is necessary to send copies of the customer’s passport, and then his request will be examined in a month.

One Ukash voucher may have a maximum nominal value of no more than 750 euro, so with a limit of five vouchers its owner can have the total amount of 3,750 euro.

This online casino payment system is functioning perfectly in all European countries, including the CIS regions.

Such casino payment method fit perfectly to those players who do not want to disclose their personal information, and would like to visit casinos anonymously. It also becomes a successful alternative for owners of gambling establishments who are doing their best to attract more visitors.

It is possible to buy this online casino payment system or to rent it from Online Casino Market.

To rent the system is a good choice for those owners of gambling business, who want to test its effectiveness. We recommend you to buy the system right now, because any casino with Ukash can be sure in future great success!

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Updated 10 february 2023

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