BitGo Payment System for Casinos: Connect the Service

BitGo Payment System for Casinos: Connect the Service

Updated 10 february 2023

A gambling platform cannot work correctly without a good payment service. It is responsible for timely transactions, as well as for the safety of financial assets.

BitGo payment system for casinos

The Online Casino Market team recommends you to install the payment system for casinos from BitGo. To order the solution, just contact our manager.

A Few Words about the Brand

BitGo is an American developer of payment services. It focuses on companies related to the provision of Internet services. This category includes such areas as the telecommunications industry, online trading, the financial sector, and, of course, the iGaming business.

The activities of the manufacturer began in 2013. The provider aimed at creating the most effective payment software initially. For seven years, the solutions of the brand have been continuously modified. As a result, the products with an innovative approach to conducting international money transactions appeared.

Therefore, since 2017, the brand has focused on universal digital currency solutions. Thanks to this, the connection of the casino payment system BitGo will allow you to work with more than 15 different cryptocurrencies.

BitGo focuses on working with customers, partners, and regulators to provide innovative products in the areas of security, storage, transfers, and liquidity of financial assets.

Reasons to Connect the Payment Service for Casinos from BitGo

Connecting the payment service from BitGo

The installation of the casino payment system BitGo will bring lots of benefits to gaming platform operators.

The Advantages of the Solution

  • Multicurrency support. The payment system for online casinos BitGo will let you work with over 30 currencies. The list of available monetary units contains both global currencies (dollar, euro, and Chinese гyan) and such "exotic" options as Bangladeshi taka or Brazilian real.
  • Working with cryptocurrencies. The connection of the casino payment systems from BitGo is suitable for operators wanting to switch their attention to digital currencies fully or partially. This is one of the most important iGaming trends of the next decade that definitely should not be ignored.
  • Reliability. The payment system for online casinos BitGo is incredibly safe. Each software component runs on its own virtual machine. Therefore, one module can access the others.
  • Loyal commission fees. All transactions performed within the system are exempt from additional charges. As for the withdrawals to electronic wallets or bank accounts, the user will have to pay the minimum deduction (no more than 1%).
  • Fast integration. The connection of the casino payment service from BitGo is a simple procedure. The modern financial market works based on a safe and reliable application programming interface (API). The company applies seamless API instruments to connect a BitGo wallet to a casino in the shortest possible time.

BitGo Portfolio Professional

Operators interested in installing the casino payment system BitGo should pay attention to the BitGo Portfolio Professional module. Its main feature is the possibility to perform transfers both in traditional monetary units and in cryptocurrencies.

The developer is known for creating complex business products that can make a gambling platform more flexible in making operational and strategic decisions. As a result, it will get popularity among other representatives of the iGaming area, as well as $15 billion of processed transactions per month.

The integration of casinos with the BitGo payment systems is aimed at operators with more than 25 partnerships and a significant volume of operations. At the same time, small businesses can get substantial benefits from introducing the module into the structure of working gambling platforms too.


  1. Support for over 30 types of transactions. The list of services includes depositing/withdrawing, transferring money to other accounts, working with debit and credit cards, buying and selling digital assets, mining, clearing operations. Besides, the system allows operators to get a financial loan from some international banks.
  2. Connection to more than 40 banking institutions, electronic wallets, financial exchanges, custodians, blockchains, and other payment service providers in the monetary assets system. A gamer can choose a suitable transfer method to minimise commission fees or time needed for performing a transaction.
  3. Centralised toolbar. It helps to manage and track the finances of online casinos on several gaming platforms at the same time. A project owner can configure the admin panel according to his or her requirements. Flexible and intuitive filters are provided for this purpose.
  4. Audit of risky transactions. The system identifies potentially unsafe payments and redirects them for detailed analysis and examination automatically. An operator can be sure of the transparency of all operations.
  5. Complete confidentiality. The integration of the casino payment systems BitGo implies two-factor authentication for all accounts. Using an account by third parties to steal money is almost impossible.

Additional Opportunities

The provider's payment solutions provide online casino owners with many useful options. Let us consider some of them:



Tax Services

The module simplifies tax reporting greatly by providing the legal framework for permitted transactions.

Characteristics of the service:

  • dynamic tracking of the basic value of assets and capital gains/losses;
  • a clear understanding of performance and returns for companies related to the gambling industry;
  • implementation of an effective enterprise tax strategy

Clearing & Settlement Services

BitGo managers guarantee the convenient management of operators' financial assets.

If a casino owner has "extra" funds, the company can take part in exchange trading. Another option is short-term investments in projects related to cryptocurrencies.

The service helps operators to generate additional profits

Multi-signature technology

The provider offers to buy unique electronic signatures that will facilitate working with documents and protect important files from unauthorised interference of third parties

BitGo Security Token

The program is designed for secure and efficient management of tokens, which are used as a tool for digitising assets.

The service will be useful to casino operators preferring to use cryptocurrencies

How to Connect the BitGo Wallet for Casinos

BitGo wallet for casinos

The integration of the payment module will take a little time thanks to seamless API tools. They provide instant installation without violating the source code of the software.

To connect the casino wallet BitGo, just contact the brand's manager. The company will offer a bilateral agreement. It spells out all the main nuances of cooperation (implementation of software, working in specific regions, commission fees, etc.).

Additional services can be ordered along with the main package or separately.

After signing the contract, BitGo technical staff tests a gambling platform to identify its vulnerabilities. Only then, ready-made payment solutions can be integrated into the website.


  • The activities of BitGo are closely related to digital technologies. Thanks to this, an innovative payment module that can meet the challenges of our time was created.
  • The multicurrency system is very reliable. It has extensive functionality and interesting additional features.
  • The procedure of connecting the BitGo wallet is simple because the process is based on API technologies.

To purchase a payment service for your online casino, contact the manager of Online Casino Market.

We are engaged in the development of turnkey gambling projects. Besides, our company offers high-quality software, loyal terms of cooperation, and a personal approach to each operator.

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Karen Fill


Karen Fill

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Updated 10 february 2023

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