Yandex.Money Payment System: Positive Aspects of the Integration and Usage Pattern

Yandex.Money Payment System: Positive Aspects of the Integration and Usage Pattern

Updated 10 february 2023

Yandex.Money was invented by the Yandex company to make people able to pay for any product on the Internet. Recently, its possibilities became wider because it caught the interest of casino operators.

Yandex.Money service for casinos

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Yandex.Money: the Background

Launched in 2002, the service worked on the basis of a PayCash technology. This partner project included a division of responsibilities: PayCash was responsible for financial transactions and technical aspects of the issue, and Yandex took responsibility for the customer service.

In 2005, there was a large-scale improvement, the result of which was the all-new interface and an ability to control an account using any desktop device.

In 2007, the Yandex company has bought out the service and became its only owner.

The Online Casino Payment System Yandex.Money: Key Features

This system is known to every user of the Runet and is successfully competing with such popular brands as WebMoney and Qiwi. The technology makes it possible to purchase any goods and services: from the top-up to the purchase of goods from China and the acceptance of casino payments.

The Yandex.Money service

This service has nothing to deal with a banking establishment. Customers use only virtual money, and real financial means are placed on several accounts of different organisations: Sberbank, VTB24, Alfa-Bank, and RRB.

Capabilities of the resource:

  • transfer of funds within the system (operations with internal wallets of users);
  • ability to pay for various Internet offers, including the top-up and the acceptance of casino payments;
  • association of a virtual wallet to the bank account;
  • reception of a plastic card MasterCard Yandex.Money;
  • ability to get a virtual card.

The Yandex Online Casino Payment System: Getting Started

Anyone can open a virtual Yandex.Money wallet. The service is provided for free and takes no longer than a couple of minutes.

The registration in the Yandex system:

  • complete the survey;
  • enter the phone number;
  • indicate your Yandex e-mail address;
  • create a password.

Users receive an access to the electronic account immediately after they confirm the phone number – by entering a special code from the SMS they got. After some time, customers increase the level of their anonymous accounts. It is especially relevant for fans of gambling. This payment system allows players with increased status to make use of additional functions and has differences in limits.

The Yandex Online Casino Payment System: Levels of the Accounts of Users

  • Anonymous. It can be available to every registered user. The level offers limits on financial transactions up to fifteen thousand rubles, and operations can be conducted only in the Russian Federation. There is only one opportunity to withdraw money. The transfer of funds is not possible.
  • Personalised. With this level, users can operate with the amount of up to sixty thousand rubles and conduct financial operations worldwide. It is also possible to transfer funds and withdraw money in three ways.
  • Identified. The level has limits on financial transactions up to five hundred thousand rubles. All transactions, including transfers and acceptance of payments by the casino, are unlimited. Moreover, there are many ways to withdraw funds.

The Yandex Casino Payment System: Ways to Deposit Funds

It is quite easy to make money. Developers offered users several options simultaneously:

  • cash payments in Sberbank and Euroset;
  • transfer of money via terminals;
  • charges via mobile phones that are hooked to a registered wallet;
  • transfer of funds via similar electronic services;
  • plastic cards;
  • Internet banking;
  • international transfers Unistream and Contact.

The system is integrated only to the Russian ruble but it does not affect its advantages and an ability to conduct financial transactions. If casinos do not accept rubles, deposits of players will be converted into the relevant currency automatically according to the current exchange rate. Fees for the conversion of currency are charged by casinos.

Yandex Payment System: the Replenishment of Game Accounts

Replenishing a game account in an online casino with Yandex

Speaking about a procedure of financial transactions, it is worth noting that it is quite simple, and its speed is really high. To get gambling chips, gamblers just need to contact the cashier of the casino and indicate the required amount. The integration of Yandex.Money into your casino platform will allow you to redirect clients to the authorisation page in the electronic payment system automatically. Players just have to confirm transactions.

Deposits from the Yandex.Money system come to game accounts almost instantly.

The Acceptance of Payments With the Yandex.Money System: Withdrawal of Funds

Gamblers have the right to withdraw any amount of money to the Yandex wallet, starting with the minimum winnings specified in the rules of the gambling establishment. If the size of the prize exceeds the current limit of the visitor, the transaction will be carried out in several parts. The execution of an application for the withdrawal of money can be done in the cash desk of the online website with the use of requisites of the game deposit. The processing of the application can take from two to four hours (depending on how busy is the security service of the gambling establishment, which main aim is to prevent fraud).

The withdrawal of funds from an electronic account depends on the status of the owner. The simplest way to get money is to order a branded card that allows you to withdraw cash from any ATM.

Another quick way is to transfer money to bank accounts or via such systems as Contact and Western Union. The Yandex.Money wallet can be connected to a Visa card, with which there will be no need to pay fees.

Usually, deposits and withdrawals have no commission fees – the amount of deductions for operations depends on internal rules of a gambling establishment.

Even if the casino does not provide the integration of Yandex.Money, winnings can be obtained by connecting the e-wallet to any other system.

The Yandex payment system: positive aspects

  • Easy to use.
  • Total security.
  • Anonymity of financial operations.
  • High-quality technical support and a decent service level.
  • Wide range of depositing tools.
  • Active cooperation with a large number of gambling establishments (including foreign websites).
  • Intuitive interface in the Russian language.
  • High speed of operations.

The Integration of Yandex.Money Into a Casino with Online Casino Market

Integrating the Yandex.Money payment system into a casino

Cooperating with this company, each customer can be sure that:

  • personal and financial data is safe;
  • they will get professional advice and technical support;
  • the legal and original software from the world's leading and domestic manufacturers will be provided.

The integration of Yandex.Money into a casino with Online Casino Market is:

  • reliability and confidentiality;
  • the high speed of financial operations;
  • pleasant bonuses for gamblers who got connected to the system.

If you have any questions on maintenance services and special aspects of the use of the system, our experts are always ready to help. We offer you not only favourable conditions for the purchase or rent of financial systems but also the creation of online casinos on a turnkey basis, the integration of the software on the already existing casino platform, and the formation of the unique game content.

To find out about how to buy casino payment system and to get all issues resolved, you can contact our specialists in any convenient way. These ways are listed in the «Contacts» section on the Online Casino Market website.

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Karen Fill

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Updated 10 february 2023

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