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Updated 10 february 2023

Many owners of a gambling business move their land-based casinos to the online format. This is not surprising. The current generation is already comfortable with the fact that on the Internet it is possible both to work and to have fun. Shopping, movies, music, television, casinos – all this is now available online. However, as in the real world, such entertainment is not free. Therefore, we need reliable payment systems.

If you want to open an online casino, you will need to buy an online casino payment system. In Russia, one of the most popular systems is PayAnyWay.

Review of This Casino Payment Method

You may call the service an aggregator of payments or a provider of the Internet acquiring. Simply said, through this system cash deposit of a player transfers to accounts of online casinos. PayAnyWay is used in various areas of e-commerce. The platform can be used, for example, to buy travel tickets, in a word, to pay for anything. The Russian citizens are already familiar with this online casino payment system, as PayAnyWay was developed by the organization

The main advantages of PayAnyWay:

  • rapid integration – you do not have to provide many documents, it is enough just to register with the system and answer several questions by a template;
  • safety – payments are effected through the system of protection against fraud;
  • analytics – with this casino payment method it is very easy to gather statistics and keep the books;
  • CMS – you can create or edit the contents of a payment component;
  • available online gambling payment methods – if payments failed when they were carried out with the credit card, the service generates the number of payment for the customer. Using this number you can make deposits in different ways (through a terminal, with Internet banking, and even to the box office), and the payment will be displayed in the CMS of a casino operator;
  • experience and reliability – the brand exists on the market for already 11 years.

Through this platform you can return payments or pay-out the winnings. Besides, the online casino payment system will remember a player who has once entered the data, and he will not have to repeat the procedure of the entering of all necessary information. If your online casino has partners, you can provide them with an API for the system entry.

PayAnyWay Tariffs 

There are several tariff plans on the service’s website, but you will need a plan called Online Store. The amount of a commission fee for an online casino owner depends on the method of transaction:

  • credit cards — 2.9%;
  • phone shop — 2.9%;
  • banking services — 2.9%;
  • postal and bank transfers — 1%;
  • and WebMoney — 2,5%;
  • Yandex.Money, QIWI and Alipay — 4%;
  • terminals — 2-2,9% (elecsnet — 1%);
  • payments via SMS — 4%, depending on the operator.

Nota Bene: If the amount of business of an online casino is more than 1 million rubles a month, then a transfer fee via credit card is reduced to 2.7%.

As you may see, tariffs are quite loyal, moreover, the casino operator can include the tariff in the minimal sum of the deposit. A free connection of the system and the lack of service charge is one of pleasant bonuses. That is, you only pay for those transactions that you have received. PayAnyWay also provides individual tariffs for foreign companies. This is very suitable if your casino is registered in Malta, but you are focusing on Russian-speaking players.

Security of the casino payment method

Payment platform PayAnyWay guarantees maximum security to its clients

The service complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. It means that within the international security system 6 million transactions through PayAnyWay are carried out annually.

Furthermore, the platform supports an additional measure of security for Visa and MasterCard – 3D-Secure technology.

How to Hook Into the PayAnyWay Online Casino Payment System

The account of an online casino can be registered as a legal entity, as well as a sole proprietor. According to the existing documents, services are provided by the non-bank credit organization

The integration of PayAnyWay takes place in several steps:

  1. The contract and tariffs will be sent to you in order to review these documents (do not forget that your website must fly under the rules and standards of PayAnyWay).
  2. Completing a registration form.
  3. After you get the access you are to enter all necessary data in your personal account.
  4. The system provides you with informational templates for you to inform visitors of your website that you are about to startup.
  5. Data validations check made by employees of the service.
  6. Setting up an online casino payment system using templates or manual integration.
  7. Testing the platform, after which you can accept payments.

To find out how the system works you can try its demo version. To do this, enter the ‘Democabinet’ on the service’s website. There you will find a login and a password to access the account. Before aking a purchase it is recommended to find out more about the functional and CSM PayAnyWay through its test version. Thus, you make sure that the platform is not only loyal, but also easy to manage.

For Developers of Online Casinos

The PayAnyWay aggregator of payments is a great solution for online casino developers

If you have decided to hook into the online casino payment system on your own, PayAnyWay provides developers with a comprehensive guideline for the integration of the platform. With its help your specialist will be able to:

  • create a payment button via SDK PHP, SDK Python, SDK Ruby, SDK Android, SDK PhoneGap;
  • customize the widget payment via the tag <iframe>;
  • create various forms of payments and withdrawals of funds.

If you are going to open or to buy an online casino in Russia, make sure that you have hooked into the PayAnyWay aggregator of payments. Russians are familiar with it, so they will be glad to use it on your website.

You can buy this online casino payment system from Online Casino Market.

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Karen Fill

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Updated 10 february 2023

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