Alphapo Payment System for Casinos: The Best Offers from Online Casino Market

Alphapo Payment System for Casinos: The Best Offers from Online Casino Market

Updated 10 february 2023

Cryptocurrency services are unique financial systems that can compete with any banking aggregators.

Electronic money has become incredibly popular. It is assumed that every second enterprise will be adapted to conclude Bitcoin transactions in the coming years. Therefore, it is essential to install the Alphapo casino payment system. It can provide transparent and absolutely secure cryptocurrency transactions.

Alphapo payment system for casinos

You can get a consultation, learn more about the parameters of the financial tools, and order the connection of Alphapo casino payment system from Online Casino Market. We guarantee the smooth operation of software and reasonable prices.

Characteristics of the Payment System in Figures

The company entered the market to help online commerce use cryptocurrency as a primary or reserve financial instrument.

Over the years, the company managed to achieve the following directions:

  1. The database. The manufacturer offers about 30 popular cryptocurrency services.
  2. Electronic currency exchange. Twenty-five options are available for conversion.
  3. Speed of the system. The request is processed in 3 seconds.
  4. Safe storage. All user deposits are held in “cold” wallets. 
  5. Economic benefits. The owner of the gaming project can save up to 70% of the profits on the commission fees.

Alphapo Payment System: The Benefits of Integration

Alphapo payment system: the benefits of integration

The manufacturer has created an effective, multi-component system. It combines such features and advantages:

Legal Enterprise

Cryptocurrency is a payment instrument that is not subordinate to any state apparatus. There is no single program for tracking and controlling payments.

Given the imperfection of the legal framework, you can connect the payment service from Alphapo casino to conclude transactions with users from any corner of the world. Moreover, licensing is not a mandatory procedure.

Cryptocurrency Aggregators Catalogue

Alphapo online casino payment system is adapted to use the most popular types of electronic money.

The following services are indicated in the developer database:

  • Bitcoin;
  • Tether;
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin;
  • Bitcoin Cash.

The Speed of Work

The connection of the Alphapo Casino payment system is an effective way to comply with external requests as quickly as possible. The speed of the operation is not affected by such factors as the time of the transaction, the sum, or frequency of using the service. Any application is closed in three seconds.


The tool guarantees confidentiality and transparency of payments. The installation of the Alphapo casino payment system can help you protect the gambling website from unauthorized actions.

Only “cold” wallets are used to hold user deposits. These are special removable storage devices. The interaction with them is possible only after connecting to the Network. At another time, the component is inactive and does not require additional support.

Cryptocurrency Conversion

The integration of Alphapo payment systems provides transactions in electronic currency and the conversion of transfers into fiat money. A unique feature of the project is the fact that the best exchange rate is selected automatically for each transaction.

The Advantages of Connecting Casino Payment Systems from Alphapo

The range of e-commerce financial services includes the following options:

Online casino payment system from Alphapo: The assortment of business solutions



Financial channel

This is a basic service without limits on the amount and time of transactions. The solution is considered the most profitable tool for interacting with deposit accounts of clients


This instrument is used to set a conversion limit for user accounts (restriction on the volume of fiat currency).

Another feature of the system is the need to replenish a deposit account at a specified time

“Connect and pay”

The integration of Alphapo casino payment systems contributes to the organization of depository networks. The database is compiled based on identical regular operations from each wallet

How to Connect Alphapo Casino Payment Services

Connection of the Alphapo casino payment service

You can get detailed counselling, test, and connect software components from Online Casino Market at any convenient time.

The integration procedure takes place according to the following scenario:

  • testing (a free demo is available to users to get acquainted with the technical characteristics and the advantages of the product);
  • legal services (checking online casinos for compliance, assistance in collecting documentation, and concluding a contract with suppliers);
  • integration (installation, activation of internal tools, monitoring the productivity of the service);
  • customization (personalization of management options);
  • technical support (elimination of technical failures, service security control).

You can order software components for working websites or buy a turnkey platform from Online Casino Market.


Alphapo payment system for online casinos is a convenient and useful tool for conducting cryptocurrency transfers.

  • The Alphapo team development can ensure the execution of transactions without any amount and time limits.
  • The installation of the Alphapo payment system for casinos will allow you to exchange cryptocurrencies at the highest rate (a conversion rate is selected during the processing of the request).
  • You can purchase Alphapo financial services from Online Casino Market. Users can test the desired products, as well as get assistance in creating a contract with a supplier and comprehensive technical support of the project.

Online Casino Market has a good assortment of ready-made content products. Cooperation with us is your opportunity to become the owner of exclusive gaming solutions developed according to your designs. 

We guarantee impeccable quality (all products are certified by independent iGaming laboratories), high speed, constant updating of the assortment, and reasonable prices.

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Karen Fill

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Updated 10 february 2023

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