A Mastercard Online Casino Payment System — Quality and Security Guarantee

A Mastercard Online Casino Payment System — Quality and Security Guarantee

Updated 10 february 2023

Mastercard is one of the oldest payment systems on the Internet. It was created at the beginning of the development of online payments in 1996, and today they are still one of the leaders among payment aggregators. MasterCard credit cards with brand images are accepted in more than two hundred countries and over twenty million companies. They can be used both at home and abroad.

Payment system Mastercard

With this system, you can make a card in any branch of the bank all over the world. At the same time, the list of banks that provide the service for creating such a card is huge. People can take advantage of it for their personal use, and also make use of the provided credit line.

This payment aggregator for casinos is known to most gamblers. When you deposit or withdraw funds, usually, there are no questions and difficulties connected with the inability to withdraw or send money.

It is possible to order a demo version of the Mastercard payment system from the Online Casino Market company literally in two clicks. You will be able to personally make sure that MasterCard is convenient and reliable for both players and owners of the gambling business.


Types of Payment Cards From Mastercard, Which Take Part in the Deposit and Withdrawal of Funds in the Casino

  • Credit cards – on such cards, there is a certain amount of borrowed money provided by the bank on the basis of the analysis of previous income and savings of customers. The balance of the card is replenished automatically and can be increased at the request of the cardholder.
  • Debit cards – on such cards, funds of clients are stored, and they can also be used to make payments in online gambling establishments.
  • Prepaid bank cards – operate on the principle of a card that is used for the top-up. They have the amount of money that was deposited by customers in advance, after which they can use it as they wish.

Before connecting MasterCard to your online casino, we strongly recommend you to check the bank's conditions for commissions related to payments.

This information will be useful when you will calculate the amount of money that you deposit or withdraw. Be sure to post information on the commission and its size for users. It will help you to avoid conflicts and customer disturbance.

The Way of Acceptance of Payments for Online Casinos via MasterCard

To deposit funds on the account in the casino, clients will need to:

  1. Switch over to the appropriate MasterCard payment method.
  2. Enter the data that is specified on the card – that is, the card number, the expiration date, CVV security code, which is indicated on the back of the card.
  3. Enter the name, the surname, and the date of birth of the cardholder.

Many online casino owners consider such a way of depositing funds unnecessarily long and unattractive for customers. Meanwhile, there were several cases when online casinos became victims of fraudsters. The scheme, with the help of which clients used someone else's cards, became widely known not so long ago. That is why most online gaming sites are now requesting proof of ownership of the card from clients.

At the same time, the cardholder who wants to register in the online casino is absolutely safe – his anonymity and confidentiality are guaranteed. This point is important to indicate when you deal with possible objections from clients.

Online casino anonymity and confidentiality

Advantages of the MasterCard system:

  • funds are transferred quickly and easily;
  • transactions are made within a few minutes (except for some rare cases);
  • reliable protection for both a transmitter and a recipient of funds;
  • the system is used in almost all online casinos;
  • a guaranteed transfer of funds.

The huge advantage of the Mastercard card is the user support system. In case the cardholder thinks that his account can probably be hacked or there were some illegal transactions, he will always be able to ask for help. It significantly reduces the fears of customers when they pay with MasterCard.

Despite a large number of advantages of using this payment aggregator for a casino, there is one significant disadvantage as well.

You can’t always withdraw funds to the Mastercard card. In this case, you can offer customers to use any of other payment systems, which are presented on the website of your online gambling establishment.

Where is it Possible to Buy or Rent the Payment System for Online Casinos?

You can order Mastercard or any other system for your online casinos from Online Casino Market. Our specialists will help you to customise the acceptance of payments in the casino, arrange payouts and make sure that transactions are made in the shortest term.

If you purchase a turnkey casino, then a significant part of the installation of the payment system will be not your problem. The Online Casino Market company has already thought of everything for you and created a perfectly working machine that will increase your profit.

You can leave a request in any way that is convenient for you:

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  • E-mail: manager@oc-market.com
  • Skype: slotsmarket
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Karen Fill

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Updated 10 february 2023

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