Anjouan Licence: the Best Choice for Casino Platforms in 2024

Anjouan Licence: the Best Choice for Casino Platforms in 2024

Updated 18 january 2024

The ability to receive a permit in this region has become a real eye-opener for many entrepreneurs. Such a decision has plenty of advantages, which we are going to describe below.

Anjouan casino licence: benefits and prospects

Experts of the Online Casino Market studio will tell you how an almost unknown regulator has managed to become one of the most promising choices for investors. We have gathered comprehensive information about the jurisdiction of the Comoros, its features, benefits, and future outlook.

In this article, you will find answers to the following questions:

  • what advantages does the local legalisation program offer operators;
  • how much does a casino licence cost in Anjouan;
  • does the island have prospects of becoming a global iGaming centre;
  • how to obtain a permit in the jurisdiction.

Basic Information About the Region

Anjouan is located on the sunny coast of the Indian Ocean and is part of the Comoros archipelago. The area has 3 official languages: Comorian, Arabic, and French.

The islands became independent only in 1975. Its economy was, until recently, driven only by agriculture and was considered one of the weakest in the world.

The local government spent a long time looking for ways to attract foreign investments and eventually decided to issue gambling licences.

Interesting fact: casino permits have been obtained in the country since 2005.

It was then that the Law on the Legalisation of Computer Gambling 007/2005 came into force. Based on this document, the ABGB organisation was created.

In the same year, the regulator announced the possibility of accepting foreign entrepreneurs, promising them one of the fastest, simplest, and most inexpensive certification processes. However, the service did not receive mass recognition and remained unclaimed until the summer of 2023.

Why the Comoros Became More Attractive Than Curacao

In 2022, an independent state that is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands had to request financial assistance after a difficult period related to the pandemic. In return, the government promised to reform the gambling sector.

Innovations in the licensing sector were announced in the summer of 2023. Key changes included:

  • the creation of a new regulatory body, the Curacao Gaming Authority;
  • ban on the issuance of master permits;
  • tightening of requirements for applicants;
  • full governmental control over the casino market.

The authorities have been systematically delaying the date of transition to the new system, but news of the upcoming changes has already caused a rapid outflow of investors and prompted operators to seek alternatives.

Previously, the Curacao regulator offered some of the most convenient conditions for launching gambling projects. Now, the majority of entrepreneurs are interested in the possibility and prospects of working in Anjouan.

Benefits of Legalising a Business in the Comoros

Anjouan licence has several advantages. Despite the weak economy, the island has a very stable judicial structure, and the local government has managed to create quite transparent and favourable conditions for foreign investors.

Operators who choose to obtain a licence in the region receive several tangible benefits.

Single Permit

The document covers all related areas, from poker and sportsbook niches to B2B-commerce and White Label services.

Applicants can also launch casinos that support cryptocurrency and other digital assets. Moreover, all intellectual property of companies is inviolable and cannot be subject to taxation.

Another advantage is that such a certification allows entrepreneurs to reinvest funds, for example, in the development of new entertainment or testing various marketing concepts.

It is important to remember that a local permit has a legal basis and is issued in the name of a specific government body. The transfer of sublicences to third parties is strictly prohibited.

Period of Registration

The Comorian regulator has created excellent conditions for the quick and safe implementation of gambling projects. There is no bureaucracy on the island, so the scheme for accepting and processing requests is brought to automaticity.

If the package of documents fully meets the stated requirements, the Anjouan casino certificate can be issued within 3 or 5 business days.

In the future, operators will only need to renew the document annually.

International Coverage

This licence is universal in terms of geography. Applicants can accept bets from almost all parts of the world, except for the US, Australia, and several European territories:

It is also worth remembering that foreign entrepreneurs cannot distribute products and services directly on the island. The population of Anjouan should not be part of the platform’s customer base.

Loyal Tax Program

The local regulator has announced a complete exemption from payment of GGR levies.

A fee for the permit is fixed and specified in the legislation. Moreover, the indicated price already includes all state duties and some law services. There are no additional fees or commissions on the island.

How to Obtain a Local Licence

Gambling licence in Anjouan: features of the acquisition

In general, the list of documents is similar to those requests by other major regulators.

To obtain a permit and launch a gaming site, business owners must fulfil several requirements:

  1. Legalisation. The company must be registered on the island and have a local address. To confirm the fact of physical presence, it is possible to demonstrate receipts for the payment of utility services.
  2. Server capacity. All operating equipment must be located only on Anjouan. This standard is mandatory and relevant for both B2C enterprises and the B2B segment, including software vendors and research laboratories.
  3. Information about key persons’ data. Applicants must provide details about the founders, management, and beneficiaries of the firm. In addition to standard passport data, it is necessary to send certificates of no criminal record, bank statements, and education documents, as well as to prove compliance with the occupied position.
  4. Strategic and operational information. In addition to a full legal report, entrepreneurs must prepare and submit a detailed business strategy, an in-depth risk analysis, and a plan to combat fraud and money laundering.
  5. Financial data. Casino owners must provide the regulator with an original bank certificate confirming the activity of commercial accounts for 2 or more years. Applicants must also demonstrate the availability of authorised capital and prove its legality. We will talk further about the cost of local licensing in this article.

The package of necessary documents must be translated into English and submitted no later than 90 days from the date of receipt.

Operators will also need to undergo a procedure that will check the compliance of their brands with the established requirements. In particular, the local authority will request:

  • certificate of completion of the KYC verification;
  • results of a special test held for the owners, company executives, and beneficiaries;
  • RNG compliance certificate;
  • copies of agreements with software and content providers.

How Much the Anjouan Permit Costs

The licensing program on the island is structured in such a way that the applicants pay a fixed amount, which already includes all kinds of legal fees and state duties.

The initial one-time payment is about €13,000.

The basic cost does not include these 3 mandatory money transfers:

  • annual depreciation of a key person with local citizenship of approximately €2,000;
  • ALSI data replication service;
  • regular annual renewal of the permit, which accounts for €15,000.

In addition to the acquisition of the certificate, operators must have an authorised capital of at least €250,000.

Prospects and Pitfalls of the Anjouan Licence

The global future of the jurisdiction remains uncertain. Many investors consider it a worthy alternative to Curacao since the island has very good potential to become one of the world’s leading gambling regulators.

The legal and economic environment of the country looks very attractive. Experts can only monitor the government’s further actions and the responses of large and reputable authorities.

Currently, the disadvantages of the Anjouan permit include only several minor points:

  • relative novelty in comparison with such well-known offshores as Malta or the Isle of Man;
  • low popularity in the global market;
  • a fairly voluminous package of documents and guarantees of conformity that applicants need to provide.

The Main Things about the Comoros Licensing

Turnkey casino in Anjouan: advantages

The certificate has become a very convenient alternative to large offshores.

Despite its little fame, the regulator was able to create quite favourable conditions and security assurances that attracted foreign investors.

  • The local permit covers all related verticals. It is relevant both for international operators and representatives of the B2B segment, including software vendors and research laboratories.
  • Business owners are exempt from paying income taxes. This decision made the island one of the most attractive jurisdictions in the world. The acquisition of a local certificate is an excellent choice for entrepreneurs with limited initial capital and companies that are planning to reinvest in other spheres.
  • The licence can be obtained in 3 or 5 days. There is no bureaucratic apparatus in the country, and the application processing has been brought to automatism. The most important thing is to comply with established rules.

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