Belize: Gambling Business License

Belize: Gambling Business License

Updated 10 february 2023

If you want to open an online casino, it is likely that you are going to look for an online gambling license. To obtain a casino license is one of the main stages of running a gambling business. Having such a document, you confirm that your casino is flown under the strict rules of the chosen jurisdiction and is subject to certain laws of business.

Obtaining a Belize online gambling license

Experienced players always pay attention to the country that has issued a gambling business license. Often a sign of the license is situated on the bottom of the page of a website or in the section ‘About the company’. If customers do not find such information, most of them may just leave the website. To avoid this, you need to obtain a casino license from a reputable jurisdiction.

One of the countries where you can buy an online gambling license is Belize.

This is a small English-speaking country in Central America, which is governed by the Queen of the United Kingdom. This country attracts not only with its fabulous beaches and warm Caribbean Sea, but also with its the economic potential. Tourism, fishery and the oil industry rapidly develop within the country.

In 2000, the government of Belize has become an authoritative regulator of the gambling business and has started to carry out a casino licensing.

With the help of Online Casino Market, you will quickly get a license of Belize.

Belize Online Gambling License

The whole process of obtaining an online gambling license, as well as the further control of online casinos activities, is regulated by a Gaming Control Committee of Belize.

If you want to buy a casino license, you can choose from 3 types (you can buy several of them at once):

  • license for land-based casinos;
  • license for land-based slot machines (poker machines, slots and all devices on the electromagnetic mechanism);
  • license for an online casino.

In order to establish an online casino it is necessary to buy a casino license of the third type. This gambling license covers all types of online gambling: live casino, sports betting and lotteries, as well as slot machines and slots.

How to Buy an Online Gambling License

How to buy an online gambling license

There are several basic conditions for the licensees. Firstly, the company must be registered in Belize and have a status of an international company. It is also necessary to provide the competent authority with the complete information on the directors, officials, partners and major shareholders.

Please, refer to the list of the following strict requirements:

  1. Founders of the company, who have been named in documents, need to apply for the citizenship in Belize (if they do not reside in the country).
  2. The package of documents must be laced with fingerprints of all people, who have a financial interest in the company's revenues.
  3. The application must be laced with a bank statement confirming the tax clearance for the last three years.

Also all applicants must furnish a certificate that in the past 10 years they have not been convicted for:

  • financial crimes;
  • contravention of principles of corporate governance;
  • false affidavit;
  • inability to cooperate with law enforcement;
  • cybercrimes;
  • crimes related to drug turnover;
  • tax abuse.

An application for a casino license is filed by a legal entity. You can buy Belize online casino license with all necessary permissions of competent authorities from reliable providers on the Online Casino Market website.

When an online gambling license will become yours, you will need to adhere to the following rules:

  • on a deposit account of your casino you must always have a certain amount of money – a guarantee of repayment of debts (in case they appear);
  • if there are run out of funds on your deposit account, you should notify the Financial Committee;
  • in any situation, be sure to pay-out winnings to players.

The length of a casino license can be different. The cost of a long-term online gambling license is from $15 000. Remember that it is necessary to make contributions annually.

The Belize online casino license is considered to be one of the most respected.

If you want to gain loyalty of players and to protect their rights, we recommend you to buy a casino license on the website Online Casino Market.

As a result, you will get all the necessary documents within the shortest possible time, and you will not have to spend your precious time on a complex bureaucratic process. Employees of Online Casino Market will help you to open a casino and to prepare it for a successful launch.

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Karen Fill


Karen Fill

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Updated 10 february 2023

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