Australia Online Gambling License: How to Buy it

Updated 10 february 2023

Gambling in Australia is highly developed. Casino, bets and lotteries are an important element of the local culture, because Australia is the birthplace of first slot machines. Many Australians work in the gambling industry and more than 80% of the adult population likes to gamble.

Australia gambling business license

Australians know not only how to open a casino and turn it into a profitable business, but they are also aware of all aspects of the gambling regulation. Therefore, Australia deals with casino licensing of many operators worldwide. Unlike small countries-regulators (Belize, Curacao and other jurisdictions), there are 8 organizations that can provide you with an Australia online casino license.

Online Casino Market company offers assistance in paperwork.

These committees correspond to the administrative-territorial division of the country:

  • a commission the Australian Capital Territory deals with casino licensing and controls both gambling and horseracing;
  • a commission that carries out its activity in New South Wales;
  • an authority of the Northern Territory;
  • a regulatory body of Tasmania;
  • a commission that acts within the Victoria state;
  • a commission, which is able to issue a casino license within the territory of Western Australia.

Also we should mention the existence of the Committee for alcohol drinks and gambling, and an Independent Gambling Authority.

Each department or commission has its website with all information on the conditions for obtaining a casino license in the described jurisdiction. All requirements are different: in some regions they can be strict, and somewhere they are considered to be more democratic. A casino license issued by any of these committees is recognized by the remaining ones.

What do You Need to do in Order to Buy a Gambling Business License?

Online casino licensing procedure

As we have already said, each jurisdiction adhere to different rules. But the process of obtaining a casino license is similar to the procedure for obtaining a Schengen visa: a single visa fee and a basic list of documents. Certain authorities may request an additional confirmation of solvency or a money-back guarantee. The process of obtaining a casino license in Australia also requires the preparation of a standard list of documents.

All duties of licensees are specified in the Interactive Gambling Act adopted in 2001. Its aim is to protect Australians against illegal gambling on the Internet. Therefore, the law fully controls the casino licensing procedure.

There is a list of requirements of the Australian legislation, which licensees must fulfill:

  • if necessary, cooperate with law enforcement establishments of Australia;
  • create a physically favorable atmosphere for gambling;
  • guarantee the safety of monetary transactions;
  • comply with the advertising law;
  • employ accredited personnel;
  • not to conduct money laundering activities and support the fight against this phenomenon in every possible way;
  • protect the rights of players, their data and the right to privacy;
  • guarantee the transparency of gambling activities;
  • make efforts to crack down on criminality.


Australian gambling license

Because of the strictness of its laws and a strict control of gambling activities, the Australian online gambling license provides customers with fair gambling and first-class services.

Before you buy a casino, look at the website of one of the country's gambling committees and review your project for compliance with all requirements.

If you have successfully passed such a test, please contact specialists from the company Online Casino Market, who will help you to purchase Australia online casino license.

This casino license will be yours in a short period of time, and the whole process of registration specialists take upon themselves. And if you doubt that your casino meets all requirements of the Australian law, the company's experts will help your business to approach the ideal.

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Karen Fill

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Updated 10 february 2023

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