Romanian Casino Permit: Start a Profitable iGaming Project

Romanian Casino Permit: Start a Profitable iGaming Project

Updated 10 february 2023

Our specialists provide professional services for the creation and promotion of a casino business. We are glad to help entrepreneurs to obtain a gambling permit for being able to work in many European countries, for example, in a promising Romanian jurisdiction.

Romanian licence for online casinos

It is possible to receive the local permit in just 3 months. The ONJN regulator considers all types of online and offline entertainment legal. Gambling is extremely popular with the country’s residents.

Advantages of Establishing a Local Business

The main reasons to launch a turnkey casino in this region:

  1. Prestigious jurisdiction. Many European developers work in the local market. Users trust a website with the Romanian permit, noting a simple verification process, 100% guarantee of the payment of winnings, and a wide range of games.
  2. All types of gambling are considered legal. In addition to casinos (offline and online), entrepreneurs can open a bookmaker's office, a bingo room, sweepstakes, and a poker room. The only exception is the organisation of lotteries ― it is a state monopoly.
  3. Great response from gamblers. The personal income of the population is lower than the standard of living of people in Germany, France, and Great Britain. Casino visitors love to spin reels in slots and place bets, which always brings a good profit.
  4. Stable economic environment. Those who decide to launch a local casino can receive a permit and run a highly profitable business in the EU. There are no wars and economic tremors in the country. It is developing steadily, creating a friendly economic and legal environment.
  5. The long validity period of the permit. The document is issued for 5 years but in some cases, it can be obtained for 10 years. The licence for the placement of offline slots is issued for 3 years and is automatically renewed at the end of this period.

The Main Types of Permits

Entrepreneurs can launch virtual gambling platforms under several types of licences:

Class 1

This permit can be obtained by B2C companies that run gaming sites or offline locations in the country. Such businessmen interact with the end consumers ― gamblers

Class 2

The gaming licence for B2B providers that supply content and provide specialised services.

Apart from software vendors and distributors, the document of class 2 is granted to:

  • hosters;
  • auditors;
  • certification laboratories;
  • payment providers

Class 3

A permit for organising lotteries with drawings or without them.

This licence belongs to the state monopolist ― the Romanian National Lottery, and therefore, this type of document cannot be received by commercial companies

How to Receive the Local Permit

Romanian licence: how to receive

The ONJN organisation issues certificates and controls the operators’ activity.

The government agency was created in 2015 on the basis of the updated legislation of the country in the field of regulation of offline and virtual gambling.

Requirements for Internet Companies

To launch an online casino in Romania, entrepreneurs must:

  • register a legal entity in the country or on the territory of the EU;
  • open an account in a local bank;
  • form the authorised capital;
  • host the main server on the country’s territory, in one of the EU member states or in Switzerland;
  • host all additional and mirror servers in Romania;
  • pass the software certification procedure, including games, platform, payment systems, and other components.

Those B2B companies that supply software to Romania should obtain the class 2 permit.

A class 1 licence is granted to those who are planning to interact with gamblers. However, it is worth remembering that you can buy software (slots, payment services, authentication, and age verification systems) only from providers who hold the class 2 permit.

Establishment of the Offline Business

The requirements for such companies are in many ways similar to those for Internet operators. It is necessary to register a legal entity, open a bank account, and purchase the certified software.

There are some additional requirements related to the premises where the equipment will be placed:

  1. Casino. The minimum number of gaming tables in a casino is 10, while 4 of them must be used for roulette. The gambling establishment must have a separate entrance, even if it was opened in a hotel or entertainment complex. Each slot machine must have technical documentation (information on certification, modification, and last inspection).
  2. Bookmaker’s office. The local licence is issued only to those bookmakers that have passed a physical inspection of the institution for compliance with fire, sanitary, and operational standards. Owners of betting shops need to install a video surveillance system with cameras in the main halls and the cashier's room. All records must be kept on the server for 6 months.
  3. Bingo room. It should be located away from residential buildings, parks, and recreation areas. The minimum distance is 30 metres, and it is necessary to make a separate entrance to the gambling hall. Operators can accept bets in foreign currencies (such as pounds sterling or US dollars) but first, they need to obtain a permit from a local banking institution.

Documents for the Acquisition of a Licence

Entrepreneurs should send the following documents to ONJN:

  • certificate of the registration of a legal entity, creation of the authorised capital and reserve fund, and opening of a commercial account;
  • certificates of conformity for software and all equipment;
  • information on founders, beneficiaries, shareholders, and managers;
  • description of the conditions and rules of the game (limits, minimum and maximum bets, and commissions);
  • the layout of a gaming site;
  • copies of tenancy agreements or contracts of the purchase of premises for the land-based business.

What Businessmen Need to Do

The acquisition of a permit takes place in several stages:

  • Before obtaining a licence in Romania, operators send a package of documents to the authorised body.
  • Entrepreneurs are interviewed by the representatives of the ONJN commission.
  • Casino owners pay the state duty and after that, they can start working.

All documents can be sent online with the help of a convenient administration system.

The minimum authorised capital for companies is 261 thousand euros.

How Much the Romanian Casino Licence Costs

Romanian casino licence: cost of a permit per year

The price of the document depends on the type of activity (online or offline) and the amount of revenue earned during the reporting period.

The total cost is divided into equal payments for 5–10 years, depending on how long the permit was issued. That is why it is a relatively affordable business area to launch gambling clubs and issue licences.

Companies can diversify their operating costs and apply funds towards the strategic development of their brands.

Type of the business

The cost of a permit per year

Offline locations

  • for bingo halls and poker clubs — 15 thousand euros;
  • for casinos and gambling halls with slot machines — 20 thousand euros;
  • for each unit of equipment — 1,5 thousand euros

Virtual projects

  • for entrepreneurs with an annual revenue of up to 500 thousand euros, the cost of a licence will be 30 thousand euros;
  • for companies with the income from 500 thousand to 10 million euros — 60 thousand euros;
  • for a business with a profit of 10 million euros — 120 thousand euros

In addition to the question of how much the casino licence in Romania costs, entrepreneurs are interested in taxation.

The local fiscal policy cannot be called the most humane in the world but there are several benefits for the owners of casinos and iGaming projects.

Instead of the standard corporate tax of 16%, operators pay 5% of the annual profit. Moreover, starting from 2019, all companies should transfer 2% of the additional turnover tax to the public treasury.

The Main Things about the Romanian Casino Licensing

Online Casino Market provides professional services for launching casinos in prestigious European countries, including Romania.

We perform several tasks:

Entrepreneurs are offered various types of cooperation. For example, it is possible to rent high-quality software or order its development from scratch.
  • The Romanian casino licence is issued for 5–10 years. Its cost varies from 30 to 120 thousand euros per year and directly depends on the net profit of operators.
  • The advantages of establishing a gambling business include international prestige, the long validity period of permits, and the high popularity of gambling among the local population.
  • To obtain a permit, it is necessary to register a legal entity, form an authorised capital, and provide a website layout and a detailed description of all types of entertainment.

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