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Casino Game Development: Slot Games for Sale From Online Casino Market

Regular renewal of the product range is an extremely important aspect that affects the cost-effectiveness of an online casino. To stand out against the background of competitors, operators must offer interesting and unique solutions.

Online casino game development

You can buy casino games with exciting plots and well-thought-out mechanics from Online Casino Market. We create stylish slots that attract a solvent audience.

The Main Advantages of Unique Slot Machines

Individual casino game development has several benefits:

  1. Building of brand awareness. An original release is an excellent way to promote a resource, as well as to attract and retain a target audience. Users are interested in unusual slots and prefer locations with various offers, and a wise manufacturer will want to meet their needs.
  2. Compliance with the needs of the target audience. The wishes of customers are constantly changing. Among the recent trends, we can name VR, 3D, live, and HD products. The slot machine software development is a good opportunity to keep up with the times and hold the interest and loyalty of gamblers.
  3. Originality. The presence of unique slots in the casino’s library will allow operators to fight off the competition and strengthen their positions in the market. Casino game development solutions will replenish the operator's portfolio with stylish and colourful releases with exciting mathematics.
  4. Original settings. Customers can set such parameters as dispersion, volatility, and RTP percentage. It is also possible to introduce a special bonus system or set up a progressive jackpot with an impressive prize pool.
  5. Cost reduction. Slot game development that is based on an individual project is often cheaper than the lease of ready-made solutions. Operators pay only once for a high-quality personalized product and do not go through the expense of paying monthly fees.

How to Create a Casino Slot: Secrets of Online Casino Game Developers

The release of one-armed bandits is a complex process that requires deep technical knowledge and attention to all the details. To make it easier and faster, the best slot machine developers use original templates and sets of options.

Examples of solutions:

  • The Achievement Engine function from Quickspin. It has 4 levels of the game, and after reaching each of them, users get bonuses. Most often, these are loyalty tokens (1 euro each), which can be exchanged for free spins.
  • The Betting Strategies option from ELK Studios. This tool offers gamblers several strategies (quick rounds, ability to play with minimum or maximum bets, etc.). Users can customize games and gamble with limits and speeds that they prefer.

Such features make the products more recognizable and in-demand.

To stand out against the background of competitors, operators need to offer their customers innovative entertainment with interesting mechanics. The combination of different functions and templates will be able to make the solutions unusual and interesting.

Stages of the Slot Game Development

Slot games development: stages

A solid and serious approach to the creation of the product makes the slot machine popular with users and profitable for casino operators. There are several details that must be considered to make a new slot successful.

Typically, casino game development includes the following stages:

Concept generation

This is an overall vision of the solution, its technical parameters, storyline, and theme.

Slot machine developers create projects where they describe in detail the features of new entertainment. Customers see what they are paying for, and developers for casino games know what gamblers expect to get

Creation of the primary lead

At this stage, online casino game developers create the main functions of the slot. They can be called the technical basis, and the functionality and performance of the finalized project depend on it

Creation of slot machines

At this stage, web designers, visualizers, artists, and other creative professionals start working on project implementation. They are responsible for the brightness of the picture, smoothness of animation, and other important aspects

Testing of the product

Casino game development services involve manual or automatic verification.

The provider checks how the system is functioning, is everything working correctly, is the picture quality is high enough, and how can the operation of the device be improved

Release of the slot

When all problems and errors have been dealt with, it is time for the developer to launch the product.

The development of slots with the theme of current events will help operators to optimize advertising costs. Releases often coincide with holidays, sports events, screening of films, etc.

Technical Nuances of the Creation of the Video Content

The development of casino games involves many operation factors. Customers do not need to be professional programmers but some points still must be taken into account.

Before ordering the creation of a casino game from slot machine developers, operators should make up their mind about the following parameters:

Return To Player Percent (RTP)

Modern solutions are equipped with the option for individual RTP settings. The operator's task is to choose within which range to work.

The best option is 75–90%. RTP percentage below 75% does not allow gamblers to win money during game sessions, so they will probably not want to visit the gaming site again.

The decision to make casino games with an RTP of 90% and more will provide users with frequent prizes but thus reduce the earnings of operators.


This parameter determines how often clients will win:

  • low level — frequent but small amounts of money;
  • medium level — interchangeable high and low maximum wins;
  • high level — decent prizes with a minimum number of successful spins.

Programming Technologies

Any casino game software developer provides for the use of 2 main solutions — Flash and HTML5. The difference is that they have different levels of access to the ready-made product.

To play the Flash game, users need to download a special plug-in to their desktop or mobile devices. HTML5 solutions can be launched in the selected browser so that no additional components are needed.

The Main Things About Slot Machines

Slot machines for casinos

The use of original video content is a good way to attract the target audience to the website, increase the market share, and raise the profile.

  • Creation of slots on a by-order basis can optimize financial expenses of casino owners. If they purchase the casino software, there will be no need to pay any additional fees.
  • The development process includes such stages as the generation of the product’s concept, primary and secondary developments, testing, and release.
  • When creating the video content, you need to decide, which basic technology you are going to use (HTML5 or Flash) and what the level of dispersion and the RTP percentage you will choose.

In case you are planning to add new unique games to your catalogue of offers — just turn to Online Casino Market.

From our company, you can buy casino games that have no analogue and purchase products from any casino game software developer that you like (AmaticMicrogaming, Greentube, Vivo Gaming, etc.).

To become the market leader, contact us:

  • by e-mail:
  • on Skype: slotsmarket
  • in Telegram: @spinwin
  • via the feedback form.
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Updated 19 june 2023
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