Unicum Casino Software: Purchase Unique Entertainment

Unicum Casino Software: Purchase Unique Entertainment

Updated 10 february 2023

This product bears no resemblance to the solutions of other manufacturers because of its original theme. Slots of the provider recapture the atmosphere of the 90s of the last century in the USSR.

Not only people who miss “good old days” but also young curious gamblers who are fond of history are pleased with these games. The decision to connect the gambling software by Unicum will be a good one since you will get new clients and high profits.

Gambling software from the Unicum provider

To make sure that such entertainment will please visitors to your casino, it is possible to rent the solution or buy it from Online Casino Market.

About the Supplier

The enterprise was established 30 years ago and specialised in consulting services. The first land-based vehicles were created in 2002 and became so popular that within a year, they were installed in almost all famous gambling halls.

After the merger with Smart Gaming in 2005, the company changed its name to Unicum Gaming, and foreign partners know it as UPlay. Later, the first Unicum casino software was developed.

New managers had ambitious plans: by 2007, they were going to occupy 60–70% of the Russian market of slots and 20–30% of the foreign market. However, the growth path quickly changed.

Since 2007, the brand switched to:

  • vending machines;
  • payment terminals;
  • software for financial systems.

Characteristics of Casino Games

Gambling software by Unicum includes 5 reels and 21 paylines. These are standard parameters for this kind of entertainment. To understand how unique the slots are, you need to launch them. Having started the game session, any user will be delighted with many pleasant surprises.

Original options of Unicum casino software

The jackpot for 10 thousand credits

This is a prize with the fixed size that any active player can win

5 bonus modes

Most often, developers offer only 2 bonus rounds. Unicum casino software includes 5 additional rounds, and if users play them, they may win big prizes

2 scatter symbols

Scatter is a familiar bonus symbol that can be found in almost each slot machine. There is usually only one such icon but Unicum offers 2 images to increase the chances of winning. This motivates casino visitors to increase the time of the game session and stay on the website as long as they can

Reliable software protection

In the entire history of its existence, casino software by Unicum has never been hacked. Moreover, no fake content of the provider can be found on the Web

In the early 2000s, Unicum released atmospheric slots that still amaze users with unusual plots and unique mechanics. Games include many options and bonuses, so they can successfully compete with new entertainment with cutting edge graphics and animation.

Why Is It Worth Connecting the Gambling Software by Unicum

Unicum turnkey casino: connection

Those entrepreneurs who ordered the Unicum turnkey casino assure that their customers like to play Soviet-themed slots that bring good profits.

Users are attracted by the following features:

  1. High RTP percentage. It varies from 96 to 97.9%. Frequent winnings motivate gamblers to place high bets and return to the gaming site over and over again.
  2. Ability to play on any platform. Games can be played on personal computers and mobile devices, and the picture is displayed equally well on screens of any size.
  3. An understandable Russian-language interface and a convenient control panel. The manufacturer made sure that users do not waste time learning how to play slots. All types of entertainment have a minimum number of buttons, which are located on the bottom panel. It is impossible to make a mistake.
  4. Impressive graphics. When the Unicum online casino provider developed the described slots, their design was considered advanced. Since then, technology has changed a lot but the products still look decent against the background of other solutions. All bonuses are animated.
  5. Vivid attributes. Symbols that residents of the CIS countries will find in this kind of games will make them immediately understand in what historical era the action takes place. Red stars, space satellites, sickle and hammer, mighty criminals of the 90s — all this takes players to the past and at the same time, gives them an opportunity to earn good money.
  6. Non-standard background sound. All slots have tunes that were popular in the years described in their plots.

All slots have demo versions, and it is also possible to play one session with a virtual bet, and only then deposit real money.

Top 5 Slots of the Supplier

Although the catalogue of the Unicum turnkey casino is not replenished with new games, the brand’s original slots that were released before 2007 do not lose their relevance and still attract many casino visitors even though they have different tastes.

According to our experts, the best Unicum developments are:

Gold of the Party

The plot is based on the legends about the gold reserves of the USSR. Users are offered an exciting adventure with the elements of treasure hunting.

To find them, players will need to spin the reels and collect winning combos on 21 paylines listening to the recognisable melodies of the post-war years.

There are 2 bonus rounds in this game:

  • the Envelope;
  • the Satellite.

Casino owners can independently adjust the denomination of the coins.


The plot of this slot is based on the life of Soviet citizens in the 80s. By spinning the reels, gamblers enter the typical bazaar where they can find everything: gammons of bacon, watermelons, vodka, tape recorders, and much more.

Among the special symbols, we can name a big wallet, a gloomy Caucasian, and an unfriendly grandmother who is wearing a headscarf.


It tells the story about the criminal reality of the 90s of the last century. The plot is dedicated to gangland killings and police pursuits.

The list of bonus options includes 2 prize rounds, a scatter, and a wild symbol.

Fans of the Brother and Brigada TV series will be glad to play this slot.

Around the World

This slot machine will appeal to those users who value quiet entertainment. There are no loud sounds here. The game offers a leisurely journey across different countries and an opportunity to win great prizes.


The entertainment is based on the Robinson Crusoe novel. However, the provider added an evil cannibal and a beautiful half-naked girl to the plot.

This slot includes icons with extended functionality, bonus game levels, and the round for doubling.

The Main Things about the Software of the Russian Vendor

  • Video slots of the manufacturer attract with non-trivial themes, excellent graphics, and the background sound that can make users feel nostalgia.
  • It will be easy for gamblers to launch slots. Thanks to an intuitive interface and a simple control panel, even beginners will understand how to play the chosen games.
  • Cross-platform interface. All entertainment can be launched on both PCs and mobile devices.

From us, you can purchase turnkey solutions, reliable security systems, payment services, and other products of both domestic and foreign providers.

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Karen Fill


Karen Fill

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Updated 10 february 2023

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