WM555 Casino Software: Digital Board Entertainment for Every Taste

Updated 15 june 2023

In this article, we will tell you about a multifunctional solution from a respected Taiwanese developer. The gambling platform includes a wide range of table entertainment and has a well-thought-out user interface with many personal settings.

The product is licensed by the PAGCOR national gambling agency of the Philippines and was also tested at the GLI international certification centre.

WM555 casino software: digital board entertainment

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Establishment Background of the WM555 Software Manufacturer

A prominent gambling content creator was founded in 2017 as a subordinate of WM Casino. Focusing solely on the web-based niche, the organisation operates under a registered Cambodian entity and has gained acknowledgement as one of the leading suppliers in Asia.

Major notions about the organisation:

  • WM555 is headquartered in Sihanoukville, a vibrant coastal vacation city in Cambodia. 
  • The studio operates within its own gambling facility, which encompasses board game departments, a multitude of slots, showrooms, and prestigious top-tier accommodations.
  • A distinguishing feature of WM555 is its commitment to capturing the authentic environment and mood of the East that effectively brings the essence of land-based establishments to online users.
  • The organisation has earned the informal title of "King of ASEAN" among locals, thanks to their exceptional dedication to creating an absorbing experience.

To deliver unparalleled participation opportunities, WM555’s activities are captured and streamed straight from their ground venue. This innovative approach guarantees that punters can enjoy the excitement and energy of a real playing hall from their own homes.

The interiors of their virtual studios are thoughtfully designed with the local aesthetic in mind. The dealers’ attire mirrors the hues of the ASEAN flag to reinforce the connection to the region.

With a specialised permit obtained in Cambodia, WM555 operates inside a legal framework that grants the reach extension to:

WM555 is a dynamic iGaming software creator that continues to expand its array of offerings and sales zones. With a strong commitment to authenticity and a focus on the virtual segment, this creator stands out as a leader in the Asian gaming industry. 

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Launch a Casino by the WM555 Provider: the Assortment of Products

It includes the following board and card games:


Casino visitors have access to 25 virtual tables where they can compete with dealers, watch other customers, and place side bets.

The WM555 software for web casinos contains 3 main types of bets: on the gambler (punto), on the dealer (banco), and the draw. To win the main prize pool, users need to score 9 points or more than their opponents

Dragon Tiger

This will be a great addition to any online casino.

The solution is often referred to as two-card baccarat due to the similarity of the rules. That bet is considered successful (on a dragon, tiger or a draw), the card value of which turns out to be higher than that of the opponent.

An interesting feature is that the ace is considered the low card


It is possible to buy a casino together with European roulette. In this game, the wheel is divided into 36 red and black sectors, and the 37th green cell is “zero”

Sic Bo

In this ancient Chinese dice game, the dealer rolls 3 six-sided dice, and the task of users is to guess the numbers that will fall out in the end.

The product contains small (the sum of numbers in the range 4–10) and big (11–17) bets. Moreover, gamblers can bet on more/less, even/odd or first/last numbers in the combination

Se Die

Users line up winning combos of 4 red and white buttons. The odds of making a line of only red or white elements are 1:9.

There are 2 virtual gaming tables in this game. Besides, bets can be placed on the winner, the loser, as well as over/under

Shake the Chess

While the game mechanics resemble craps rather than traditional dice, this variation utilises special chess miniatures. 4 of them are put in a dedicated shaker and then on a platform. The participant’s goal is to try to predict the resulting combination.

It is an exclusive activity, so only gambling platforms that partner with WM555 have access to this type of amusement

The software also contains the following entertainment:

  • Fish-Prawn-Crab (the game is very similar to Sic Bo but here, on the six-sided cubes, users can see animals instead of numbers);
  • Andar Bahar (gamblers bet on 1 of 2 decks of cards: A (Andar) and B (Bahar), which, in their opinion, will win);
  • Fan Tan (the goal of users is to get rid of the received cards faster than their opponents).

While live activities are the developer’s main directions, an insanely popular bookmakers’ niche is also eagerly explored. WM555 introduces specialised software with relevant betting lines on ball games, tennis, and other disciplines.

At the same time, a unique manifestation here is cockfighting. Hardly any other service supplier introduces this direction, so operators who want to impress their audience (especially in Europe and the US) can resort to the vendor.

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The Main Advantages of the Product

WM555 online casino: advantages

Operators are recommended to launch lucrative casinos by the WM555 top provider for the following reasons:

  1. Well-thought-out user lobby. All information is presented in a convenient format, and the navigation through the gaming site is also very comfortable. The lobby is translated into Japanese, English, French, Spanish, etc. Information on the rules of each game can be found in a separate section of the menu.
  2. Various settings. Several game modes are available for gamblers: standard, full-screen, and multi. The Multiple feature allows users to place bets at 4–12 tables at the same time. Casino visitors can also change the currency, view statistics and video replays of successful rounds, share results with friends, and much more.
  3. High level of security. The WM555 web casinos software is certified by GLI. All information is transferred via secure SSL channels, and gamblers pass the verification procedure using biometric technologies.
  4. Cross-platform interface. The WM555 turnkey casino can be launched on different types of devices: smartphones, desktops, laptops, tablets, and other modern gadgets. Users can also install the software on land-based terminals and consoles, controlling game objects through a remote command centre.
  5. Practical backend. The admin panel contains settings for managing gamblers' accounts, generating reports, changing financial policies (currency, limits, and the size of commissions). Operators can also integrate such external components as payment gateways and referral systems.

Simple Installation of Exclusive Solutions

WM555 gambling software: installation

There are 2 ways to install the game content along with the admin panel. Special tools will help you to launch a website from scratch or expand the product range within the framework of an already existing iGaming project.

Inline Frame

It is based on the powerful HTML5 element component, which is also known as an inner frame.

The technology allows you to place on the website’s page some of the content from other sources. In our case, the multimedia file with exclusive board games is integrated into the entrepreneur's gambling platform without the need to change the structure of the project.

The gambling software by the decent WM555 vendor is distinguished by reliability and adaptability. Businessmen do not need to change the architecture of their gaming sites, add new pages and improve the system for identifying players.

Application Programming Interface

The software is integrated during one API session without using extra programs and utilities. Customers get access to all of the developer's board games, marketing tools, and the admin panel.

The API integration is based on the communication between 2 systems (an operator's gaming site and a manufacturer's server) using a given data transfer protocol. The WM555 decent online casino options provider uses the international HTTP protocol, which is highly secure and ensures legal work in the international market.

Business Agent

For a novice market participant, the importance of quick adaptation to the niche is crucial to avoid any resource loss. WM555 can boast of a substantial network of affiliates that allow working on franchising terms with an already developed brand.

In this case, an entrepreneur receives a package of software elements and platform space for an immediate entrance to the sphere. Minimal investments are required under such working conditions.

Regardless of the type of cooperation terms an entrepreneur opts for, Online Casino Market offers extensive help in the configuration of any project. Order the necessary aid and improvement pieces at our company.

The Main Things about the Installation Unique Games from the Supplier

The vendor’s offers can be purchased or rented from Online Casino Market. We offer flexible pricing with no extra or hidden costs.

Working with us, you get:

Create a successful iGaming project with us!

  • The Taiwanese developer releases digital board games. The range of offers includes baccarat, roulette, Sic Bo, Dragon and Tiger, Andar Bahar, and other Asian entertainment.
  • The solution was licensed by PAGCOR and certified by the GLI agency.
  • Features of the product are a cross-platform environment, a practical user lobby, and various in-game and system settings.
  • Businessmen are offered 2 ways to connect content: via API integration or using Inline Frame technology.

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