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Casino license: The best way to legalize business

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Casino License: The Best Way to Legalize Business

The gambling license is the only opportunity for the operator to legally conduct gambling activities on the territory of any state. Most types of gambling business are subject to legalization.

Why gambling license is necessary

Casino license is the main factor that makes the entertainment platform a reliable market participant.

Advantages of Obtaining a Gambling License

Online casino license gives the owner of the gaming project the following benefits:

  • interaction with reliable and approved banking institutions;
  • integration of the most popular and demanded payment services for interaction with any currencies of the world;
  • purchase of licensed certified software from major international manufacturers;
  • high level of confidence on the part of online service users;
  • a wide range of opportunities to work in an international format;
  • trust-based relations and the opportunity to enter into mutually beneficial agreements with major partners;
  • status of an international casino brand.

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Basic on the Situation in the Modern Gambling Market

Nowadays, the casino gaming license is issued in more than 80 countries. At the same time, 132 states have some restrictions on gaming activities. According to statistics, these territories account for more than 56% of the world’s population. Nevertheless, the turnover of the gambling market shows more than rapid growth: over the past year alone, the industry’s revenues increased by 4.3 billion euros.

According to the data provided by the independent information service Keytocasino, the situation on the world stage of excitement is as follows:

  • Stringent prohibition on the organization of any format of gambling — 39 states.
  • Extensive restrictions of local operators in the complete absence of regulations for foreign entrepreneurs — 32 countries.
  • The population has access to virtual services, and market control is carried out at the level of local organizations — 61 states.
  • There are no direct prohibitions on gambling and no internal licensing system for gambling projects — 93 states.
  • Customers of gambling services face criminal prosecution for visiting online platforms and participating in the game for money — 25 countries.
  • Administrative penalty for participation in the game for money — 15 countries.
  • Absolutely free visit the gaming resources — 92 states.

During this research, was used information from open sources: regional media and online services of official government agencies.

The specialists processed the data of the thematic platforms and got acquainted with the legislative norms in 225 countries of the world. Statistical coverage of the study: 95% of officially existing states and about 98% of the world’s population.

Considering this information, the best way to receive access to the most profitable and interesting markets is a casino license in foreign jurisdictions.

The Most Demanded Offshore Territories for Online Casino Legalization

Casino license: best offshore countries to receive it

Online Casino Market specialists have compiled a list of the ten most popular and reliable jurisdictions that provide services for licensing gambling websites of any type.


This offshore is recognized as one of the most stable countries where casino licensing services are provided. Legalization of gambling has been conducted here since 1996.

A distinctive feature of this jurisdiction: operators are provided with a single license that applies to any format of entertainment for money (games of chance, skill games, sports betting).

Additional advantage: the issued document can be used simultaneously by several affiliate enterprises.

The price of service — from 40 thousand dollars. Annual maintenance and renewal of the permit will cost 15 thousand dollars.

Costa Rica

This is one of the few countries where the gambling license is not taxed. More than 200 permits for international gambling companies have already been issued on the territory of this offshore, herewith operators have access to both European markets and the opportunity to provide their services in the United States.

The price of legal status registration in the offshore and legalization of the project — from 40 thousand dollars. To renew the permit, the operator will have to pay a fixed fee of 10 thousand dollars annually.


The gambling license is not subject to state fees if the operator receives bets from foreign customers. This offshore is considered to be one of the largest banking states with a simplified taxation system.

The casino license cost in Panama — from 40 thousand dollars. Renewal of the service will cost 20 thousand dollars annually.

Among the disadvantages of the choice should be included the following:

  • the security deposit of the owner of the site should be at least 100 thousand dollars;
  • the US market is not available for operators with a Panama license.


Casino gambling license on the territory of this offshore has been issued since 2000. In order to obtain permission, the operator will have to pay for the application consideration (3 thousand dollars) and make a non-refundable deposit of 7 thousand dollars.

The owner of the online establishment will face the following taxes and fees:

  • tax on the total income of the gaming service — 5%;
  • commission fee for the organization of gambling — 107 thousand dollars;
  • payment for the server hosting — 5,400 dollars;
  • standard one-time fee for gambling entrepreneurs — 18,500 dollars;
  • rent of office premises and payment for the services of local representatives (secretary and two shareholders) — 3,500 dollars;
  • annual maintenance of the permit — 9,000 dollars;
  • renewal of the document — 1,500 dollars.

Despite the high taxation rate, the Maltese license is beneficial because it allows promoting gambling services on the European market.


This offshore have been licensing gambling projects since 1990. The price of the service varies depending on the type of gambling activity and can range from 30 to 70 thousand dollars.

A distinctive feature: there is no fee for consideration of the application, and the annual maintenance of the permit costs only 3 thousand dollars (the license is issued for five years).

If to speak about the taxation system, the rate for gambling operators is 1%, but not less than 85 thousand and not more than 425 thousand pounds.

Isle of Man

This offshore belongs to a free trade zone of the EU and guarantees the operators the absence of foreign exchange controls.

The casino license cost includes the following services:

  • submission and consideration of the application — 1 thousand pounds;
  • annual maintenance — 35 thousand pounds;
  • commission fee from the annual revenue of the establishment — 0.1-1.5%.

The Isle of Man casino license is issued for five years.


Here for gambling operators, there is only one tax — franchise fee. The price of the service is relatively low: in order to obtain a permit, the operator will have to pay about 18 thousand dollars. Annual maintenance costs about 10 thousand dollars.

Lack of choice is strict control and verification of all project participants. The authorized agencies require not only a standard set of documents (more on this issue later), but also mandatory proof of identity through fingerprinting, as well as full access to the financial statements of the operator.

Antigua and Barbuda

Legalization of gambling projects has been carried out here since 1994. The casino license provides not only instant access to the British market but also exempts from tax charges (it is relevant for operators carrying out the international activities).

The price of legalization — from 100 thousand dollars.

In addition, the operator pays two mandatory contributions:

  • for the service of business documentation consideration (15 thousand dollars);
  • annual contribution to the development of the gambling market (a fixed amount of 100 thousand dollars, regardless of the website level of income).


This offshore has issued more than 250 permits for 50 international companies. Casino gambling license in Indian reservation will cost from 40 thousand dollars.

Additional mandatory service — verification of software solutions compliance (15 thousand dollars).

Annual maintenance costs about 10 thousand dollars.


This gambling regulator was created relatively recently — in 2005, however, the license holder receives the right to serve customers from all over the globe.

Before obtaining permission, the operator must pay for the service of application consideration (15 thousand dollars) and buy a certificate of software supplier (from 15 thousand dollars annually).

The taxation rate is fixed and is 100 thousand dollars.

Package of Documents for Online Casino Licensing

Online casino license: list of required documents

The vast majority of offshore territories advance relatively loyal requirements to the operators.

An aspiring entrepreneur must provide an extensive package of papers, which include:

  • documents confirming the identity of each of the interested parties (founders and shareholders of the company);
  • full set of constituent documents (company statutes, business project, estimated profitability of the enterprise, etc);
  • evidence of a physical address (a receipt of rent and/or utility payments for office premises);
  • proof of certified software;
  • guarantee of reliable and stable operation of payment services;
  • documentary evidence of security systems and technical support availability;
  • bank statement on open account and the back-up deposit.

Self-preparation of documentation and submission of an application require knowledge in the field of law and international relations, and the time for making a decision can take from several weeks to six months (without the slightest guarantee that the result will be positive).

The best way to minimize risks is to seek advice and assistance from qualified professionals with years of experience.


Gambling is one of the fastest-paying back and profitable forms of business. The only opportunity for the operator to reach a decent level and gain the confidence of partners and customers is the presence of an official permit for the activity.

A casino gaming license is a guarantee of transparent and legal work on the international market without the risk of unnecessary attention and pressure from the government authorities.

The Online Casino Market team is ready to undertake all legal formalities and complete management of the gambling project at any stage of the work. Our experts will provide detailed information about the most profitable solutions and offer the most favourable terms of cooperation.

We guarantee an individual approach, minimal risks and proven ways to enter the international market with a guarantee of full payback of the project in 3-6 months of cooperation.

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Updated 19 june 2023
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