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Online Casino Gaming License

Any business owner who wants to open a casino is usually faces with the necessity of casino licensing as this activity like any other will be illegal without it. 

Obtaining casino gaming license is related to many difficulties and it is no so easy to solve this question all alone. Nowadays buying license does not mean literally go somewhere and purchase it because gambling is prohibited in several countries, and it costs a lot of money and huge taxes where it is legally allowed. 

That is why nearly all the casinos get gambling license in off-shore countries where authorities are very loyal to gambling and set up minimum taxes for this business (or do not levy taxes at all). 

How to open legal casino and what papers are needed? 

  1. Application for online gambling license aquisition. 
  2. Copy of company registration certificate. 
  3. Copy of founder`s passports. 
  4. Copy of shareholders` resolution about company name. 
  5. Copy of the office rent agreements.  
  6. Bank certificates with open accounts and funds available. 

Moreover, some jurisditions insist that one of the shareholders must be a resident of this off-shore zone. It should be noted that gambling license issued by the authorities of any country would mean that casino should be under its rules and meet requirements. 

Over the last years, when gambling is not allowed in many countries gambling licensing became a very popular service even it was used often before. Today it is more lucrative to buy casino and do not create it because a mere online  gambling license takes up a lot of time, and sometimes it may create more problems. Besides, specific knowledge is needed in order to get it. 

As a conclusion: it is really possible to buy casino license today even if it is not so easy, while it is a completely different story requiring minimum efforts to buy a casino with all the papers. 

Today casino licensing is presented by jurisdiction of Curacao, Italy, Malta, Alderney, Belgium, Estonia, Isle of Man, Dominican Republic. Regulatory authoritis of Costa-Rica, Australia, Belize, Gibraltar, Kahnawake, Italy and Austria can issue online gambling license.   

Experts recommend to buy casino gaming license in these countries and also to buy or to open casino from Online Casino Market company. Believe me, this deal would be sucessful and you will get a good income for your company!