Alderney Online Gambling License

Alderney Online Gambling License

Updated 10 february 2023

Business is not considered legal if there is no work permit. Casino license is needed in order to carry on official business. Only those countries where gambling business is not prohibited have the right to issue it, and after receiving the license any company is obliged to operate according to the laws of this country.

Alderney online gambling license

Online Casino Market company that is always in touch with Alderney committee issuing online gambling licenses offers to buy casino license. Experts from Online Casino Market will help you to open casino and get other necessary certificates. They will also advise you in all questions concerning gambling business and will tell you how to buy casino without loss.

Gaming companies get online gaming licenses in offshore countries where gambling taxes are minimal or absent at all. The list of these countries include: Isle of Man, Costa Rica, Romania, Malta, Great Britain, Alderney and others.

What is an Online Gaming License and Who Needs it? 

Online gambling license is a package of papers that provides the right for company (business owner) to be engaged in business related to organization and conducting of gambling business.

Thus, license is needed for:

  • casino, online casino;
  • entertainment clubs;
  • poker rooms;
  • bookmaking offices;
  • betting houses;
  • bingo lottery, etc.

Online gambling business is a document that provides the guarantee of reliability and safety to any user. Usually the site owner places the screen of casino license on a separate page or publishes information about it below.

Online gambling license is issued for legal, executive and tax authorities upon examination because it is the most essential document confirming the business legality. It is presented to the potential partners in order to demonstrate seriousness of their intention, honesty and financial reliability and confirm their existence at the market.

What is Needed to Buy a Casino License? 

It is necessary to meet all the requirements of the committee of a country where the license bought for casino licensing.

Let’s note several key points from the list with the rules.

Usually, beside an application for licensing, legal authorities request copies (scan copies) of the following papers:

  • passports of all company founders (they are verified for ambiguous activity);
  • certificate about experience in the field of activity and finance;
  • memorandum of association (statute, certificates);
  • decision of board meeting about incorporation and assignment of director;
  • receipts about office utility payments (proving office entity);
  • documents confirming bank accounts and funds available there;
  • certificates confirming the residency of one of the founders in a country where jurisdiction is located.

It is needed to send business plan of a future project with calculated expenses and income and other documents to the legal office after receiving information about payment for licensing.

Alderney Online Gambling License 

Obvious advantages of licensed gambling business in Alderney are low taxes in this country, clear list of necessary documents and short terms for processing request.

Alderney issues online gambling license for various kinds of gaming business: casino slots, lotteries, bookmaking business, casino and bingo.

Online gambling license for slot machines

Online gambling license for slot machines

Permits for installation and functioning of slot machines can be issued by the committee of Alderney only in case if expertize has positive results.

Besides, jurisdiction should monitor the site and have appropriate conditions for this. Committee will check not only the quality of games but also periodicity of payments to users (partially).

It should be noted that even a non-resident can obtain the license for slot machines in Alderney, however, the company that possesses the site must be officially registered.

If the company has other licenses or certificates (for example, random numbers source) it will be one more advantage that will help to get online gambling license faster and easier.

Casino license in Alderney

It is easier to open casino in Alderney than in other regions, however, it is important to remember that various licenses are provided for different kinds of numerous casino games.

Thus, in order to open casino it is needed to get a package of certificates for each separate game, random numbers source, casino slot, etc.

As for the terms, license is issued within 4-6 months excluding time for preparing documents and applications. The documents that were sent can be returned (it happens often) for improvement or correction, and after this sent in a final version. It is typical that the company preparing for work in Alderney should have an experienced lawyer.

Alderney gambling license for lotteries

Alderney gambling license for lotteries

Random numbers source is the main field of activity of lotteries and casino slot machines. Game results do not depend on the user but on the random numbers source. That is why Alderney gambling license for slot machines and lotteries is same.

Such situation is useful for those who decided to launch slot machines and, for example, lottery – in this case one package of documents would be enough to be sent.

Online gambling license for bookmaker office

Alderney gambling license can be issued for bookmaker office only in case if this organization is officially registered as a gaming venue in any jurisdiction and possesses certificates proving honest principles of game.

Such strict rules related to betting and sport bets that is why in case of terms violation the company may not be licensed which will lead to bad reputation of this jurisdiction.

Bookmaking offices get certificate A of two types: 3rd or 4th. In first case it can be issued to operator-dealer, and in the second – to bookmaking business representative.

Online gambling license for bingo

Online gambling license for bingo

Bingo by definition is a lottery that pays lower tax and is usually issued in one package with other permits for gambling due to its specificity.

License for bingo lottery like other certificates is monitored by professional lawyers that guarantee collection of necessary documents and their shipping on all stages of processing.

Terms of Alderney Gambling Licensing 

The requirements of Alderney jurisdiction for potential licensees are the following:

  • functional gambling site registered according the laws of a country where it is located;
  • information about site structure with payment methods and details about payment systems;
  • providing access to portal expertize right after submission documents for licensing and correction of mistakes;
  • full package of documents submission with company statute and information about income;
  • recommendations from commercial structures and banks for the whole company and for each beneficiary;
  • submission of business plan of further company development indicating expenses and assumed income.

Isle of Alderney is an autonomous region and a part of United Kingdom of Great Britain although it is located in the northern part of Channel Island.

Gambling licensing is done by AGCC controlling organization in accordance with the legislation of Isle of Alderney. The task of AGCC is to ensure legal and honest gambling activity on the island and conducting it in conformity with international standards.

Organization was registered in 2000 and nowadays is a leading company that controls gambling business for reasons of user’s safety, monitors financial transactions (particularly, cash flow on the accounts), cooperates with international law authorities and ensures clients’ safety from criminal activity.

Types of Alderney Gambling Licenses

Alderney committee issues license for:

  • casino activity;
  • poker (and its varieties);
  • sports bets;
  • lotteries.

Licenses are divided in two categories:

  1. В2С (business-to-customer) — for operators who deal directly with players.
  2. В2В (business-to-business) — for business owners who cooperate with operators, software providers for online casino.

AGCC has the right to control licensees’ gambling activity in order to protect the players of online casino.

Types of online gambling licenses:

  • extended online gambling license;
  • incomplete online gambling license;
  • hosting certificate;
  • certificate of associate.

At the moment of writing this article the cost of online gambling license for one year is 70 thousand pounds.

Today you can buy online gambling license from Online Casino Market company. Their experts will contact representatives of Alderney jurisdiction and arrange package of necessary documents for all certificates. The process will be much faster and efficient thanks to the permanent communication with Alderney committee professionals.

In addition, Online Casino Market offers to open casino for a new business or buy casino that includes all the programs and functions and also to promote it at the gambling market.

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Karen Fill

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Updated 10 february 2023

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