Montenegro Gaming Permit: How to Quickly Obtain the Document

Updated 10 february 2023

By choosing to obtain a local certificate, you can quickly enter the promising European market, pay low taxes, and work in a favourable financial environment.

Montenegro gambling business: legality

Having established a casino business here, one can receive citizenship, and this is another argument in favour of this choice.

With Online Casino Market, you will be able to start working in any part of Europe where gambling is legalised and provide a package of various services ― from the creation of a website to its marketing.

The Montenegrin Gambling Niche

The casino legislation here was properly regulated in 2006. After the declaration of independence in the same year, local authorities immediately decided to control this segment of the economy, considering it a very promising one.

All types of casino entertainment are legal here. You can obtain a casino licence, open a betting shop or a location with bingo games. The government also allowed foreign investment, so both offline and virtual activities are considered legal.

Offline casinos are an integral part of local tourism. Montenegro has a balanced policy towards casinos, which ensures a steady tourist flow.

Businessmen can pay big prizes, and most of the revenues are redirected to social needs.

The Main Advantages of Owning an iGaming Project

Online casino in Montenegro: advantages

It is worth implementing casino projects in the country for several reasons:

Favourable economic environment

The jurisdiction is an associated member of the European Union but in fact, it enjoys all the benefits that permanent EU members do.

Many financial, insurance, and IT companies are based in the country, and the business itself is actively supported by the authorities

Acquisition of citizenship

The purchase of a casino here is an excellent chance to obtain citizenship in the country.

The Citizenship by Investment (CBI) immigration program has been operating since 2018. It was created for non-residents of the EU.

To get a European passport, entrepreneurs need to invest 250 thousand euros or more in their gambling projects

Loyal taxation

The country has a low tax burden, which has a positive effect on the business environment.

Corporate income tax is only 9% (for comparison: in Sweden, operators should pay 30% of income and in Denmark ― 36%).

Moreover, there are no VAT or taxes on the sales of bets

The long validity period of a certificate

It is issued for 10 years with the subsequent prolongation for another 5 years.

A permit for accepting bets (both offline and on the Internet) can be obtained for 3–5 years, and for opening bingo halls ― for 3 years

How to Obtain the Montenegrin Licence

Montenegrin licence: how to obtain

The local Commission issues permits and monitors how operators fulfil their duties and adhere to the principles of responsible gambling.

Implementation of Offline Projects

The possession of a certificate makes it possible to open a casino, a bookmaker’s office, a gambling hall with slot machines, and bingo locations.

Let us consider each type of activity in more detail:

  1. Casinos. Working with the same permit, you can place in your premises both gaming tables (for card games and roulette) and stationary slot machines. The document is issued only based on the results of open tenders, which the regulator holds several times a year. It is granted for 10 years with the subsequent prolongation for 3 years.
  2. Slot machines. To place them in gambling halls, you should obtain a separate permit. It is valid for 3 years and can be renewed, after which you will be able to work legally for another 2 years.
  3. Bingo. With the described permit, businessmen can organise bingo drawings in online and offline formats, as well as the Balkan national tombolo game (an analogue of a lottery). This type of Montenegrin licence is issued for 3 years.
  4. Bookmaker's office. Entrepreneurs are prohibited from accepting bets on political events. Moreover, the owners (beneficiaries, managers) of sports clubs must not be engaged in the betting activity. It is mandatory to obtain a permit for each location. It will be valid for 3 years.

iGaming Project Management

A local gaming site can be launched only by those who already run an offline business.

It is possible to register the document via an Internet request, there is no need to personally visit the department or send additional certificates. It is possible to run an online casino for 10 years, and the permit can be automatically renewed for another 5 years.

Rules that Applicants Must Observe

Before obtaining the Montenegrin licence, it is important to:

  • register a company;
  • open an account in a local bank;
  • deposit the authorised capital to a commercial account;
  • form the reserve fund;
  • gather information on the founders and managers of the firm;
  • keep track on all elements of the platform (entertainment, payment modules, loyalty programs);
  • draw up a business plan for 3 years;
  • purchase or rent premises and equipment (for offline locations);
  • find a hosting provider and choose the server.

The special department of the regulator can change the list of documents depending on the conditions of the current tender.

How Much Does the Montenegrin Licence Cost

To obtain this permit, it is essential to confirm the availability of authorised capital and a bank guarantee.

Type of activity

Amount of the authorised capital, in thousands of euros

The size of the security fund, in thousands of euros

Casinos (online and offline)



Slot machines



Betting (on the Internet and in offline locations)



Bingo (online and offline)



The exact answer to the question of how much the Montenegrin licence costs can be obtained only after the announcement of a tender for the issuance of a permit.

Regardless of the conditions of a tender, operators must pay an administrative fee of 10 thousand euros. The money is transferred to the public treasury only once ― before establishing a business.

If entrepreneurs want to obtain a licence as a way to receive citizenship, then they will have to additionally pay:

  • 10 thousand euros in the form of a donation to the government fund for the application processing;
  • 10 thousand euros for each family member who also applies for citizenship.

The Main Things about Owning a Casino in the Country

We provide professional assistance in launching iGaming projects in promising European countries, including Montenegro.

Cooperating with us, you get such benefits as:

  • high-quality solutions from well-known vendors (Novomatic, Amatic, etc.);
  • reliable payment systems;
  • unique design of a platform with UX settings;
  • assistance in casino licensing and business promotion.
We offer different formats of operation: creation from scratch, purchase of ready-made solutions, cooperation under a White Label agreement, and much more.

  • It is worth obtaining the Montenegrin permit because of its long validity period and the ability to acquire citizenship. Moreover, the country has low tax rates.
  • The country has legalised both online and offline casino entertainment. To start a virtual casino, you need first to own an offline location.
  • The cost of a permit depends on the type of gambling. Entrepreneurs need to form sufficient authorised capital and confirm the availability of a bank guarantee.

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Updated 10 february 2023

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