Kahnawake Online Gambling License

Kahnawake Online Gambling License

Updated 10 february 2023

A license is a document that legalizes any business, without it, business activities are considered illegal. Therefore, each company, holding or sole proprietor files applications to the registration authorities of the country, in which they work, and receive special permission. The issue of casino licensing in the sphere of gambling is especially burning, because gambling is under the spotlight of authorities in any state. 

The company Online Casino Market offers operators and providers to buy an online gambling license, and its experts may also help you to open a casino and to obtain a casino license, as well as to give free advice on any issues.


Advantages of Having an Online Gambling License

  • a legal status and an ability to work within chosen country on legal grounds;
  • a guarantee of business protection, as it is controlled by authorities of the country;
  • a high business reputation among partners and players;
  • reliability and safety of running your business in the market;
  • a possibility of further development.

There are several offshore countries with jurisdictions, which deal with casino licensing. Among them we can find a small Indian state-reservation Kahnawake, which is situated in Quebec and belongs to the territory of Canada.

Kahnawake Gaming Commission

Kahnawake gaming commission license

Since 1996 such regulatory body as the Kahnawake gaming commission exists in the country. It controls the operation of over 250 online casinos owned by 50 operators.

These gambling establishments are situated in many countries all over the world and are working successfully under such a document as the Kahnawake online casino license.

The Kahnawake gaming commission examines, first of all, the quality of gambling software, the integrity of games and the honesty of payments to casino users, as well as provision of a guarantee to protect customers against fraud and also the protection of their rights. The Kahnawake gaming commission has three authorized members to monitor activities of casinos within two years after their election. Then the composition of the commission changes, which guarantees its decency and incorruptibility. Usually the Commission includes representatives of world famous companies, which operate in the global gaming market.

License applicants who would like to obtain a Kahnawake online gambling license need to:

  • have a high-quality casino software;
  • get audited by independent companies;
  • guarantee that players will receive all payouts from their winnings;
  • have recommendations from financial and economic authorities;
  • have an impeccable reputation in the market;
  • guarantee the impossibility of access to the casinos by minors (players under 21 years old) and restrict such access for people, who have gambling addiction;
  • ensure the work of a mechanism of restriction, which will allow families of gamblers to contact administrations of online casinos with a request to limit their access to the gambling establishment;
  • have confirmation that in the casino there are made honest payouts
  • have financial means sufficient to pay out large winnings;
  • install on the gambling website a well-established system of technical support and feedback, which will help to resolve all arising issues;
  • organize a strict security system, which is able to protect users against fraud and the disclosure of their personal data;
  • place clear rules of all games on the gambling website, which are available in languages of all players you want to attract to the online casino (the presence of the English language is necessary);
  • consider every complaint of any user.

If at least one of the above mentioned requirements of the Supervisory Commission is not fulfilled, it has the right to revoke an online gambling license at any time.

It is noted that operators, when obtaining a casino license, should post on their website a banner with all information about the Kahnawake gaming commission.

There can be four types of the Kahnawake online casino license:

  1. Interactive Gaming License (IGC). Based on this gambling business license you can register a hosting in Kahnawake, but you should remember that it refers to an only one hosting. If you need more, you will need to obtain more get licenses.
  2. Inter-Jurisdictional Authorization. This casino license is issued to an operator, who already works under a permission issued by another jurisdiction, but who also wants to conduct gambling activities in Kahnawake.
  3. Client Provider Authorizatio. With the help of this type of an online gambling license, Kahnawake authorizes operators, who intend to conduct interactive activities in the reservation and to operate all possible Internet games. The cost of such document is 25 thousand Canadian dollars.
  4. Key Persons Licence. This document is issued to those, who are going to deal with key issues of management of authorized operator’s activities with CPA casino license (5 thousand Canadian dollars).

There is one more type of an online gambling license in Kahnawake – the Poker Room License, which gives you the right to operate online poker within the region.

Moreover, it will also be necessary to pay for the technical testing of the casino software (15,000 Canadian dollars), and also you will have to deposit a fixed amount for the extension of the license annually (10,000 Canadian dollars).

The Kahnawake gaming commission gives higher priority to the presence of the random number generator (RNG), which should be set up for the possibility of winning. The RNG, as well as the company, should have a certificate, that is, a gaming license.

The Kahnawake gaming commission, which deals with casino licensing, carefully examines each applicant: all his contacts, previous activities, reputation, full information about the company, the date of its registration, and characteristics of the founders. Based on these data, members of the Commission decide whether the applicant (company) is suitable for working under the jurisdiction of Kahnawake.

Besides, the Kahnawake gaming commission has a partnership with another respected agency – the National Fraud Center, which deals with fraud investigation and fights against dishonest organizations.

Branch establishments of the company are situated in different countries all over the world; they help to strengthen the protection of companies and their security.

Thus, the Kahnawake gaming commission performs a number of important functions: along with casino licensing, it regulates the activity of online casinos, monitors gaming software, protects players against fraud, accepts complaints from players and operators and responds to them.

Here you can see the list of documents that the applicant for Kahnawake online casino license must have:

  • the company name and copies of the Charter with a list of founders and shareholders of the firm;
  • all data on the founders and employees of the company (scans of all pages of their passports);
  • notarized certificates from banks that testify the presence of operating accounts and the necessary amount of money on them;
  • documents confirming the presence of a real leased office (household bills and payment receipts for the lease);
  • copies of cooperation agreements with partners and all data on these partners;
  • detailed description of all games that can be found in your online casino (their titles, principles of action and winnings);
  • detailed business plan for the work and the development of the company within the first few years: principles of operation, goals and objectives, investment amount and potential revenues;
  • the list of payment systems integrated into the casino's website and confirmation of their reliability.

Casino's website reliability

Thus, to buy a casino license in Kahnawake means to receive a pledging of security of your gambling establishment and to protect it against fraud. Furthermore, the Kahnawake online gambling license will enhance reputation of your brand in some eyes, and will help you to gain respect of players and partners worldwide.

Online Casino Market also offers to buy a casino, and its specialists will take care of purchasing gambling software, and help you to purchase of an online gambling license, without which your business will be considered illegal.


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Karen Fill


Karen Fill

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Updated 10 february 2023

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