Incredible Technologies Casinos Software: High-Quality Offerings

Incredible Technologies Casinos Software: High-Quality Offerings

Updated 06 march 2023

From our very first steps and throughout the decades of trials, growth, and success, one vision has always been inspiring us: it is all about the game

— this is how one of the leading American brands describes itself.

The company managed not only to compete with global manufacturers but also to radically change the very concept of the gambling industry.

Incredible Technologies casino software: quality offerings

In this article, experts of Online Casino Market will tell you about the brand's most striking developments and the best ways to launch lucrative casinos by the Incredible Technologies top provider with minimal investment and loss of time.

History of the American Supplier

The enterprise was established in 1985. At first, it had only 2 enthusiastic founders: NACA engineer Richard Ditton and biochemist Elaine Hodgson. Moreover, the partners did not even have an office — all the work was done in the basement of the house of one of the project participants.

Initially, the founders worked on the creation of entertainment for third-party organisations, sharing their ideas and turnkey solutions with more well-known providers.

In 1988, the company developed the first branded hardware and software that made a real sensation in the American market: the first video game with a coin box. After the release of Capcom Bowling, a series of games with similar mechanics was presented. And each of the solutions was very popular with gamblers.

Incredible Technologies web casinos software was massively sold and installed in almost all crowded places, including amusement parks, shopping centres, and drinking establishments.

By the end of 1988, the provider hired more staff and began to actively participate in all exhibitions and conferences organised in the industry. At this time, the company began developing in a new direction — the creation of equipment for leisure centres and entertainment areas.

In 1989, the studio released another innovative product: a virtual game for golf fans. The Golden Tee Golf project has become so successful that it is still updated annually and transferred to each new platform. The last update of the program was released at the beginning of 2021.

Meanwhile, starting from 2005, the suppliers turned into the development direction of gambling cabinets. This is when the modern era of the content manufacturer began shaping up.

The gambling software by the Incredible Technologies decent vendor with virtual golf courses is the only cross-platform product for today. The manufacturer specialises in the production of cabinets for offline locations and related software, and the line of online content is represented by only 40 titles.

The brand’s headquarters is located in Illinois. Today, the company employs more than 200 specialists. However, apart from the main HQ, the representatives of the company are scattered all around the world.

Considering that the main products of the organisation have been casino hardware for several years, the current assortment is only gaining positions. Despite having developed just over 40 titles, the brand is closely cooperating with other popular companies.

Solutions for the Offline Sector

Incredible Technologies web casinos software is represented by more than 6 exclusive product lines. The developer’s portfolio includes not only cabinets but also specialised equipment for promotional events.

The firm has a global affiliate network and regularly delivers its solutions to:

  • gambling clubs in Macau;
  • Indian, private, and state casinos in 17 states of America;
  • gambling establishments in Peru;
  • casinos in the Philippines;
  • private and public clubs in Britain.

The most in-demand series of cabinets from the manufacturer

Infinity Pilot

The device is an ergonomic cabinet with a main 55-inch monitor and 2 side screens in 4K format. Additional panels are moved to the main monitor at an angle, creating the effect of volume and the ability to spin the reels through 3 lenses

Infinity Super Skybox

The model range is represented by electromechanical devices with 2 screens:

  • the main play area with a diagonal of 55 inches;
  • secondary informational monitor for organising broadcasts.

The advertising panel is several times larger than the diagonal of the main gaming sector so that up to 4 slots from the same series can be formed into one device

Infinity U23

The original widescreen development for broadcasting games in the landscape format.

The machine has two 23-inch monitors with increased frame frequency and a 15.1-inch control panel with multi-touch support

Another popular series of products is Incredible Technologies web casinos software for the promotion and branding of gambling zones.

One of the latest developments is the Universal Jumbo Edge LED platform. The solution combines 2 patented technologies:

  • Simple Sing Kit (special mount structure for multimedia equipment);
  • Infinity Edge (flexible configuration to adapt the device to the features of the area and interior of the gambling hall).

Incredible Technologies casino software is available in 2 versions:

  • for installation on already existing cabinets (above the screens);
  • for offline use as an advertising panel.

The device can be used in landscape and portrait modes and provide personal settings in accordance with the lists of broadcasts.

Digital Solutions

Incredible Technologies online casino slots for sale

Incredible Technologies web casino slots for sale are a secondary activity of the company. It specialises in the supply, debugging, and after-sales service of equipment and software for offline locations.

The brand’s product is presented on the platforms of such well-known brands as:

  • NetBet Casino;
  • NYX Gaming;
  • Red Queen Casino;
  • Spin Games, and others.

The selection of proprietary titles is not big, yet their quality is at the highest level possible. Incredible Technologies follows the latest trends in game development and integrates relevant mechanics for its content.

Most recognised casino releases of the provider over the last few years:

  • Leonidas King of the Spartans;
  • Money Roll;
  • Astro Cat;
  • Dragon Rush Fei Nu;
  • Jolly 8’s Prosperity Boost;
  • Ultra Rush Gold X.

The assortment features extremely deep topicality. Starting from historically-based titles and ending up with cosmo themes. The two most popular grid layouts are 3x5 and 4x4. Meanwhile, the number of paylines can vary from 30 to several hundred depending on the game. The average RTP is 94%. 

The presence of bonuses works as a huge incentive for punters. Incredible Technologies is famous for its large multipliers and exclusive promotions (i.e. Wilds, Ultra Rush lock and Spin, Persistent Feature).

B2B partners and end-users note the following features and capabilities of proprietary software:


The Incredible Technologies online casinos top provider is popular due to the non-standard mathematical solutions it offers. The catalogue includes several solutions with patented mechanics.

For example, operators can connect slots with the following functionality:

  1. Increased number of paylines. There is a line of games with Megaways mechanics, which allows users to form up to 1,296 combinations in the main round.
  2. The Patented Reelfecta system. The slot has a program of random expansion of the panel and the addition of new reels to the screen with a 4x4 grid.
  3. Hidden bonuses. The developer offers a series of slots with additional rounds, which are activated only after users perform certain actions.
  4. Increased odds. Both in the main and the bonus game, additional multipliers can increase the size of initial bets by 4 times.
  5. Free rounds. The gambling software by Incredible Technologies allows players to launch up to 100 free spins in sequence.

The Level of Visualisation

All solutions are distinguished by high-quality design and various animated screensavers that make the gameplay even more realistic and exciting. Moreover, there is a line of products with 3D graphics.

Characteristics of the software:

  • has 2 playback modes (portrait and landscape);
  • is broadcasted with increased frame rate;
  • is available as a downloadable application and can be launched in a browser.

Retention of Customers

Incredible Technologies casino slots for sale not only help operators to expand the client base but also to retain active participants. The provider organised a high-quality and multi-level loyalty program, including:

  • regular bonuses that stimulate users to continue playing (re-spins, additional multipliers, new game locations, upgrades of characters, etc.);
  • multiplayer competitions (there are accelerated game modes, private competitions by personal invitation, online broadcasts, competitions against a computer opponent);
  • gift cards (in the company's store, gamblers can buy a certificate in the amount of 1 dollar and use it to place bets in the live mode).

User Interface

All slot machines have a single user panel. This solution facilitates the first acquaintance with the solution and allows players to fully concentrate on the game session without being distracted by the need to study the active keys.

Besides, all game processes can be automated. With the activation of the autoplay mode, each product turns into an exciting full-length animation with an interesting plot and gradual development of characters.

A feature of the content is the ability to create a unique strategy. It is possible to choose a scheme of optimal actions by focusing on the statistics of games. The selected algorithm is also available in the autoplay mode.

Live Tournaments

Incredible Technologies turnkey casinos are also suitable for mobile devices.

The LiveWire Platform is a versatile, downloadable product that consists of 3 services:

  • Golden Tee (this is an interactive golf course with single sessions and multiplayer live events);
  • Silver Strike Live (a mobile bowling club with more than 5 million permanent members from all over the world);
  • Power Putt Live (unusual mini-golf tournaments with constantly updated locations and the ability to organise private events for groups of up to 16 participants).

Arcade Entertainment

Other than popular gambling activities and software for terminals, the Incredible Technologies supplier does not forget about its initial activity. Since a lot of casino halls are now eager to make their entertainment more diverse, their managers look for reliable providers of arcades. It contributes to the general atmosphere of nostalgic amusement while giving punters breaks from the casino routine.

Arcade entertainment that operators should pay attention to:

  1. Retro Racoons. Having been composed in collaboration with Glitchbit, the activity is the top-rated multiplayer game that can be found in casino halls. Retro Racoons is a compilation of 40 minigames that can be played by 4 participants. The main reason for its high popularity is its unique Cheer playing style — the terminal has a place for a drink and the game specifies when you need to take a sip.
  2. Bags. Anyone who is even acquainted with the cornhole activity will love this arcade. However, being a part of the Target Toss Pro package, the title utilises unusual scoring rules. Participants can gain extra points for guessing the landing position of a bag while it is in the air.
  3. Lawn Darts. Similarly to the previous arcade, this activity is also a part of the Target Toss Pro compilation. The game comprises four modes: classic, poker, cricket, and 501 darts. Players can enjoy a digital representation of beloved outdoor activities in the breaks of their gambling sessions.

On top of simple interaction, Incredible Technologies added a unique feature to the entire Target Toss Pro package. RawTalk is a set of uncensored comments from Jack “Shooter” Thompson that accompanies the interactive process of games within the compilation. It is an optional feature, so depending on the audience, it can be added or removed. But statistics say that the vast majority of clients order this package exclusively for the RawTalk feature.

Why Operators Should Launch a Casino by the Incredible Technologies Provider

Incredible Technologies casino: functionality

The company is known for its comprehensive approach to the solution of issues related to cooperation and after-sales service.

The supplier has created a convenient and secure business environment with the following functionality:

  1. Connection options. Investors can purchase a full-fledged system to promote their brands, order the integration of individual products into already existing engines, and promote the software as a sales representative.
  2. Official status. The Incredible Technologies turnkey casinos and other proprietary solutions are implemented in compliance with the requirements of regulators.
  3. Selection of settings. Operators can adapt the system so that it can work with any type of traffic, open access in accordance with geolocation, change limits and RTP percentage, organise private VIP events, and set the size of cumulative jackpots.
  4. User interface. Casino visitors can set up the autoplay mode according to the chosen strategy, change the locations of golf courses, create their teams, participate in various side quests, etc.
  5. Promotions. The brand’s casino has a convenient advertising module with the option to track user activity and control the effectiveness of marketing programs. Gamblers are offered a Gift Card service and the ability to upload the most interesting moments of the game on YouTube.
  6. Cross-platform environment. There are full-fledged online platforms, systems for remote control of offline machines, and a downloadable Home Office client. With its help, it is possible to order equipment for personal use or follow the broadcasts online with a connection to the provider's servers.

The Main Things about Solutions from the Vendor

Having started as a private enterprise that was located in the basement of the house of one of the founders, the studio quickly gained popularity in the international market and attracted more than 4 million players.

  • The provider is focused on the development of equipment for offline casinos. The brand’s catalogue contains many hybrid cabinets that can be combined into a single global system for organising multi-user events. A separate line includes equipment for promotion: advertising kiosks and Universal Jumbo Edge LED panels.
  • The most popular development of the manufacturer is a game cabinet for the fans of golf and bowling. It is a multifunctional mobile platform with live streaming and customisation options and a multi-level program of wins.
  • All solutions are certified and legalised in the largest markets. The studio holds licenses from the regulators of the UK and several states of America. Products of the vendor are available on the platforms of NYX Gaming and other famous brands, and stationary machines can be found in the largest casinos in Las Vegas, Macau, and Britain.

You can learn more about the company’s software from Online Casino Market. We will deal with all organisational issues and help you to launch lucrative casinos by the Incredible Technologies top provider as soon as possible.

Our clients can purchase the most advanced gambling solutions:

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