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Bitcoin Casino for Sale: a Safe Start With Online Casino Market

Digital currency is a relatively new invention that has become an integral part not only of the casino industry but also of almost all modern commercial spheres.

The unique characteristics of electronic money make it possible for operators to compete with traditional casino platforms.

Bitcoin casino: prospects of a crypto project

The Online Casino Market company is expert at bitcoin casino development and our professionals will help you to launch a bitcoin casino, as well as tell you all about the prospects that cryptocurrency opens up.

How Cryptocurrency Casinos Differ From Traditional Ones

The main difference between bitcoin platforms and standard gaming sites is the way of payment.

The option for accepting digital money differentiates the platform in the market in the following parameters:


If in a traditional casino, users need to provide their personal data and undergo the multi-level identification, then in a crypto casino, it will be possible to play and withdraw funds by specifying only the wallet number. Financial information is transmitted through a special encrypted channel, which guarantees customers complete anonymity and no need to disclose their personal data.

Turnkey Bitcoin Casino as the Way to Make Money

Operators can launch a bitcoin casino with any convenient payment methods. The interactive system that makes it possible to accept and maintain the accounting of bets allows not only to ensure the betting procedure but also to support the process of generating additional virtual funds. All innovative Bitcoin casino software for sale includes this possibility. New currency symbols can be transformed into bonuses for the next game or withdrawn to a personal wallet.

Low Barrier to Entry

The decision to buy a bitcoin casino site is a good way to reach a wider audience thanks to beginning gamblers. Players will have access to both traditional demo versions of entertainment (games that do not require registration and replenishment of funds) and sessions with minimum bets from 0.001 dollars.

Reliability of Transactions

When operators buy bitcoin gambling software they should not worry about the safety of financial assets. It is all assured by the Blockchain system. Those entrepreneurs who want to ensure the maximum security of the financial matter should definitely connect the bitcoin casino software.

Key features of cryptocurrency transfers:

  • the transaction cannot be traced (modern computing landscape is simply not enough to control the flow);
  • money cannot be blocked (access to the wallet and its configurations is available only to the owner: finances cannot be written off, and third parties cannot freeze them);
  • the transaction is non-convertible (it is impossible to interrupt transfers or return the money).

Why Operators Resolve to Buy a Bitcoin Casino

Cryptocurrency gambling services: advantages

Confidentiality and security of financial transactions are not the only advantages of cryptocurrency gambling services.

Advantages of the decision to purchase a bitcoin casino

No commission fees

Cryptocurrencies in online casinos are not taxable, and no intermediaries are involved in transactions. Thus, there is simply no one to pay commission fees to

Guaranteed transaction

The influence on the transfers of third parties is excluded by the cryptocurrency casino software system itself: transactions cannot be tracked, interrupted or rejected

Geography of money transfers

The digital currency does not have a geographical reference and can be withdrawn anywhere in the world. Thanks to this, even users from countries where gambling is forbidden by law can place bets

Range of the game content

An investor can create a bitcoin casino with any kinds of games — from a traditional fruit-themed slot machine to the live content and exclusive developments that were made specifically for cryptocurrency draws

How to Open a Bitcoin Casino: Milestones to be Achieved

Those who want to launch a cryptocurrency gambling project will have to take the following actions:

  1. Registration of a legal entity. To create a bitcoin casino, an entrepreneur needs to open a company and collect the necessary package of documents.
  2. Acquisition of a permit. It is quite possible to launch a bitcoin casino without a certificate. The industry does not have clear regulatory norms and legal control at the hands of government agencies and banking institutions. But without a license, operators will not be able to get the bitcoin casino software from flagships of the industry and gain the confidence of gamblers.
  3. Choice of the region where the services will be provided. Before investing and purchasing a bitcoin casino website, entrepreneurs should decide on the geography of the resource. For example, today, there is a completely new gambling market, which is available to investors — Ukraine.
  4. Creation of a gaming site. You can connect a turnkey bitcoin casino to already existing services or create a completely new product. The website should be user-friendly, robust, and adaptable to mobile platforms.
  5. Purchase of payment gateways. This is special software that supports cryptocurrency transfers. You can buy a bitcoin casino script with a built-in module or order ready-made systems from a trusted developer.
  6. The manufacturer choice. This can be the software from the world’s leading vendors, promising but little-known brands or exclusive solutions (it all depends on your preferences and financial capacities). The main criterion is the variety of content.
  7. Promotion of a startup. When it comes to the promotion principles, crypto casinos do not differ from traditional entertainment services. The basic methods include SEO optimization, promotion in social networks, e-mail marketing, and working with affiliate programs.

Bitcoin Casino for Sale: What Beginning Entrepreneurs Should Know About

Bitcoin casino project: features

Cryptocurrency startups are a relatively new type of entrepreneurship, which can be characterized by high profitability and low competition.

The use of digital money is a recent trend that appeared only 2—3 years ago. But this time was enough to elaborate cryptocurrency casino solutions to a decent level. Now, is the best time to create a bitcoin casino and offer users a completely new environment. 

Among the key features of working in the cryptocurrency industry, we can name:

Methods of the Project Development

It is possible to open a bitcoin casino in several ways:

  1. Autonomous launch. This method requires extensive knowledge and certain skills in various spheres (you should know how to develop a website, run and promote it, adjust cryptocurrency gambling software, etc.).
  2. Bitcoin casino script. A popular way to save the initial capital and get a ready-made project, which only needs to be improved and promoted. It is worth buying the bitcoin casino software only from reliable suppliers since tempting offers with the words “for free” can lead to constant technical failures or complete inoperability of the system.
  3. White Label casino. A great option for entrepreneurs with brief experience and financial limitations. Conclusion of an agreement with a corporate seller allows you to use a fully debugged technical basis, content, administrative services, and payment gateways for a small percentage. Operators only need to develop their brands and launch advertising programs.
  4. Turnkey crypto casino. After they order this service, entrepreneurs will receive an independent project, which is based on their preferences (from the design of a website to the set of administrative services and the product range). It is also possible to order the promotion of a startup and a remote customer support program.

You may also be interested in How to Open a White Label Casino.

Variability of Work

A cryptocurrency platform can be presented in 2 formats:

  • a system that accepts only digital payments;
  • a platform with traditional financial gateways and an additional module for processing electronic transactions.

Types of Digital Money

Bitcoin is one of the most famous electronic currencies but payment aggregators in online casinos can work with any cryptosystem, for example:

  • Litecoin;
  • Ethereum;
  • Dash;
  • Dogecoin.

Catalogue of Games

Slots with the cryptocurrency option are no different from any other content.

Operators can order gambling products from such famous developers as:

Among the most interesting features of crypto startups, we can mention the ability to enter the market with only one game. One of the first bitcoin casinos, Satoshi Dice, is a striking example.

The platform was launched in 2012 (a couple of years after the appearance of electronic money) and offered users the only type of entertainment: players were to indicate a value in the selected range and wait for a response from the robot. If the system’s bot showed a number higher than the one that was chosen by a gambler, his bet would burn.

This gambling resource still exists, and its market value is about 1 billion dollars.

If you are willing to start a successful business too, Online Casino Market offer bitcoin casino for sale. Contact our manager to learn the details of cooperation.

The Main Things About the Bitcoin Casino Software

Bitcoin casino software: advantages

A cryptocurrency casino is an excellent alternative to traditional gambling resources, which gives users a number of advantages:

  • Speed ​​of transactions. Transfers are carried out instantly, regardless of the time of the day and the transaction volume.
  • Lack of commissions. The system is completely autonomous and does not have a physical owner, and for this reason, there is no one to pay commission fees to.
  • Geography of the market. Cryptocurrency payments can be made anywhere in the world and can be used for placing bets even in those regions where gambling is strictly prohibited.
  • Ability to gamble with minimum rates. You can deposit just 0.001 dollars per session. This is a good way to increase traffic at the expense of beginning gamblers and those users who do not like to play for high stakes.
  • Certification of the business. It is possible to open a crypto casino with or without a gambling license since there are no unified legal regulations to control the industry.

From our managers, you can get detailed information on how to launch a bitcoin casino quickly and safely, what a beginning entrepreneur should know about, and what kind of marketing attracts the target audience the most successfully.

We offer you to open a bitcoin casino on the most beneficial terms: you will be guaranteed a secure transaction, comprehensive support, software from reliable vendors, and flexible discounts.

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Karen Fill

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Updated 10 february 2023
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