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Updated 10 february 2023

Games Global (Microgaming) is one of the first companies that started to produce casino software. In 1998 developers created a game with progressive jackpot. When other vendors began to use this technology Microgaming established a record $1 mln payments in online game. Reportedly, this amount was already increased in 465 times. 

Live casino software from top-tier provider Microgaming

Microgaming portfolio includes more than 800 games for online casino and 255 mobile games in HTML5 or in app. 

The history of Games Global (Microgaming) is an example of unchallenged triumph of the company that became a giant of gambling industry in a matter of years. Provider offers technological solutions for all iGaming activities. 

Thanks to innovative technologies and long-term experience in creating unique gambling content Microgaming improves their live casino software on a daily basis. Clients of the company regularly receive updates and additional services. 

Games Global (Microgaming) can offer the following to the business owners who want to buy live casino:

  • 20 tables;
  • 4 studios;
  • 100 affiliated companies;
  • Playboy Live Dealer casino;
  • live dealer casino software of high quality. 

Live dealer casino studios are located in Toronto, Canada, and they are licensed by 32Red, Betway, Royal Vegas and Platinum Play. 

Moreover, these studios received gambling licenses from Isle of Man GSC and UK Gambling Commission.

Live Casino Games from Games Global (Microgaming): Review

Live roulette 

In 2009 Microgaming developed new software for live roulette: payments and rules were the same but users received an improved interface. 

An updated version of roulette from Games Global (Microgaming) includes an option of several games display. Users may play several games at a time. Comparing to version from 2009 the quality of game play has been significantly improved. 

Microgaming user interface is easily setup. The gambler can see the game statistics, numbers and tables. Standard payment system of European roulette is applied in the game, also there is a possibility to make verbal bets, bets for certain number and next four numbers. 

Wheel of roulette is developed by designers from Cammegh Mercury & Slingshot specially for Microgaming. 

Live baccarat

Multiuser live baccarat from Games Global (Microgaming) has a pleasant interface that can be used by player to manage the game. Two tables are shown on the screen: common and individual. The following bets are available for gambler: 1, 2, 5, 10 or 25 chips. Menu control keys are below the window.

It is necessary to predict which hand will outpoint when playing out cards. One can bet on hand or on draw. If user stakes on a draw he will get amount 8 times higher than initial bet. It is allowed to make additional bet “Dragon’s Bonus” in baccarat. The reward is paid if winner scores with more than 4 points difference.

“Turbo” baccarat

“Turbo” baccarat reminds classic version but all stages of a game are played faster. Users accordingly can make more bets. Bet limits are quite flexible and time for bet is shortened up to 10 seconds. 

Also, there are bonus bets and additional payments. User can use “Dragon’s bonus” line in a classic baccarat. 

The user’s limit is shown in the upper left corner of the window. Besides, gambler can check the payment system in a special menu and the “Menu” button also opens a plenty of useful options for him. 

Live blackjack

Games Global (Microgaming) launched European version of blackjack in 2010. This live dealer casino software was updated many times during 7 years. Developers improved the quality of video streaming. The studio itself looks gorgeous now. 

User can increase the screen display on his will and manage the game according to his preferences. Blackjack, like roulette, includes Multiple-live-game-play option when several parties are played simultaneously. 

Live blackjack from Microgaming includes classic bets and bets on another player’s hand. Thus, more than 7 users can play at one table.

Also Microgaming added an option of waiting list so the players can see how soon live dealer casino games and free seats will be available. User can check an entire bets history in the Playcheck section. 

Live Hold’em

A few years ago Games Global (Microgaming) pleased their customers with updated live casino software. Texas Hold’em changed cardinally for the better. Now the player should take decisions very fast: if he delayed the bet for several seconds he has to wait for next round. 

The main purpose of game is to gather a successful combination choosing 5 cards out of 7. Gambler has five common cards and two his own cards. This kind of poker is extremely popular in the world of gambling. 

At the cost of fast game participants fly into a passion immediately and they may not notice that they spend several hours at the gambling table. 

Playboy Live Dealer casino

In 2013 Games Global (Microgaming) launched one more studio themed upon famous erotic magazine Playboy. They suggest the same games but dealers’ uniform coincides with the name of studio.

Playboy Live Dealer casino is very popular especially among gamblers of Asian countries. This type of casino is an additional source of income for gambling business.

White Label Casino

Ready for use live casino from Microgaming

Games Global (Microgaming) can offer you live turnkey casino. This live casino platform is called Quickfire. You can buy ready for use live casino filed with content ready to be launched. 

Casino system management makes it possible for operator to manage the site and respond quickly to users’ requests. 

Live turnkey casino is reliable because Quickfire has a status of Microsoft golden partner. Buying this product you can always count on Microgaming technical support. 

Diverse live casino software from Microgaming supports the majority of existing operating systems. Besides, provider offers mobile live casino to the customers. Such an extensive choice of gaming solutions will help to realize your wildest ideas. 

If you want to buy or rent live casino software developed by Games Global (Microgaming) you should fill an application form on the site of Online Casino Market company. They can also offer you good conditions to buy live turnkey casino. The experts will advise you for free for any questions related to online casino development and promotion

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