Endorphina: casino software

The brand from Czech Republic was founded 5 years ago and since then it has proven itself as a very progressive and continuously evolving one. Its products are incredibly popular with many operators, who appreciate the best quality, innovativeness and attractiveness of products and services offered by Endorphina.


So, the company is focused on the development of software for online casino, as well as games and video slots. The thing is that slots from this provider today are called outstanding ones, and many experts think they are superior in terms of gameplay, design and sound.

It can be said that operational characteristics of Endorphina games possess high qualities – there are many engaging and money-making bonus games and jackpots in it. Besides, they are very colorful and exciting.

In addition, the brand has code certificates, provided by iTechLabs, which makes it to have an even higher profile and respect of its partners.

Casino software

Innovative casino software from Endorphina

Software for online casino from Endorphina offers games in a Flash format designed by high class professionals, who paid attention firstly to the outturn of products. This casino software is really high qualitative: clients of the company select these casino slot machines for the reason of their functionality, and an ability to meet all needs of users and do not falter.

These are characteristics of Endorfina’s software:

  • The best capacity of software;
  • A continuous renewal of products, which is based on the market analysis;
  • A choice in the favour of the quality of features, not their quantity;
  • A continuous invention of new themes and storylines of games;
  • Different kinds of integration of games on websites;
  • Reports and statistics of the activity;
  • A compliance with international standards;
  • An access to data connected with the usage of products;
  • A round-o-clock technical support, which is provided by experienced experts.

This software for online casino allows developers to create wonderful and unique games that are really attractive for players and which are preferred by many owners of gambling establishments. As for games, now the manufacturer is focused only on the invention of slots, almost without taking into account other kinds of games such as blackjack or roulette, and it is not unreasonable to assume that this is the reason of the huge popularity of its slots all around the world. Today it is almost impossible to find their equivalent in the gaming market.

What is so unusual in casino slot machines from this developer?

Colorful casino slot machines

The answer becomes clear when you see even a demo-version of any slot from the provider. Players get surrounded by amazing storylines full of adventures and risk. Every game is a colorful and animated musical fairy tale with funny characters.

All casino slot machines are suitable for both experienced gamblers and the beginners – they can choose gaming options, which suits them.

Defining characteristic of slots from Endorphina:

  • 3D Flash format, which allows players not to spend time on downloading or installing games, but to play right in their browser;
  • A variety of themes and exiting storylines;
  • A well-made design and well-drawn graphics, which allows players to see every single detail of main characters;
  • A great soundtrack in every slot;
  • Intriguing animated "cartoon" backgrounds;
  • Attractive and bright symbols and characters;
  • Accessible interface where each button performs concrete duties;
  • Uniqueness and reliability of mathematical algorithms that keeps players interested;
  • The presence of a profitable bonus system that promises winnings and prizes;
  • An ability to gamble in demo-versions;
  • Many paylines the number of which can vary from 9 to 50.

The most popular slots from Endorphina

  • Satoshi’s Secret

Maybe this bitcoin slot is the most unique one. It was made in three-dimensional graphics, which is preferred by many players worldwide, because of its innovativeness and functionality. It was made for fans of Internet and cryptocurrency.

The title of this Bitcoin game is “Satoshi’s Secret” – this is in reference to man from Japan, who has invented Bitcoin and surprised financial monsters and amazed all internet experts.

In accordance with a created storyline a player need to collect a word QWERTY, which means a password that is frequently used by programmers and is composed of five leftmost symbols of an English keyboard. When a player will collect this a bit strange word he will get an opportunity to join the super-game and win super-money, which is recommended to invest in Bitcoins and to withdraw.


This game is called modern also because each player can have a practice in making transactions with such currency, which is important, because Bitcoin was recognized worldwide as the most free and easy to use currency, which makes it is possible to pass transactions anonymously and independently from banks as well as other payment regulators. The game consists of six reels and twenty paylines.

  • The Ninja

Another popular slot with a Japanese theme is about Japanese spies and martial arts. The game, like all other bitcoin slots from Endorphina, is made in three dimensional graphics, has a colorful and exciting storyline and nice characters – Ninja Turtles.


This game is full of bonus rounds and a lot of other excellent winning opportunities, it has five reels and twenty pay lines, and also a unique technology, which experts called "motion capture".

  • Jetsetter

Those who dreamed of a luxurious life will be very excited about playing this slot, because it takes place on the secular party, where people can have expensive drinks and communicate with beautiful girls.


A place of honor among all showed joys of life here goes to Roulette. Symbols in the game are cigars, banknotes, champagne and other items that are needed while having a chic pastime.

  • Blast! Boom! Bang!

The theme of this game was built on a comic book where there are described the adventures of super-heroes. 

In this slot players can meet different characters: both good and bad, but still they become participants of exciting adventures. Successful bonus rounds make it possible to enhance the amount of winnings. 


The slot consist of 5 reels and 50 paylines, free spins, many special features, which can bring luck to players.

Absolutely all casino slot machines from Endorphina are equipped with many interesting features, risk games, super prizes, and all sorts of promotions.


We can add that specialists from Endorphina won plaudits not only from players, but also from experts all around the world. The company takes part in all major events, which bring together the best representatives of the gaming industry.

Thus, in 2015 it was awarded the title “Product of the Year”, its casino slot machines are demonstrated at international exhibitions and acquired by well-known operators.

Software for online casino from this company is a good basis to create a successful gambling business. If you want to buy online casino software from Endorphina, we recommend you to contact OnlineCasinoMarket, we you will also be able to rent it to try software in action.