Konami’s Casino Software: the Best Game Mechanics in the Industry

Konami’s Casino Software: the Best Game Mechanics in the Industry

Updated 08 june 2023

Today, we are going to talk about a famous Japanese corporation that was included in the list of the top 20 largest holdings and taxpayers in the world in 2020.

Konami casino software: best game mechanics

The supplier has won recognition in many business areas:

  • creation of slots for offline locations;
  • development of software for the iGaming market;
  • release of video games in action and anime formats;
  • commercial facilities management in the service sector: casinos, health clubs, cruise ships, etc.;
  • purchase of copyrights and patents.

The company’s motto is “Born out of fun”, which harmonises with its products. The vendor offers interesting content with a good design and exciting gameplay.

With the help of our specialists, you will launch lucrative casinos by the Konami top provider on favourable terms. We offer licensed content at an affordable price and many useful business services.

Gambling Activity of Japanese Entertainment Tycoon

While the casino and betting amusement are not the firm’s only directions, they are definitely incredibly profitable and actively developed. Konami is a world-renowned company with a long history of establishment and a progressive growth path. Its products are well appreciated, and its assistance is considered among the most efficient.

How the developer is represented in the global arena:

  • Konami’s Gaming & System Business specialises in the elaboration, manufacturing, distribution and upkeeping of slot machines and casino management components for the gambling area.
  • The brand entered the entertainment niche in 1996 and has since expanded its presence worldwide, securing licences in major zones such as North America and Australia.
  • Konami focuses on assembling goods with excellent entertainment value to ensure high clients appeal with individual adjustments for each region.
  • The manufacturer responds to the growing gaming market by constantly updating its technological capabilities and expanding its knowledge of product development.
  • Konami has established operating bases in North America and Australia and set up a stable supply of quality gaming elements and services to international markets.

The content creator is dedicated to strict corporate compliance that has led to the acquisition of official activity across over 420 locations globally. The gaming sectors in distinct states are usually subject to tight licensing conditions that require the highest levels of honesty and integrity. That is why Konami has a strong legal department for quick adaptation of certification and updates of the products.

The comprehensive possibilities of the world-acclaimed content creator also induced the support for education and human resources development:

  • Konami has formed an industry-academic partnership with the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, to work towards the elaboration of innovations within the gaming niche.
  • Konami actively contributes to worthy causes, including student grants and the expansion of school facilities, with huge donations for the construction of technology laboratories to engage in cutting-edge research activities.
  • UNLV’s International Gaming Institute conducts advanced research and provides investigations on various aspects of the sphere that also covers casino business and obsessive participation.

The global gaming scene is constantly growing thanks to the advancement and foundation of new casino facilities and portals. Konami embraces this focus and works on expanding awareness among punters through online gambling, multi-station entertainment, and even contactless technology. 

The developer aims to meet all the latest market needs when introducing their technological capabilities and expertise to entrepreneurs. The combination of extensive knowledge and commitment to compliance allows Konami to orient on healthy development within the gaming sector while providing high-quality amusement and management systems worldwide.

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Unique Mechanics in the Brand’s Slots

The developer creates games for both offline and internet niches. The firm started with the production of fixed cabinets in the 70s. Over time, the vendor switched to the online space, however, products for gambling halls were not forgotten.

Many plots of slot machines for offline locations were developed in digital solutions. Internet versions retain excellent visual effects, action-packed gameplay, and unique mechanics.

Konami’s turnkey casinos contain the following innovative features:

Code Konami

A cheat code system that is used in many games. The first solution with such an option was the Gradius slot machine, which was released in the early 90s.

To get a hint, go to the next level or improve the user experience, it is necessary to type the given key combination on the console. The specific set of buttons varies depending on the slot machine.

In internet versions, original code values must be typed using the keyboard or touch control panel

Mirror Reels

Konami’s web casino software has the system of expanding reels, which appear on both sides of the panel. The presence of extra reels increases the chances of winning a super prize.

In some video slots, new reels become mirror-like: they contain the same symbols as the main reels. In other games, x3 multipliers are applied to the formed combos

Balance of Fortune

This decent software for gambling by Konami’s development department has flexible user settings: players can set the volatility level by choosing between high, medium, and low.

The decision to spin the reels with minimal dispersion guarantees frequent but small wins depending on the size of an initial bet. A game with high volatility, on the contrary, allows casino visitors to win a super prize but in this case, successful combinations are formed less frequently

Xtra Reward

A new feature, which can be activated at any time. A counter appears on the panel, and by scrolling it, users can increase the size of a bet by 50–100%.

By spinning the reels at the new limits, gamblers will definitely receive good payouts. All prizes are increased by 2–9 times

Selection Bonus

It is a risk round, in which, in order to start playing, gamblers must select 1 of 5 objects on the screen. These can be gift boxes, treasure chests, mysterious rooms, and other elements.

The content of the objects is also very different: from 10–50 free spins to x2–x10 multipliers, special symbols, cash rewards, and other gifts

Crystal Cyclone

This bonus round is made in the form of a roulette wheel. Multi-coloured sectors contain odds, additional cards, cash, access to exclusive levels, and other types of rewards

Characteristics and Benefits of Products

Konami gambling software: characteristics & benefits

The catalogue contains about 3,500 solutions, which are ranked depending on the type of game, features, bonus rounds, themes, and other parameters.

Let us highlight the features that distinguish the vendor’s software from the products of competitors:

Variety of Plots

The supplier offers the following options:

  1. Slots dedicated to Hollywood movies. The firm bought the rights to the American Rocky franchise, which is dedicated to the adventures of the young boxer, Rocky. The vendor has released a line of slots with the characters of Sylvester Stallone, Michael Jordan, and other popular actors. Users can also choose stories about Sherlock Holmes, the Addams Family, and many others.
  2. Devices based on video games. The online casinos top provider Konami was one of the first to start releasing slot versions of computer action games. Players are offered such iconic products as Silent Hill, Castlevania, Contra, etc.
  3. Oriental-themed games. The rich culture and interesting customs of the Asian region are described in such solutions as Fortune Stacks, Dragon's Law, Boosted Celebration, China Shores, etc.
  4. Adventure slots. Businessmen get access to exciting games dedicated to the stories about wizards, gold diggers, Mexican singers, medieval knights, and other characters. The best slots from this category are Heart of Romance, Chili Chili Fire, Gypsy Fire, and Solstice Celebration.

A Set of Jackpots

There are fixed and cumulative jackpots. In the first case, the prize pool is formed from Konami's funds and the entrepreneur's financial assets, and in the second case, from the bets placed by gamblers.

The Jackpot Streams system is used as a premium feature in many video slots. The virtual coin box is activated randomly. Players watch as the digital pusher collects gold coins and tokens and puts them into a piggy bank.

The most famous games with the jackpot are:

  • Piggy Pennies;
  • Cash Claw;
  • Dynamite Dash;
  • Ocean Winnings, etc.

Excellent Visualisation

The described software has the following features:

  1. Powerful motion effects. The developer uses 3D graphics, animation, as well as virtual and augmented reality. All solutions contain jumping buttons, moving digital counters, colourful flashes, and other elements. Konami’s casino slots for sale are accompanied by bright previews. The company releases a stylish promo for each new game.
  2. Symbolism. In slot machines of the brand, figure 573 is often found: in Japanese, it sounds the same as the name of the company. The combination can mean the maximum payouts, multiplier options or the order of bonus rounds.

Cross-Platform Support

The software works well on all modern gadgets, and every product of the brand is cross-browser: it can be played in the selected operating environment without the need to download anything.

Social games for free within the My Konami Slots project are available on the popular Facebook messenger. Moreover, they can be downloaded through the popular app stores Google Play (for Samsung smartphones) and the App Store (for Apple gadgets).

The solution works flawlessly on such hardware as:

  • gaming cabinets and consoles;
  • lottery terminals and arcades;
  • betting machines;
  • paintball machines.

Interesting Loyalty Program

The brand organises tournaments, daily tasks, and quests for high rollers. Such bonus events contribute to better customer retention and strengthening of social relationships between casino visitors, operators, and a supplier.

The company generously rewards those gamblers who have completed game missions. Points collected during the tournament can be exchanged for prizes and bonuses in real casinos. Players receive discounts on hotel rooms and meals in restaurants and tickets to entertainment shows and themed events.

Non-Standard Promotion Channels

Slot games are integrated into the Foxwoods virtual environment. This is the most popular entertainment complex in Connecticut, which offers gamblers to visit its gambling halls in both offline and online format.

By registering on the official Foxwoods website, customers get free credits of 5 thousand dollars. It is also possible to spin the reels with bets in the range of 1.99–199.99 dollars per spin.

Casino Entertainment Alternatives

In the ever-evolving landscape of the gaming industry, Konami is at the forefront of creating innovative gambling experiences. The brand has consistently responded to changing customer needs and introduced unique entertainment variations.

Key areas where Konami is driving innovation:

1. New user experiences:

  • The content creator has been quick to embrace new technologies, including (but not limited by) artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, and fifth and sixth-generation mobile communications.
  • The corporation strives to provide gaming experiences that resonate with punters on different devices: mobile, desktops, consoles, smartwatches, and even cloud platforms.

2. Expansion and stimulation of eSports betting:

  • Konami has been actively involved in fostering competitive gaming communities, organising and hosting tournaments for their play contents, such as the eFootball series and Yu-Gi-Oh!, since the early 2000s.
  • The company’s commitment to the growth of eSports and wagering on it is exemplified by the establishment of dedicated facilities on the web and as land-based kiosks that are aimed at broadening the bookmaker’s ecosystem.

Konami is revolutionising the gambling landscape by offering new and exciting alternatives to match a diverse range of people’s preferences and interests. Order innovative software and hardware opportunities from the Japanese vendor at Online Casino Market.

How to Launch Casinos by Konami: Provider’s Platforms

Konami turnkey casino: how to launch

The brand has developed several flexible gaming systems with several proprietary solutions:


A solution for land-based clubs that operates under the slogan “Connect, Capture, and Control”.

The system can be installed using 2 branded engines: Super Series Floor Bonusing Engine (for managing the entire establishment) or Advanced Incentives Bonusing Engine (for interacting with the selected categories of gamblers).

The product contains a powerful statistical module, flexible settings, and open gateways for the connection of external components

Casino Management System

The product was first used in 2005 to provide system support for state-owned casinos in the Canadian provinces of Quebec, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan.

Over time, the software has been adapted so that it can be used in commercial gambling halls. The solution is suitable for managing several games at the same time, launching an exclusive bonus program, and integrating payment modules to work with cash and bank cards

Konami Mobile

A cross-platform product with an improved R&D security system and a management service for verifying transactions.

The user interface supports 45 languages, which makes it easier for operators to reach the most promising markets. Online transfers can be made in the most popular currencies

The Main Things about the Vendor’s Offerings

The decision to buy or rent the brand’s slots is a chance to add the finest games that have won international recognition to your portfolio.

From Online Casino Market, you can order licensed software without any overpayments and hidden costs.

Why it is worth working with us:

  • many types of cooperation — from the purchase of content to the creation of a gaming site from scratch;
  • the delivery of certified and safe solutions;
  • a wide range of useful business services, including the production of corporate identity, traffic arbitration, and connection of payment systems;
  • close attention to the details.

With us, you can quickly become a market leader!

  • The Japanese holding is focused on the release of content for digital and offline sectors. The provider’s slots are known for such original features as Code Konami, Selection Bonus, Crystal Cyclone, and many others.
  • All solutions have a cross-platform interface, good visual effects, and interesting bonus programs with support for non-standard promotion channels. The vendor carefully approaches the choice of themes.
  • Entrepreneurs are offered to make use of the developer's multitasking systems.

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