Experienced Specialists Explain How to Open a Site with Big Fish Games in the USA

Updated 10 february 2023

Setting up an iGaming venue in North America is profitable yet requires substantial efforts. The area is favourable for novice operators if they understand the peculiarities of their target punters and utilise the software from proven sector members.

Big Fish games in the USA: where to buy

Big Fish Games by Aristocrat is the creator with deep history and a clear perception of the situation. The firm can boast of collaboration with hundreds of amusement sites internationally, but its main focus is North America.

Online Casino Market has repeatedly recommended and installed the vendor’s product to our clients’ platforms. The contented audience was the main proof of the perfect match. Buy Big Fish virtual slots in the USA to introduce refined amusement to your customers.

History of Foundation

The brand was originated at the beginning of the 21st century by an ex-manager of RealNetworks (currently Progressive Networks) Paul Thelen. The launch of Big Fish slot games in the United States was organised in Seattle, which remains its headquarters up to this day.

Since then, the brand has experienced multiple big shakes and improvements:

  • In 2008, a young developing firm got $83 million of financial contributions from such renowned venture capitals as Balderton, Salmon River, as well as General Catalyst.
  • The next year, the Big Fish casino games became influential enough for the firm to open its outpost in Europe (Ireland).
  • In November 2014, the already established iGambling firm was acquired by Churchill Downs for $880 million, becoming one of the greatest mergence that year.
  • The successful development path attracted another big corporation in the sphere, and beginning from 2018, the manufacturer is addressed as Big Fish Games by Aristocrat.
  • The deal was worth almost a billion dollars, shaking the whole entertainment world at that time.

Online Casino Market concluded a close partnership with the developer several years ago. Even though the manufacturer’s name is not so widely used now, a lot of operators still resort to the top-quality content of the firm by the former name. Do you wonder how to open Big Fish casino games in the USA? Contact our aggregator team and request the products for your platforms.

Assortment of the Company’s Content

Big Fish casino games: assortment

Probably very few modern established iGambling brands began as creators of virtual slots and similar programs. Big Fish casino games, as we know them now, also were different from the start. The organisation was implementing casual amusement for personal computers. It turns out that the firm continues offering such content with an inclination to gambling.

Genres and popular entertainment of the company:

Find the object

  • Halloween Stories;
  • Myth or Reality;
  • Secrets of Magic V

Time-based management

  • Baking Bustle;
  • Tales of Inca 2;
  • Claire’s Cruisin’ Cafe


  • Gummy Drop;
  • Spellarium;
  • Cursed House 9


  • Wild Bear Paws;
  • Day of the Dead;
  • Big Win Goldmine

Story-driven puzzles

  • Witches’ Legacy: Secret Enemy;
  • Hidden Motives;
  • Bonfire Stories: Heartless


  • A Tale for Anna;
  • Halloween Trouble 3;
  • I Love Finding Pups


  • Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger;
  • Christmas Wonderland 11;
  • Shopping Clutter 11

Challenge-based arcades

  • Supermarket Management 2;
  • ClearIt 13;
  • Nanny Mania

Cards and tabletops

  • Jewel Match Solitaire;
  • 1001 Jigsaw Detective;
  • Laruaville 11

Tactics and planning

  • Roads of Rome;
  • Farm Up;
  • Viking Heroes 2


  • Epic 2;
  • Travel Riddles;
  • Lewel L’Amour

Mind twists

  • Daydream Mosaics 2;
  • I Spy;
  • Ki11er Clutter

Marbles shooter

  • Luxor;
  • Tumblebugs;
  • The Alley Strikes Back


  • Hidden Object Crosswords;
  • Word Zen;
  • Letter Quest

The diverse audience of the American zone is not a problem for an abiding developer. A colossal variety of designs, plots, and sound accompaniment are mixed perfectly with gameplay features to suit the most demanding punters. Open a resource with Aristocrat Big Fish games thanks to the help of a trustworthy aggregator of the sector Online Casino Market.

Available Platforms of the Vendors’ Products

Big Fish casino software: characteristics

The modern iGaming environment pushes the content creators towards covering as many operating systems as possible. Big Fish virtual casino games are ported to the majority of popular platforms, meaning punters with any gadgets can freely access their beloved amusement.

The main characteristics of available operating systems:

  1. Desktop applications (Windows-based). A leading computer software from Microsoft is present in almost every house worldwide. In case a venturer works towards launching a Big Fish online casino in the USA, games for this OS from the supplier match all the requirements.
  2. Mac content (Linux-based). The second operating system by user popularity also has plenty of iGambling fans. Opening a venue with Aristocrat Big Fish games will be a well-thought-out choice due to the expert amplification of the brand’s software engineers.
  3. iOS applications. iPhones are top-tier devices with plenty of performance power to support different programs. This gives a lot of room for creativity in terms of development, and the manufacturer’s specialists utilise it to the maximum. As a result, innovative amusement rolls off the production line directly for this platform.
  4. Android programs. Another huge mobile system that usually competes with Apple also has enormous development potential. It is possible to implement anything here, starting from the best casino fishing games and ending up with classic slots. Android applications from this vendor are used by brands all over the world.
  5. Online content. While the entertainment that requires installation is selected by a lot of players, browser-based software is also widespread among iGaming lovers. Big Fish online casinos in the USA host millions of clients, gathering positive feedback for convenient gameplay and smooth functionality.

Online Casino Market has been working with the creator for several years. Our experts confirm that the vendor’s porting capabilities are on the highest level possible. Still wondering how to open a Big Fish casino with top games in the USA or other countries? Contact our firm, inquire about cooperation details, and order the necessary solutions.

The Main Things about Supplier’s Performance in the North American Zone

The possibilities of the long-standing market participant are impressive. With such a deep understanding of the product and its demand to the audience, the efficiency of the supplier rises extremely high. Regardless of whether an operator wants to open fish-oriented tabletop gambling games online or focus on slots, this vendor has everything necessary in stock, including the opportunity to create brand-new products.

Key aspects to keep in mind for a venturer, studying:

  • founded in 2008, the vendor has lived through 2 impactful purchases: the first in 2014 by Churchill Downs and the second in 2018 by Aristocrat;
  • the assortment of content comprises such genres as finding the object, time-based management, 3-in-a-row, slots, story-driven puzzles, and others;
  • the availability of multiplatform development makes it possible to install the amusement to desktops (Windows and Linux), mobile (iOS and Android), as well as integrate into browsers.

Being an inexperienced operator in a massive iGambling market is not something an entrepreneur wishes for. So, cooperating with professional guide companies is the perfect launchpad for the business. Online Casino Market is an abiding aggregator with dozens of successful projects implemented on all continents.

Do you want clear amplification of a profitable gaming resource with the proper software? Buy Big Fish slots in the USA from our company to ensure sufficient attraction of customers from the very start. Contact our team for any questions and order details.

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Karen Fill

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Updated 10 february 2023

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