Casino Technology: Gambling Software

Casino Technology: Gambling Software

Updated 10 february 2023

Casino Technology specialises in development of equipment and products for land-based gambling establishments and Internet casinos in Eastern Europe, Bulgaria and the Balkans. Many of online gaming clubs in those countries have operated for years on the basis of gambling platforms from this brand.


Probably the most well known game created by the company is the Mega Jack slot, which collected many awards and was ranked the best-selling product several times. The brand first appeared in the gambling market more than fifteen years ago and it still holds the firm position in online gaming markets worldwide. The company is proud to be one of the most successful and largest providers, which offers software for online casino.

Casino Slot Machines From Casino Technology: the Way to Attract Players

Gambling software from Casino Technology

Players always enjoy exciting games with good graphics, which the gambling software from Casino Technology successfully combines. Today the productive and industrious provider offers more than 500 games, most of which are slots, but there are also games from other categories, e.g. bingo, roulette, progressive jackpots and so on. It’s possible to play them on the Elefant casino platform.

So, let’s now have a look at online casino software and slot gaming offers provided by Casino Technology and see what is so special about them.

The amuzing world of videoslots fascinates and recharges with positivity for a long time. Casino Technology offers players to enjoy dynamic and profitable games that became so particularly popular due to their interesting and unusual storylines, high payment rates and simple rules. Slot machines from Casino Technology are really easy to understand and manage.

Casino Technology slots mostly consist of 5 reels, feature strong visual effects created on the basis of modern technologies. Slots of this developer are used by many Internet casinos working on the basis of a GLI platform since they are fully compatible.

When it comes to the most popular games of the provider we cannot but mention Fortune Fish, Treasures of Persia, Aztec Returns and many more.




Game Demo Versions

If a player is short of money or experience it's going to be hard for him to choose among the Casino Technology games because of their exceptionally qualitative level.

Demo versions of the players’ favourite slot gaming products will greatly simplify the choice. With Casino Technology games they will be able to relax, get their deal of adrenaline and understand slots better. Testing mode is one of the most effective ways to learn playing slots machines.

And so slots machines relieve the stress, improve the mood, allow you to thoroughly examine oneself from all sides, open the way for players great perspectives, give a sense of self-confidence and strength, and, of course, help you develop own game strategy.

Slots are the most understandable and simple type of gambling. There will be no problems with understanding their rules and the essence. When they create a technology slot in Casino Technology, the interests of players are taken into account.

Unlike the real land-based casinos, where you only have money games, players can choose free mode in a virtual club. It's the perfect option for newcomers who haven't learned the rules yet. There are also bonus rounds and the special characters in games. Casino Technology gaming technology acquired many fans across the globe in a short period of time. The reason for that are high payout rates presented in their gaming machines.

With Casino Technology games gamers will learn to practice on gaming simulations, understand the game principles and learn their secrets, gain more self-confidence and get prepared for the real gambling on money.

The main advantages of Casino Technology online slots are:

  • Accessibility from anywhere in the world. The key requirement is the Internet connection and a device (PC, tablet, mobile phone) to play on.
  • A learning mode that requires no cost. This is something you won't find it in real gambling halls.
  • Participants can play for free until you are willing to feel real excitement of the money game.
  • Slots from this developer outrank other slot machines with remarkable graphics and a special style of play.

The demo version of slots will give a good insight in the the rules of a selected slot, its features, payouts, and so on. Even a free game will enthrall you with the fine storyline and will help you immerse in the game process if it’s Casino Technology.

When a player feels ready to play for real money, Casino Technology will be the best choice. The gaming machines it offers is something more than a simple spin of the reels. The company’s gaming technology provides the products that give a rush of adrenaline and fully captivate the mind of a player.

Casino Technology Slot games have many interesting features and tricks, which are not only the frequent winning combinations, but also bonus rounds and wide ranges of bets.

Games with progressive jackpot

Games with progressive jackpot from Casino Technology

The abovementioned online gaming software can offer four kinds of jackpot: Stand Alone Progressives, Linked Progressive and multilevel Alchemic Fusion and Quatro Cash Mania.

The company provides gaming software with a set of slot machines, such as Aurora, Tangra II, Gator and others. It’s worth mentioning the modern multigaming system Gamopolis. It was integrated in most slot machines and is currently featured by over two hundred games.

Mathematical predictions about a slot gaming technology is nothing than a percentage of payments, which is directly dependent on the payment table, and is the average result. The overall average result can only be detected after a huge amount of on, several million. Clearly, the outcome of each spin, and thus the session as a whole, is entirely accidental.

The Most Important Awards and Achievements

Eighteen years ago in Las Vegas the MEGA JACK™ game was ranked the best-selling game, and in 2006 it was called the most successful game in the Balkans. Furthermore, the gambling software of this renowned and industrious developer has collected many awards.

Among its achievements, the most outstanding of which is still the development of online casino software, the membership in various associations (for example, GSA, AGEM, ALAJA and others) deserves special attention.

Games from this developer received licenses in 50 countries and maybe even more. The brand has long operated following the principle of a socially responsible gaming and constantly helps non-commercial organizations, schools and social service agencies.

Casino Technology recognizes that people with a lack of self-control may have problems with gambling and can even fall in the dependency, so the company uses a proactive approach in this respect. Because of its fair and transparent way of running business and of course thanks to its professionals, this company was able to create an online casino software, which is the best in its category.

As the practice shows the Casino Technology products are often chosen since they provide bright gaming experience, which is duly appreciated by players worldwide.

If you would like to buy/rent online casino software from Casino Technology and provide your clients with the quality gambling solutions for mobile and desktop devices, contact Online Casino Market to get consultations from its experts.

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Karen Fill

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Updated 10 february 2023

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