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VR casinos is a new branch of gambling development

Even today virtual reality seems to be a rarity for many because it’s such a new phenomenon, and few are familiar with the real capabilities of this technology. Moreover, for some consumers, VR is still something like of science fiction.

Virtual reality casino

However, we live in a time when the future is knocking on the door so hard, and we stand behind that door and stubbornly hold it up from the inside, only that, God forbid, it wouldn’t fall down from such pressure.

Sooner or later (sooner, most likely), a VR casino will become one of the most popular and profitable niches in online gambling because it's a new casino level that will allow gamers to feel a direct presence in the world's best gaming houses.

Just imagine: virtual reality easily recreates the atmosphere of elite gambling clubs of the beginning of the last century! Players will have a chance to not just enjoy favorite games, but visit the past as well.

Science fiction enthusiasts can now play poker directly in space. This market is actively expanding, and the space for creativity here is infinite, as the Universe itself, and the technologies develop faster and faster every year... Do you really want to be out of business tomorrow?

Online Casino Market offers you a unique opportunity to become part of the future gambling industry now. All you need to do for that is ask the company's professionals for help and order the virtual reality casino development.

Table of Contents:

1. What Opportunities Does the VR Gambling Open?

2. Virtual Reality Casino Software Providers


2.2. Microgaming

2.3. NetEnt

What Opportunities Does the VR Gambling Open?

Virtual reality casino promise to change the gambling industry radically because VR allows you to play slot games, desktop games, and poker in almost real life. The new interactive level promises to bring the largest, most significant revolution in the history of gambling, which mobile casinos aren’t even close to.

A lot of available VR accessories can be found in the marketplace, and in the future almost everyone will have such a device. Today we can observe the massive popularization of virtual reality technology. For example, Google developed the Cardboard platform, which is a budget system that serves to attract interest to VR. And this is just one example of many available solutions.

A VR casino destroys all patterns, opens new borders, and gives fresh unspeakables sensations from the old good classical games.

Virtual Reality Casino Software Providers

Below we shall analyze the major VR casino software providers.


CASEXE Company

CASEXE was one of the first to announce that it was ready to create a full-fledged profile casino for operators with virtual reality, or add VR technologies to an existing business as an additional feature.

The development of such a serious project requires additional resources and a strong technical base.

CASEXE launched an entire department, which is responsible for VR casino software and projects using VR and AR (Augmented reality technology).


Microgaming company

The company was among the first to seriously develop casino games in virtual reality. Even at the end of the winter 2016, Microgaming specialists won awards for the best VR roulette within the framework of ICE Totally Gaming. Today, developers are working on unique projects that are about  to become a real hits of the industry.

And you know what, Microgaming can be trusted. Back in the day, in spite of the universal scepticism, it was this very brand that claimed tomorrow is the in the rise of mobile gambling. Today, the developer invests enormous resources in creating new VR products that will operate on Oculus Rift and Leap Motion.


NetEnt Company

One of the most famous VR developments from NetEnt is the Jack's 3D World game. It focuses not only on the visual component of the video slot, but also on the surround sound. The sound directors did their best, so the company managed to release an incredibly bright and vibrant slot machine, which captures your attention from the first moments and gives the unusual impressions.

VR casino development is a unique solution that, in the long run, offers a generous opportunity for business development. Together with the Online Casino Market you can become a full-fledged participant in this future. Use a proactive approach before your competitors recover themsenves.

As they say, don’t be afraid, be afraid to stop.

Karen Fill


Karen Fill

Gambling business expert at Online Casino Market


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