Virtual Casino Games From NetEnt: Gambling in Fabulous Atmosphere

NetEnt is a world-class provider of the quality software for gambling business that used to assert the title of an innovator in its field. At present, the developers are concentrating their energies on developing new technologies for their further integration into the world of gambling.

The development of the VR casino market has become one of such innovations. The manufacturer has already released several successful games that support virtual reality technology. It’s worth noting that all VR casino slots that have been released deserve attention. Just imagine how exciting the VR roulette or VR poker is going to be!

What does virtual reality mean for the gambling industry? It’s a new era that beats even the advent of a mobile casino. Virtual reality technology unleashes the hands of developers and allow the most insane ideas to be realized. The most interesting virtual reality casino games that will dramatically change the image of online gambling will soon be presented.

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A VR casino attracts more and more attention from the users with each day. The price for such accessories is gradually decreasing making them accessible to a wide audience. In the near future manufacturers promise to further reduce the cost of products, which will be a real blast for VR content

Successful online casino operators always choose the original solutions from the NetEnt company. Advanced technologies, colorful graphics, unique gameplay, attention to details, and caring for each partner — these virtues benefit the Swedish giant of the world gambling industry against the others.

Table of Contents:

1. NetEnt: the Pioneer in the World of Virtual Reality Casino

2. Gonzo’s Quest: the First VR Casino Slot Machine for Money

3. Jack's World VR: the Same Jack and the Beanstalk Slots Game, But in VR

4. Starburst: the Most Brilliant VR Casino Slot From the Swedish Developer

5. ScarFace: the Result of Collaboration With the Universal Company

NetEnt: the Pioneer in the World of Virtual Reality Casino

The Swedish company continues to make every effort to control the gambling market and occupy the leading position in the niche. Players show an increasing interest in VR technologies, and the NetEnt team could not leave this fact unnoticed.

According to the results of the official research studies, gamblers are already bored with classic slots. Today, they are in the active search for new, more vivid and exciting impressions. The representatives of the brand monitor progress of the VR technology development and believe that in 2017-2018 users will be ready to test the innovative VR games for casinos.

Gonzo’s Quest is the VR casino software of the company. It was the first virtual casino game for the real money. Today, a modern gaming machine is distributed through the NetEnt Casino platform making it accessible to the general public.

Just imagine: things that seemed to be something unrealistic just a few years ago are now available to everyone. The NetEnt company is convinced that a VR casino embodies the future. Therefore, the core resources of the corporation are now directed at developing this niche. A virtual casino game symbolizes the beginning of a new era of gambling and promises to be the largest innovation of the decade.

So far, NetEnt has presented the following slot games for virtual reality casino:

  • Gongo's Quest;
  • Jack's World VR;
  • Starburst;
  • Scarface.

Let's take a closer look at all the VR slots and find out what the original virtual casino games can offer us.

Gonzo’s Quest: the First VR Casino Slot Machine for Money

A virtual casino game telling gamblers a story of conquistador Gonzalo Pizarro, a traveler who was looking for a mysterious city of gold called Eldorado. For many years this legend has forced people to leave everything they had and start a fascinating and dangerous journey. But now there's no need to go anywhere — the adventures come to a player!

The main character of the Gonzo’s Quest escapes a ship taking a map with him to find the vast wealth. In the background, you can see the road that leads straight to the treasure. If a gambler is lucky, he’ll be able to walk the steps escaping the stone slab barrier.

The lines here are stone slabs. If you get a winning combination they break down and open a path to the treasure. The game interface is as simple as possible, so there will be no difficulty.

In general, Gonzo’s Quest is a vivid example of what a gamble should look like nowadays. Incredibly beautiful 3D graphics, game process saturated with events and the attention to each detail really carries a player into a world of mystery.

Jack's World VR: the Same Jack and the Beanstalk Slots Game, But in VR

The incredibly popular Jack and the Beanstalk gaming machine is now moved into the atmosphere of a VR casino. The already colorful video slot has become more interesting and exciting.

At the heart of this virtual casino game is the old legend about Jack and how he got into the fantasy country of trolls. The fairy tale had been passed out in the mouth for many years before the developers of a Swedish company found it and turned it into an exciting gaming machine.

Jack's World VR looks very colorful. At the beginning of the game a main character doing the housework appears. But then Jack goes outside and starts to spin the reels. Unlike the original Jack and the Beanstalk, there are only three drums, and the five lines.

The game process is accompanied by the sound of nature. The developers have actually invested their entire soul in this VR slot, so that a gambler went straight to a fairy tale. Every good spin brings a lot of positive emotions to participants. They can see a chicken falling out of the pipe and laying the golden eggs, or the reels falling apart, goat coming out and shaking a mountain of gold out of the same pipe. Anyway, this gaming machine will definitely not leave your players bored.

Starburst: the Most Brilliant VR Casino Slot From the Swedish Developer

Starburst is an innovative gaming machine, which will not leave anyone indifferent. In fact, any of the NetEnt VR games won’t. The dynamic gaming process, sparkling jewels, colorful animations... the game features absolutely everything to let the players who are tired of the banal slots to experience the joy again and feel the true pleasure of gambling.

In a virtual environment this game excites the spirit. Everything sparkles, glitters and shines with bright lights. The symbols here are the jewels of different colors. They glow so bright, they can even blind. The star role is the wild symbol. There is also Bar and seven, which impersonate all the slot machines.

ScarFace: the Result of Collaboration With the Universal Company

The slot is devoted to a famous film "Face with a scar" with Al Pacino in the starring role. Before the game begins, a participant sees the frames from the original movie, and then the playing reels are displayed. The machine is in a dark brown shades but during free spins it becomes bluish-blue.

The main character of the slot is Tony Montana. During the bonus game Tony has to shoot off a whole army of villains who want to kill him. If he can stay alive after this massacre, the gaming machine will reward him generously.

You still think no one's going to play in a VR casino? Do you really want to stay aside from the technology development, and just watch how an audience faithful to your casino slowly goes to the halls of competitors? We believe that this is the last thing you would want.

To avoid such situations, we recommend that you act ahead of the curve. Install virtual games in your casino today, and you will be the leader tomorrow leaving your closest rivals far behind. The technology doesn’t stand still, and the interest of gamblers in the usual slots is gradually fading.

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