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Casino Affiliate Programs: Nuances of Attracting Customers

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Casino Affiliate Programs

The iGaming niche is one of the most competitive areas. It is not easy for beginner online services to attract a new audience and reach a decent level of earnings. Plus, the situation is complicated due to restrictions on the promotion of games for money. One of the most popular and effective ways of advertising is online casino affiliate programs.

Casino affiliate programs: general info

We will help you advertise projects of any format. The experts of our studio will recommend the best casino affiliate programs, explain how they work, and what are the nuances that an entrepreneur may encounter.

Online Casino’s Affiliate Programs: Operation Principle

The described term is a type of commercial cooperation between a service provider and a company or a sole proprietor who is ready to advertise the service on their platform. The solution is beneficial for both parties: the business owner receives new clients, and partners get a profit for helping the entrepreneur attract players.

The operation principle is built according to the following scheme:

  1. An owner of the gaming site registers in the selected system and creates an advertisement or a contextual link to go to the resource.
  2. A partner places the ad on his service.
  3. A potential client sees an ad and clicks on the link.
  4. A casino receives a new client, for which the partner gets a reward (the size of payments is discussed in advance).

Partner Services: Nuances of Choosing a Tariff

Almost all online casino affiliate programs offer a set of tariffs for the accrual of rewards.

The basic tariffs

Format of commission fees

Brief description

Reward for a new customer

This is a one-time payment which is made when certain conditions stipulated by the tariff plan are implemented. As a rule, the size of the fee in different casinos is about 100 dollars

Percentage of the bets placed by all attracted gamblers

In most cases, the amount of deductions is 50% of lost bids

Commissions from the game deposit

In this case, the client's winnings are not taken into account. The percentage is charged from the size of deposits made. Most often, the volume of income of an affiliate service does not exceed 30%

Mixed tariff

There is a fixed rate for the registration, plus a part of the institution's profit must be paid. Usually, the size of the fee for this type of cooperation is set on an individual basis

Another chance to earn on casino affiliate programs is to find new partners who will deal with advertising. This is an internal referral system that can bring about 5–10% of income from each new gambler.

How to Successfully Select a Partner Program

Affiliate programs: selection criteria

Choosing the optimal solution, entrepreneurs must pay attention to several important nuances.

The final decision should only be made after a careful weighing of the following factors:

Uniqueness of the Product

The best option is to choose a service that specialises in exclusive goods and services. New releases and creative offers will interest the buyer faster than such a task as advertising boring and similar solutions.

Free Offers

Online casinos with decent affiliate programs that provide services that can be found for free cannot bring large earnings by default. Why pay for something you can get at no extra cost?

Prospects for Cooperation

As a rule, companies that offer long-term cooperation provide better services. Working on an ongoing basis can bring a stable income to both parties.


One of the most important selection criteria is the thematic focus of the service. Online casino affiliate programs should advertise only gambling locations, without wasting time on less important matters. When potential clients see too many types of offers (from fresh pastries to funeral services), they simply get lost.


When choosing the best casino affiliate programs, it is worth considering not only the amount of payments but also their frequency. Moreover, the service must guarantee absolute transparency of work and honesty in conducting transactions.

Casino Affiliate Programs: Pitfalls

Online casino affiliate programs: pitfalls

In the described niche, the income of an affiliate service directly depends on the luck of the attracted user.

The concept of a negative balance can be explained as follows: if the player who clicked on the link constantly wins, the operator has the right to debit part of the winnings from the account of the partner who brought such a client. An important nuance: such a system works only in the RevShare format.

It is impossible to say exactly which type of cooperation is the most profitable one. For example, getting a percentage of losses provides long-term profits, while payouts for targeted actions bring good but short-term earnings.

It is also worth mentioning the following aspects:

  • No seasonality. The partner's income does not depend on the time of year, geographic boundaries, or other restrictions that are typical for some niches.
  • “Long life” of the lead. A client attracted to the casino can play and, accordingly, bring profit to the partner for many years.

The Best Casino Affiliate Programs: Review of Popular Proposals

We offer casino affiliate programs that can turn into a source of high and stable traffic in the shortest possible time.

Lucky Partners

A promising option that offers 2 options:

  • 50% of the institution's income;
  • 30% of the amount of the deposit that was made by the gambler.

Among the distinctive features of the system, it is worth highlighting flexible personal settings and convenient tools for analysing driven traffic and the amount of profit.

Goldfishka Partners

It is a good solution for beginners. The service pays 20–50% of the revenue from each new customer who has made a deposit (the percentage depends on the number of new users and the sum that was deposited to the account).

The withdrawal option is available 2 days after the accrual of funds. The minimum transaction size is 500 rubles. Another unique feature is that participation is completely anonymous.

Welcome Partners

The service definitely can be included in the category “The best casino affiliate programs”. The platform offers a weekly update of the database of promotional materials (banners, landing pages), as well as a wide range of exclusive tools.

The solution accepts any kind of traffic and offers the services of its gift shop with the possibility of exchanging internal bonuses for various gadgets.

This version of casino affiliate programs is available in mobile format and as a downloadable application. Today, the service cooperates with 27 major brands, including Vulkan, Admiral, Gaminator, and others.

Payouts are made weekly, and a minimum withdrawal amount is 2 dollars.


The official service of the Vulkan casino offers partners 40–50% of the size of the deposit. It is also possible to work on a pay-per-click scheme (weekly payments).

The system constantly upgrades referral services and offers its clients a wide range of statistical tools to control interest and deductions.


It provides 2 formats:

  • 25–55% fee for the deposit;
  • 5% for participation in the internal referral system.

The service withdraws money from the 1st to the 10th day of each month. The minimum withdrawal amount is 20 euros.

A distinctive feature of the program is that prompt technical support is offered along with detailed consultations on all issues related to casino affiliate programs.

The Main Things about Partner Solutions

It is a convenient and effective way to drive traffic and constantly attract new customers. In the face of fierce competition and strict bans on the promotion of gambling services, such solutions are the best alternative to most other ways of expanding your audience.

Leave an application to our specialists, and we will tell you which programs are the most suitable for your platform’s advertising. From us, you will also learn what nuances are worth paying attention to when connecting the service and how to retain already attracted customers.

You can get detailed advice on any issues, use the services of professional marketers, and order a comprehensive promotion with a guarantee of payback in 2–6 months of cooperation.

Our product range includes a large selection of ready-made solutions and a set of exclusive developments that can compete with the offers of the world’s leading brands. With us, you will be able to conquer the niche in no time.

For all questions, please contact the studio’s managers.

Karen Fill


Karen Fill

Gambling business expert at Online Casino Market


Check the information used to contact us carefully. It is necessary for your safety.

Fraudsters can use contacts that look like ours to scam customers. Therefore, we ask you to enter only the addresses that are indicated on our official website.

Be careful! Our team is not responsible for the activities of persons using similar contact details.

Updated 10 february 2023
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