DirectTrack Marketing Software to Drive Traffic to Your Online Casino

DirectTrack Marketing Software to Drive Traffic to Your Online Casino

Updated 10 february 2023

In order to buy casino traffic it is not necessary to contact the major websites and agree on the placement of links. After you decided to open a casino, it's better to spend time and resources on its content and on keeping users' interest.

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Gambling traffic is the main way to attract players to online casinos. Organic gambling traffic in the gambling industry is available only for promoted online gambling establishments. For operators who are only planning to buy a casino and launch a new product at the market, the best way to get traffic is to buy casino affiliate program.

A company DirectTrack is a well-known and qualitative provider of affiliate software. The marketing platform DirectTrack appeared at the e-commerce market 22 years ago. After 12 years of working with major brands, DirectTrack had started to develop its own script for a Digital River, Inc casino affiliate program. 

DirectTrack services can help you to find reliable partners and place banners on thematic resources in a short period of time. Leading sales companies and advertising agencies develop affiliate marketing through the Digital River casino affiliate program from DirectTrack. In the industry of affiliate software this service is recognized as stable, universal and goal-oriented.

If you have already decided to buy casino traffic, Online Casino Market recommend you to cooperate only with the best companies, access to which you can get through the DirectTrack network.

This casino affiliate program offers multi-channel solutions needed to increase income and reduce risks in the field of e-commerce. A complex platform will help you to develop a website and place it on hosting, and with the help of strategic marketing tools you will be able to get high-quality gambling traffic.

How the Digital River Affiliate System Works

Digital River affiliate system by DirectTrack

This affiliate software is a product designed specially for the e-commerce. Marketing tools will provide you not only with gambling traffic, but also with a flow of leads that you can turn into players. A flexible business model Digital River simplifies and automates the processes of RTB-auction and minimizes the process of searching for webmasters and advertisers.

The main features of the Digital River casino affiliate program:

  • reliable back office — the script of the casino affiliate program will help you to enter into the global market and to protect yourself against risks;
  • focus on sales — with the help of self-service tools operators can increase the level of loyalty of online casino customers and keep players interested in products;
  • tracking the logistics of the website visitors — it allows you to see each step made by the client from the moment of interaction with the advertising banner;
  • channel management — this tool will help you to determine exactly which source gives you more quality casino traffic and increases the casino's revenues;
  • online casino advertising through mobile devices — is a tool for obtaining mobile gambling traffic;
  • access to the international affiliate network — it means that gambling traffic will come to the website from all around the world;
  • risk management — is a powerful anti fraud system, which will protect your activity in the affiliate network from fraud.

For online casino advertising to become effective, you will need to buy a casino affiliate program with powerful marketing software. The Digital River affiliate program script uses innovative digital marketing tools, as well as advanced forms of analytics and conversion tracking.

The main components of the online casino marketing strategy:

  • professional analytics;
  • affiliated programs and networks;
  • ROI payback system;
  • services for email marketing;
  • launch of advertising campaigns in search systems;
  • SEO tools;
  • tool for creating banners and micro websites.

The Digital River affiliate marketing will allow you to manage the Internet account, which is very handy if you use several communication channels. You will have an opportunity to analyze the results of an advertising campaign in respect of regions, products and affiliate groups of partners in the report.

How to Promote Your Online Casino

Online casino advertising by DirectTrack

Many gaming companies and developers of gaming software use DirectTrack and Digital River to promote their brands. Through the affiliate network you can tell the target audience about your casino, support the loyalty of players and enter new gambling markets. Thus, casino traffic from your partners will be qualitative and liquid.

Online casino advertising takes place in three stages:

  1. Choose direct communication channels, configure payments and integrate the infrastructure of the commercial platform through the API.
  2. Install the marketing platform.
  3. Determine the reach. With Digital River there are no limitations. You can find audience in any country and continent worldwide. The system will help you to calculate the potential revenue from gambling traffic.

Digital River combines methods of electronic commerce and Internet advertising. The proposed digital methods are the key to a winning promotion strategy. You can learn more about the behavior model of your clients and set up an advertising campaign for commercial purposes, so that the casino would receive revenue.

How to Monetize a Gambling Site

Affiliate network of business partners is growing day by day. Annually, the service processes 110 millions of online requests for online casino advertising, and the amount of transactions has reached 35 billion dollars.

DirectTrack offers three variants of affiliate programs. The choice of the program depends on the purpose of your business: e-commerce, payment processing or digital-marketing.

  1. Partner of the Digital River ecosystem in the area of online marketing and e-commerce systems.
  2. Partner of the payment processing platform.
  3. Strategic alliances. You will become a part of the synergy of gaming companies, which provide their websites to advertisers and digital agencies.

DirectTrack offers not only a comprehensive solution for monetization, but also its specialists can advise you on how to conduct partnership activities. After you register with the system, you will be able to complete the Digital River University program. Within the framework of this course, specialists of the company will talk about the opportunities that a partnership has today and the building of relationships with customers.

DirectTrack is an extensive affiliate marketing for the commercialization of your business. Each tool is designed to produce a profit. Therefore, if you want the casino to pay off in the shortest possible time, we recommend you to buy casino affiliate program from DirectTrack.

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Karen Fill

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Updated 10 february 2023