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Today, the success of a gambling company in a competitive gambling market depends on the chosen casino affiliate program. A proper use of the affiliate service provides casinos with a targeted gambling traffic. There are some major affiliate programs, which are not related to other companies. Also, you may find several reliable context-sensitive services, but they can’t guarantee casino traffic.

Affiliate program for casinos from NetRefer

If you are planning to open a casino, and from the very beginning you offer actively visited slot machines, then we recommend you to choose a specialized casino affiliate program, through which you can buy casino traffic. NetRefer is one of the most favorable offers at the market of marketing services for online casinos.

NetRefer presents analytical materials for financial markets, trading, the Forex market and online casinos. Even after 12 years of successful work, the casino affiliate program from NetRefer constantly improves its products and affiliate software.

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About the Company

In 2005, a developer and a young businessman Johan Zammit put together a team of experienced professionals in the Maltese gambling industry and established a company called NetRefer. Its first achievement was the marketing platform for a gambling market, which was operating in the online mode. In 2007, it released updated marketing software, and also in the same year NetRefer took part in the ICE exhibition for the first time.

In 2010, the company received a prestigious award as the "Best Affiliate Program", and in 2013 the service became a major partner of Microsoft. The team of NetRefer regularly participates in major exhibitions: Mobile World Congress, ICE, LAC, where it receives awards for different developments and marketing software.

The company’s headquarters is situated in Malta, the capital of the world’s gambling. Because of this location, among members of the affiliate network we can name major online casinos and gambling media resources.

The NetRefer Marketing Platform

The NetRefer marketing platform as a great solution for the gambling business

It is a farsighted solution to buy casino affiliate program from NetRefer. The company is focused on the online casino market, and this is why it offers only premium gambling traffic, which further gives a high conversion.

The main product of the company is the marketing platform Performance Marketing Intelligence (PMI). PMI uses novel scientific achievements in the area of data. The main advantage of the NetRefer system is a 360-degree overview of the information related to the target audience. A set of visual reports, information panels and Business Intelligence tools will help operators to estimate the efficiency of online casino advertising.

The described marketing platform is ideal for operational and strategic solutions of the gambling business.

How to Promote Your Online Casino with NetRefer

Marketing platform Performance Marketing Intelligence by NetRefer

The PMI program is the best automated marketing solutions combined in one system, which will help to promote your online casino effectively. The entire affiliate software life-cycle, from the registration and management of CRM to transactions, occurs automatically. While the technical part is being implemented, you can devote your time to the brand building strategy.

Key features of the casino affiliate program:

  1. Multichannel solutions. Social media, SEO, SEM, email marketing, affiliate network, offline sources and mobile gambling traffic. You can buy casino traffic using different communication channels. Whatever you choose, key performance indicators of your advertising campaign will be displayed in a single system.
  2. Management of format and message of advertising. Control over media dynamics in different formats for specific devices and operating systems. With the help of CDN servers and cloud systems, the content is quickly delivered to the end customer.
  3. Collection of data on each customer. Online casino traffic should be analyzed in details not only in the general report, but also for each player separately. The marketing platform monitors the client's behavior from his first interaction to the effected transactions.
  4. Marketing Intelligence (MI). This tool will allow you to plan and create reports. This will provide you with an opportunity to find out about the effectiveness of the product.
  5. Tools for the increase in earnings. Use integrated KPI to track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns in comparison with the main business metrics. This will help you identify profitable segments of customers and set up an advertising strategy for channels where gambling traffic gives you more conversions.

Among technical partners of NetRefer are top developers of software for analytics and work with large data: Neustar, LeanSentry, Akamai and other leading companies.

The company continues to grow as one of the best services for marketing. After 12 years on the scene NetRefer has proved the effectiveness of its gambling solutions and high-risk areas.

Therefore, we recommend you to buy casino affiliate program from this brand. You will be able not only to open a casino and to launch your product, but also immediately attract the first customers.

How to Monetize Gambling Website

If you want to cooperate with the best gambling companies and to place on your website attractive banners that will bring income, we recommend you to enter into a partnership with NetRefer.

The NetRefer company is a leading provider of affiliate software. All the technical part and customer support NetRefer takes upon itself, and you will be able to build relationships with partners around the world and to make money. If you are going to buy a casino in order to earn money on gambling traffic, you may register in the NetRefer networks.

In 2017 the NetRefer service was included in the list of The Inc. 5000 as one of the most successful companies in Europe. This means that the company has made a huge contribution to the development of the economy and entrepreneurship. The brand provides opportunities for the implementation of specialists in the gaming industry.

Microsoft, Zappos, Clif Bar, Under Armor, Pandora, Patagonia, Oracle and other well-known brands are also listed in this rating. Therefore, if you put value not only upon the quality of products, but also the approach to customers, then cooperation with NetRefer is the right choice.

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