Income Access: Casino Affiliate Program

Income Access: Casino Affiliate Program

Updated 10 february 2023

In gambling business revenues depend on quantity and quality of the gambling traffic. For these purposes any casino owner needs to create a casino affiliate program. It is about online casino advertising. Owners of media resources or online casinos enter into agreements with the service and are to post affiliate links on their website.

Casino affiliate program from Income Access

Affiliate service in this case is not only a mediator between the owner of the website and the advertiser, but it also provides tools needed for an advertising setting up and data capture.

Affiliate software can provide operators with:

  • a stable gambling traffic;
  • an ability to buy casino traffic quickly through the RTB auction;
  • tools, which are necessary to work with target audience;
  • targeting by various parameters (location, language, device);
  • an ability to get mobile casino traffic;
  • statistics gathering and drawing of reports;
  • a full process automation;
  • an opportunity to work with long-term and reliable clients.

Of course, it is very important to promote your online casino, but before this it is necessary to choose a casino affiliate program that will meet your goals and priorities. Today it is not so difficult to open an online casino, but only high-quality marketing platform will help you to launch and customize a gambling traffic.

A system Income Access is one of such platforms. The Canadian company through its own affiliate network brings together owners of websites and advertisers. The aim of the company is to help online casinos, operators, users and suppliers to build long-term partnerships.

You can connect affiliate program from Income Access at Online Casino Market.

The Income Access Marketing Platform

Qualitative casino affiliate program from Income Access

The casino affiliate program from Income Access is a hub, where you will find everything you need to start an online casino advertising. Through the service it is possible to place an advertisement and to buy gambling traffic for fantasy sports, poker, casinos, betting websites, bingo and lotteries.

Income Access specializes in the gambling industry and the high-risk area, so if you choose this affiliate software, you will receive a qualitative targeted traffic.

Main features of the Income Access service:

  • the attraction players from affiliate networks of other online casinos;
  • the usage of traffic of thematic halls, which is necessary to form target audiences;
  • established relations with the largest websites of marketing partners in the gaming industry;
  • the access to a premium tariff with the conversion rate above the mean;
  • tools for tracking the effectiveness of advertising on the sources of traffic: a browser, a mobile application, social networks or a website;
  • analytics and reporting that can help you to analyze the advertising campaign in general and for each client individually;
  • the ability to choose the type of commission: CPC, CPM, CPI and other methods of payment for an interaction.

The Income Access network already has more than 250 large gambling resources where advertisers can buy casino traffic for their online gambling establishments: Betcenter, BeLucky, Tiplix and other major sports betting and casino brands.

Digital Tools From Income Access

Online casino advertising requires not only a constant support and renewal, but also the analysis of statistics.

For this purpose, Income Access can offer a number of tools and settings, such as:

  • tracking of traffic from all the communication channels involved;
  • integration with the CRM system;
  • individual metrics for every audience;
  • displaying of analytics on the basis of key performance indicators.

Online casino advertising within the Income Access network

On the company’s website there is a demo version of a product. After downloading it, you will be able to see all possibilities of the service and to prepare a group of advertisements before you buy casino affiliate program. If you are ready to buy a gambling traffic now, you may contact the company through its website or an email.

In order to get started you will need an access to the program. Afterwards, everything happens very simply:

  1. Through the platform you customize selective profiles of the audience: language, country, currency. From the advertising office you will be able to manage several advertising campaigns for a number of projects. There is no extra pay for each project.
  2. Targeting and setting up the target audience. In order to optimize the process of engagement of new players, you need to set up geo-targeting and to do all browser settings. The more detailed your campaign is, the better gambling traffic you will get.
  3. Setting up tracking. To me able to monitor the actions of your player and to find out how he passes you ‘purchase funnel’, you should set up key indicators to track the user's logistics. Besides, you will be able to see, which affiliate gives more leads.
  4. Choose a group of affiliates where the advertisements will be placed. Requests for allocation are usually sent in the automatic mode.
  5. At the end you choose the payment method, depending on the interaction: a click, an installation or a transaction. There is also a variant of CPM — this is a commission for a thousand appearances. Each affiliate sets his commission.

How to Monetize a Gambling Site

Like any other casino affiliate program, Income Access offers website owners to make money off on the site traffic. For online casinos the monetization of traffic is a constant additional source of income.

One of the company’s partners, Derby Jackpot, earns $40 for 10 CPA conversions. And if more than 10 players, who have made a deposit on the advertiser's website, have come from the site of Derby Jackpot, the brand receives $50.

In order to become a partner of the Income Access network, you need to fill out the form on a website of the service. At this stage you may already choose the appropriate payment method. If you decide to monetize gambling site through Income Access, you will be able to find solvent advertisers within a couple of seconds.

We can recommend Income Access to those, who buy a casino with a further placement of affiliate links. Affiliates of the company receive a right to manage the advertising on their websites. Moreover, Income Access regularly pays a commission for placing advertisements in a convenient way for partners.

The Income Access team is ready to answer all your questions and help you to understand the system at any time through the form, which can be found on the website, an email or by phone.

The company values ​​every customer, so choosing this affiliate software will provide you with long-term relationships with major gambling brands.

If you want to buy a gambling traffic, we recommend you to contact Online Casino Market. And if you do not have your own online casino yet, you can order it from the best specialists of the company or to buy a turnkey casino.

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Karen Fill

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Updated 10 february 2023