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Updated 10 february 2023

The main source of income for online casinos is a gambling traffic on their websites. But if you want to promote your online casino effectively, you will need also to analyze such gambling traffic.

Affiliate program Post Affiliate Pro

Not every visitor of your gambling website will play for real money, but if you know the quantitative ratio of visitors and gamers, you can build a ‘purchase funnel’. You will be able to calculate costs of each player or a regular customer. Afterwards, it is important to determine which source provides the most high-quality casino traffic in order to use only effective resources.

Many businessmen make a false step exactly at this stage. However, if you have a qualitative casino affiliate program, you will be able not only to do online casino advertising (marketing) on major web resources, but also to monitor every step of the user made on your website with the help of analytics tools.

The casino affiliate program Post Affiliate Pro is rightfully considered to be the market leader in the sphere of affiliate services and programs. This partner system is suitable for both website owners and advertisers.

During 10 years of its existence Post Affiliate Pro has established itself as a quality product not only in Europe and the US, but also in Russian-speaking markets. Such companies as ePochta, Tickets and other Internet resources are affiliates of the Post Affiliate Pro network.

If you want to cooperate with successful and well-known companies, we recommend you to buy casino affiliate program from this brand.

Affiliate Software for Marketing

The casino affiliate program Post Affiliate Pro as a quality marketing product in the world of gambling

A marketing platform Post Affiliate Pro is not just an affiliate system. The affiliate marketing within the service covers more than 30 thousand webmasters worldwide. Every day millions of people interact with many advertisements. In 2015, it was registered partner commissions of 7 billion dollars. This is a record for a casino affiliate program.

The Main Advantages of Post Affiliate Pro

  • List of affiliate links — the advertiser himself chooses those links that meet his requirements.
  • Currency tracking — a casino operator can see the amount of deposits and currency. For a general report it is allowed to use one currency.
  • Direct links — an advanced feature of direct click tracking.
  • Individual campaigns — as advertisements rich partners through a RTB-auction, planned advertiser's ads are available on the Post Affiliate Pro network. Also the service has a unique option: creation of private ads for selected affiliates.
  • Anti-fraud protection — the casino affiliate program is fully protected against fraud (‘black’ traffic, bots and other dishonest methods).
  • Forced Matrix — an affiliate system that allows carrying out multi-level affiliate marketing for affiliated companies.
  • Traffic tracking through communication channels — this method allows to determine, which channel is more effective, and which one can be excluded.
  • User-friendly interface, which is customized individually for each client.

The cooperation with Post Affiliate Pro begins with setting up an advertising campaign. Among standard formats, there are extraordinary types of banners, which other affiliate services do not have. Thus, your online casino advertising will be qualitative, effective and memorable.

Formats of Advertising in Post Affiliate Pro

  • A link — text advertising banners with the link.
  • IMG — a static picture.
  • HTML — a banner is fully customized with the markup language: their forms and tables, you can even combine several banners into one.
  • Coupons — you can increase a casino traffic using discounts and promotions in the form of coupons.
  • A website replication — personalized website pages for affiliates.
  • A banner ‘corner’ — an effective banner for promotional offers.
  • Rotator of banners — several banners, which are displayed at random.
  • PDF — text forms may be converted to this format.
  • ZIP-banners — an effective format, the content of which can be configured separately for each partner.
  • FLV — animated flash-banners: an attractive multimedia format for online casino advertising.

Major partners, webmasters and advertisers choose Post Affiliate Pro, because its affiliate software offers a powerful tracking of traffic and productive partners. An advertiser or a webmaster receives 12 types of reporting on advertising. This is the most detailed statistics you can imagine.

With the help of these reports you will find out the exact number of conversions, the amount of commissions, the number of clicks and CTRs in relation to the number of banner impressions. Therefore, you will be able to see, which campaign was the most effective, and from which webmaster it is better to buy a gambling traffic in large quantities, and to remove the inactive webmasters immediately.

Method of Payment and How to Monetize a Gambling Site

Ways of payment for advertising services and monetizing gambling traffic within the marketing platform Post Affiliate Pro

The marketing platform Post Affiliate Pro has a wide range of methods of payment for advertising services and a bonus program. If you want to buy an online casino in order to monetize gambling traffic, the casino affiliate program script from Post Affiliate Pro will help you to make the most of it.

Webmasters and the advertisers are given the opportunity to choose the appropriate way of payment of commissions:

  • a commission for action — CPC, CPL, CPA, CPI: in Post Affiliate Pro you can pay for almost any interaction with the banner;
  • rewards — the described affiliate software provides a system of rewards for advertisers and webmasters: for effective work and a high-quality gambling traffic it is possible to get additional payouts;
  • fixed payments of commissions — a cooperation with partners on permanent conditions of payments;
  • a split commission — a reward that is given to partners for their participation in the auction;
  • a Performance Rewards program — additional payments for the most selling affiliates;
  • commissions for groups of partner — it is possible to use it even in the framework of one advertising campaign.

This casino affiliate program is a premium network for the largest organizations that make money on the gambling traffic. For each partner the effectiveness of his network is very important, and Post Affiliate Pro is mostly focused on the quantity and quality of traffic.

If you want to open a casino and to get a targeted gambling traffic, we recommend you to buy casino affiliate program from Post Affiliate Pro.

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Updated 10 february 2023