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How to Launch White Label Casino Solutions: Useful Information From Online Casino Market

White Label casino solutions are an alternative to an independent launch of a gambling project and operation under a franchise. In fact, operators get a chance to promote their own brands using a proven strategy and a well-thought-out technical basis.

White Label casino solution

From managers of Online Casino Market, you can learn more about the special features of the program and buy a White Label casino at an affordable price. The brand will be glad to solve all organizational and legal issues and provide you with comprehensive technical support. You will need just to gain profits.

General Principles of the White Label Scheme

The described scheme is a western business model that has been existed in the casino sphere for over 15 years. Initially, it was used in the music industry: successful corporations allowed other companies to sell platters and sound recordings to sole proprietors under their own brands for a certain share of the profits in return.

This business idea has remained almost unchanged and has become widespread in the music market as well as other commercial industries.

White Label casino solutions can be compared to purchasing a turnkey project. Moreover, entrepreneurs will not have to order software, create a website, develop exclusive promotion strategies, and even take care of paying out jackpots. All this falls under the responsibility of the service provider. Operators only need to pay a commission fee for using the gaming site.

The Main Tasks of White Label Casino Providers

The parent company is responsible for almost all the infrastructure and legal framework of the project.

Spheres of responsibility of the White Label casino provider

Technical maintenance

The supplying company gives operators a ready-made platform with administration tools, hosting, domain name, debugged payment gateways, built-in games, accounts of clients, and registration forms.

The task of a buyer is to get acquainted with the capabilities of the system, customize the backend according to his own needs, and start receiving visitors

Legal support

The manufacturer takes care of all organizational and legal issues, guarantees qualified legal support and helps to avoid unnecessary costs on the purchase of a personal gambling permit: operators work under the license of a parent company

Customer service

The White Label casino seller provides comprehensive support to beginning entrepreneurs and visitors to the gaming site. At any time, users can seek advice and secure assistance when any problems with payments or interaction with the gaming system appear

Financial support

Having decided to create a White Label casino, operators get an opportunity to provide the project with maximum financial protection.

The parent company is responsible for:

  • processing of financial flows via the merchant accounts;

  • payment of jackpots;

  • reimbursement of expenses with the help of the affiliate network and other insurance techniques

Promotion of a new brand

Entrepreneurs will not have to spend money on the creation of their own marketing strategies since the platform has already implemented convenient tools that help operators to promote the system and retain users (from traditional bonuses to customer-focused programs for the VIP audience)

Tasks of Casino Operators

Considering the basic configuration of the project, those operators who buy the White Label casino have a rather small scope of responsibilities:

  1. Brand creation. The “White Label” term speaks for itself: operators can develop a project under their own names and use the exclusive design of the gambling website. The platform can be purchased and scaled if required.
  2. System administration. Casino owners should deal with the monitoring of their projects, verification of accounting documents, the audit of financial channels, and other routine duties to maintain the operation of the gambling resource.
  3. Marketing program control. The White Label casino has a good base of built-in services, so the buyer only has to customize bonuses and other elements of the program to attract the target audience.
  4. Customer support. The developer is responsible for technical maintenance and resolution of disputes. Operators need to provide customers with reliable communication channels, prompt processing and transmission of applications, and the creation of a FAQ information section.
  5. Commission fees. Operators must regularly pay a fee for being able to use the website. Usually, it is a fixed percentage of the total income of the casino, which covers the expenditures for technical support, maintenance of a permit, insurance for jackpots, and other expense items.

Advantages of Turning to White Label Casino Providers

White Label casino providers: advantages

The presence of a technical basis and comprehensive support of an experienced supplier opens up the following prospects for entrepreneurs:

Launch Without an Experience

In this case, a desire to master new skills is enough to launch a productive project.

The parent company provides close consultations on any issues and a ready-made business strategy that guarantees good profits. Operators can order from the supplier educational resources for the hired personnel, founders, and project administrators.

Work Under Your Own Brand

The White Label program, unlike a franchise agreement, allows the buyer to advertise his brand.

Operators receive only the technical basis, and the design and logo of the gaming site they should develop independently. In the future, these elements can be used to enter other markets of the industry or to work on the creation of network startups.

Speed of the Project Launch

When you buy a White Label casino, you get a chance to enter the market in a few months (as soon as a unique brand is developed).

However, to those who want to open their business faster, we would recommend to conclude a franchise agreement. This solution allows you to start receiving clients within 1 or 2 days after the agreement is signed but it will be completely impossible to work under your own brand.

Legal Operation

Unlike in case of working on the basis of a casino script or an independent launch, operators do not need to obtain their own permit because the parent company will provide them with a sub-license. The expenses for the certificate maintenance are covered by commission fees.


To start from scratch, it will be necessary to pay several hundred thousand dollars. The described scheme (even taking into account regular commissions) is much cheaper. Moreover, operators receive comprehensive support, free monitoring of the platform's performance, protection against financial risks, and the guaranteed payment of jackpots.

Limitations in the Working Process According to the Program

Considering all the advantages and the prospects for the buy-out and scaling of the business, the weaknesses of the program are not so serious:

  1. Standardized content. The solution includes a fixed range of services, for example, users can play only certain slots and use a limited set of payment channels. Connection of additional components is a separate service, which must be ordered and paid separately. Operators are also not allowed to customize the resource on their own.
  2. Basic settings. Casino owners get access to the standard settings of the admin panel: the format of visualization of reporting data, the style of displaying sections of the website, and restricted user limits. Access to additional back-end options is a paid service.
  3. Control over the advertising campaign. White Label casino providers offer a ready-made set of marketing services and reliable push and pull strategies. The aim of this approach is to take care of the reputation of a parent company and observe the legal regulations. The use of schemes that have not been tested or approved by the seller is strictly prohibited.

Secure Purchase: Recommendations From Online Casino Market

Having decided to create a White Label casino, an entrepreneur can choose between 2 options:

  • independent search for a seller;
  • cooperation with a trustworthy intermediary (contacts are provided at the bottom of the page).

Secure purchase of the White Label project

When searching for a seller on your own, it would be wise to pay attention to the following factors:

  • the company’s experience (the brand must work in the gambling market for at least 5 years);
  • the format of a permit (it is better to choose a holder of a certificate that was issued by respected jurisdictions and personally check information on the license validity period and the related legal regulations in special databases of the regulators);
  • choice of content (you will attract a wide audience by offering games from the world’s leading developers: Microgaming, NetEnt, Belatra, Greentube, Ezugi, Novomatic, Evolution Gaming, Vivo Gaming, Betgames.tv, and XProGaming);
  • marketing tools (given the number of legal restrictions on casino advertising, it is worth choosing a supplier that offers the most effective strategies);
  • additional services (an experienced and reliable seller is ready to offer not only a technical basis but also a number of related services: an independent audit, educational resources, assistance in developing the design of a gaming site, etc.).

If, when choosing a seller, an investor has doubts about any of the items, it will be better to turn to reliable industry experts.

You can also shove the organizational issues on the intermediary. Online Casino Market will be glad to help you to choose the best supplier and provide legal and technical support. You just have to tell us about your wishes, conclude an agreement, and wait for the first customers.

The Main Things About the White Label Solution

This scheme is a convenient way to enter the market with slight experience and limited initial capital.

Among the advantages of making a decision to purchase the program, we can name:

  • Legal work. All operations of the brand are controlled by the provisions of a sublicense provided by the seller.
  • Fast launch. It is possible to start working as soon as you develop your logo and design because all technical components and administrative services can be launched immediately after the contract is concluded.
  • Comprehensive support. The seller deals with all technical and legal issues, financial risks, and the creation of legitimate marketing programs. Operators are only required to promote the brand and perform daily administrative tasks.
  • Protection against financial risks. The parent company not only controls the platform's financial flows but also covers the expenses for the payment of jackpots. Operators should only make payments for the basic triggering bets and implementation of marketing programs.

You can purchase a White Label casino and order services that can help you to scale your business at any time — just leave an application to the managers of Online Casino Market and tell them about your plans and preferences.

We guarantee competitive prices, pleasant discounts, and a transparent transaction.

We constantly update our product range that includes turnkey casinos, betting programs, ready-made gambling software from market leaders, equipment for land-based locations, and the creation of exclusive HTML5 content.

Our contacts:

  • Telegram: @spinwin
  • e-mail: manager@oc-market.com
  • Skype: slotsmarket
  • the feedback form.
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Updated 10 february 2023
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