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Updated 03 november 2022

The situation in the entertainment market is very dynamic. Its tendencies are constantly changing. To be prepared for potential innovation, some key points need to be foreseen.

The Online Casino Market team has made its forecasts regarding the development of the gambling business in the next few years. Order a profitable gaming project from our experts.

Regulatory Changes

Online gambling business: regulatory changes

Gambling laws in different countries are constantly adjusting to modern realities. Some states, such as Latin American countries, are beginning to provide developers and operators with more freedom. At the same time, other markets, such as Europe, are gradually tightening regulations.

A few years ago, most entrepreneurs sought to launch projects in the US and EU countries. Their main motive was the stable economic situation in these regions and the high income of potential clients. However, the situation in these markets today is not very promising. It is unlikely that it will change in a positive direction soon.

The Situation in the American Market

Only a few states allow gaming businesses in the US.

These are:

  • West Virginia;
  • New Jersey;
  • Tennessee;
  • Illinois;
  • Rhode Island;
  • Iowa;
  • Michigan;
  • Montana;
  • New Hampshire;
  • Colorado;
  • Pennsylvania;
  • Delaware;
  • Indiana;
  • Nevada;
  • Oregon.

Legislation in many regions is quite limited. For example, some states allow only casino or betting projects. In addition, entering the US market requires significant funding. Licences issued in American states are very expensive. The local audience is quite demanding. Therefore, the quality of the content must be at the highest level. This also requires financial costs.

The Prospects for European States

This region is also gradually becoming less attractive for businessmen.

There are several reasons for this:

  • expensive licensing;
  • strict legal regulations;
  • high level of competition.

Previously, entrepreneurs were focused on the solvency of players. That is why Europe was the ideal market for them. Nonetheless, the modern approach has changed. Today, operators pay attention not to the size of bets, but their frequency. Therefore, they began to consider developing regions.

Emerging Markets

Such regions as Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Africa are very attractive to entrepreneurs today. They will remain target markets for many operators in the future due to the following benefits:

  • low tax rates;
  • favourable legislation;
  • loyal attitude of the audience, and others.

A big advantage of these regions is the opportunity to work with international licences. Even if gambling is not legalised in some countries, their laws do not prohibit the operation of foreign online resources. Most often, businessmen obtain permits in offshore jurisdictions.

Here are some popular options:

Increased Level of Competition

The entertainment market will continue to be saturated with more products and manufacturers. It will be more difficult for aspiring studios to make themselves known. Because of this, there will be more cases of purchasing new brands by large manufacturers.

Under such conditions, a start-up studio will be completely dependent on the company that bought the brand. Developers will have to coordinate all their plans and creative ideas with this firm. At the same time, this is a good way to get decent funding for newcomers. Well-known producers are willing to pay good money for worthwhile solutions.

Acquiring a brand does not always mean losing its uniqueness. Some companies give quite a lot of freedom to the studios they bought out. They manage to maintain their original style and improve their approach to content creation.

The high level of competition will test the resilience of manufacturers and operators. Only companies that offer their customers truly in-demand products will be able to stay afloat.

Focus on Innovation

Online casino business: best innovations

To interest potential players and maintain their loyalty, gambling companies need to follow only the most up-to-date content elaboration trends.

Here are a few tendencies that will not lose their relevance in the next few years:

Cryptocurrency projects

Fast and convenient payment methods will be very demanded. The absence of intermediaries and commissions attracts the attention of players from different regions.

The lack of need to enter personal data during registration is another advantage of crypto projects

VR content

Full immersion in the world of gambling gives players an unforgettable experience.

VR software and hardware products are improved every year. Therefore, players will have the opportunity to get even more incredible emotions

Cross-platform solutions

Universal sites with a simple and intuitive interface will not lose their popularity.

Such resources allow gamers to use gambling services from any device, without pre-installation

Mobile content

Convenient apps for tablets and smartphones will let players launch their favourite games with just a few clicks.

Such program products will provide users with wider functionality in comparison with the browser version

In-Game Conversion

Bitcoin casinos will continue to gain the trust of audiences from all over the world. However, operators will not be limited to one payment method. Although cryptocurrencies are becoming incredibly popular, a lot of people still prefer to settle with fiat monetary units.

In-game conversion will help entrepreneurs reach the widest possible audience. A player will be able to deposit funds in digital currency and withdraw in the local one, or vice versa. A good exchange rate and instant execution of transactions are important features of a casino that offers in-game conversion.

Universal Gaming Portals

Nowadays, many popular projects start to combine several types of gambling. Betting projects launch casinos, and vice versa. This approach allows entrepreneurs not to be limited to one direction. This contributes to a significant extension of the potential audience.

Operators will continue to skillfully combine several types of gambling:

  1. Winnings in online slots will be able to use for sports betting.
  2. Bonuses received in bookmaker will be used for card games, live tournaments, etc.

The Merger of Offline and Online Sectors

Land-based businesses of various directions are gradually moving to the internet format. For example, well-known chains of grocery supermarkets, cosmetics stores, pharmacies, and other points of sale are opening their online stores.

The gambling segment is no exception here. Some lottery operators already offer customers to continue playing online by scanning the QR code on the lottery ticket. Another example is the opportunity to play online video slots in a gambling hall using a tablet or PC.

Famous casinos have official sites. After registering on these resources, players can get additional bonuses and use them in land-based establishments to receive gaming benefits, valuable gifts, free food, and drinks.

Advanced Advertising Techniques

The increased level of competition will motivate businessmen to use better ways to attract and retain customers.

The most relevant methods are as follows:

  1. Affiliate marketing. Partner services show good results in terms of increasing online traffic. Operators will continue to rely on affiliates to build a customer base and maintain the interest of loyal customers.
  2. Social media promotion. Social networks have become an important part of our lives. Posting informative messages with bright and eye-catching graphic content is a good way to let your audience know about special offers, new products, sweepstakes, etc.

Automated Business Processes

Gaming resource owners are more actively mastering machine learning technologies to reduce staff costs and speed up all functional processes.

Innovative technologies allow them to automate:

  • checking client accounts;
  • the creation of reporting;
  • user data analysis;
  • studying user activity, etc.

The Main Things about the Future of the Entertainment Sector

iGaming business development: key notions

The development of the gaming business will depend on innovations.

The main trends will be as follows:

  • the changes in gambling legislation;
  • increased level of competition;
  • the focus on advanced technologies;
  • the automation of business processes;
  • unique payment solutions, and others.

To learn more about the forecasts for the development of the entertainment sector in the coming years, please contact the managers of Online Casino Market. We are in touch 24/7.

Our specialists have been studying current gaming trends for many years. Their ability to correctly determine the prospects for a particular niche allows operators to launch projects with an emphasis on the right tendencies.

Order your gambling start-up from our team to be a few steps ahead of your competitors, always keep the audience interested, and get good profits.


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