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Benefits of Launching an Online Casino in Europe

Leading World’s Economy

A good situation with the commercial sector opens favourable prospects for a foolproof project implementation

Appeal of Entertainment

Europeans have always been known as avid gamblers, and internet activity increased the audience even more

Innovative Means

The introduction of crypto gaming, live content, VR entertainment spiked the interest in gambling activities

Variety of Licensing Destinations

The region offers registration capabilities in offshore states as well as in popular European areas

Leading Software Providers

Globally recognised content creators are all present in Europe, proposing a wide assortment of entertainment

Proficient Market Entrance

Multiple solutions from Online Casino Market certify a smooth start of a portal in any European country

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Finding the Most Optimal Way to Engage in The Web Gambling Business in Europe

The heart and soul of the amusement industry definitely lie in the Old World. While the first settlers only began colonising America, the gambling business in Europe was flourishing back then. Time flies and the continents now seem to contribute to the sphere equally. However, the number of web gaming platforms prevails in the Old World.

Online Casino Market is eager to introduce to you the advantages of starting a casino in Europe. Moreover, our experts are ready to assist you in all processes to ensure the success of the project.

Continue reading and embrace the most advantageous destinations on the continent and the ways to enter them with unique and gripping playing content.

Legal Background of the Gambling Market in Europe

Gambling market in Europe: legal background

It is impossible to establish single juridical norms on iGaming for the entire continent. Each country has its relation to entertainment. If you want to start an online gambling platform in Europe, it is vital to make a selection of the destination.

For a better understanding of key playing areas, let us focus on:

The last few years have shown a particular increase in demand and consumption of gaming services in these countries. With no single casino law in Europe, understanding legal notions of these sectors is crucial.


The country has regulated legislation of sports betting, fantasy leagues, horse racing, poker, bingo, and sweepstakes. Casino entertainment is also under precise governmental control. So, if you look for how to open a gambling resource in Europe, all types of this amusement are available here.

The viable legislation has been active since 2012, monitored by the local authoritative body DOGA. In 2020, strict limits on deposits have been introduced due to the increased number of sessions because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Nevertheless, operators continue applying for Danish licences as the sector features highly solvent public and legal online betting in Europe.


This state has one of the most unusual legislations, as even the EU has stepped in to clarify it. Casino sites can not be legalised here, except for a single federal land — Schleswig-Holstein. If you want to start a gambling business in Europe and target a German audience, the active decree will not let you apply for a licence, beginning from April 2020.

It is still possible to register the venue offshore and access the public from there. Until the EU submits the final amendments on the oriented law, new permits from a local commission will not be granted.


The region is an excellently developed gambling market in Europe. The legal activities comprise sports betting, horse racing, poker, bingo, and casinos. The sweepstakes sector is under the monopoly control of the government.

Unlike the majority of gambling laws in Europe, the Italian application process is performed as a tender. A strict number of available permits are displayed and shared between the operators. The taxation system of the sphere is favourable for owners of all types of platforms.


The current authoritative body is called L’autorite Nationale des Jeux. All applications about the available permits are submitted by the commission. 78% of the gaming market is controlled by the board.

It is possible to receive working permits in the state for sports betting and virtual poker rooms. Sweepstakes’ sphere is a governmental monopoly. It is possible to start a casino in Europe with an orientation on French punters with the help of an offshore registration.

Great Britain

The gambling market in Europe has a definite leader in terms of punters, developed legislation, and taxation revenue. Operators who are eager to settle down here can apply for any licences except for sweepstakes’. There is a single national lottery operator, with the next tender planned for the end of 2021.

The recent amendment to the official decree mentions the prohibition to accept deposits from credit funds. The advertising capabilities are also limited in this gambling market in Europe. So, administrators have to use all available assets to ensure their brand awareness is on a decent level.

Online Casino Market wants the clients to receive maximum acquisition for their platforms. Our proficient team calculates all the necessary variables to secure successful progress for the resource. Buy a casino in Europe at our organisation and make your brand recognised in multiple neighbouring states.

Content Support for Establishments on European Premises

Casino software in Europe: providers

It is vital for a manager to deliver the finest entertainment to the customers. But while the provided content in the American region may perform excellently, the same online casino software in Europe can be hardly requested.

A few notable representatives of gaming programs work with the particular focus on this area and are worth administrator’s attention:

Euro Games Technology

Originated in Bulgaria, the firm has been creating software for establishments with an orientation on the region.

Punters can recognise numerous variations of card and tabletop titles due to peculiar graphical approach and absorbing gameplay


A giant iGaming tycoon has been offering casino software in Europe for almost 30 years.

Hundreds of formats allow an administrator to diversify the platform to make it engaging for different types of punters


The Estonian company has an enormous library of over half a thousand titles.

Apart from well-thought-after pieces of content, developed for the neighbouring territories, the firm accepts orders on the individual elaboration of games


The organisation’s home is in Sweden — one of the most gambling nations in the world.

Having been driven by the local punters, the company created a gigantic portfolio that has already earned recognition in the continent and beyond

Evolution Gaming

Another Swedish brand, manufacturing casino software in Europe and foreign markets.

The organisation is particularly valued by managers from Italy, Denmark, the UK — all these countries have officially certified content from the vendor

Online Casino Market regularly updates offers from the partners to supply the freshest games. Our company cooperates only with the top-performing and licensed sellers that can guarantee increased acquisition from the purchased content. Reach out to the customer team of our firm to open a gambling platform in Europe with the finest programming support.

Reasons to Consider a Turnkey Casino in Europe

This continent has some of the most notable representatives of the iGaming sphere. A beginning manager will find it complicated to compete with no proper experience. So, the possibility to order a turnkey casino in Europe simplifies the adaptation process and ensures the organisation of the resource is completed efficiently.

Crucial aspects to opt for a ready-made project:

  1. Understanding of the surroundings. An individual entrepreneur may not have enough resources (or has to use all available assets) to conduct an effective analysis of the market. It is obligatory to do this for maximum reliability of the project’s prospects. A guide company has the necessary background and monitors the area 24/7 to provide up-to-date information to the client.
  2. The legalisation of the portal. Due to the successful completion of previous orders, an aggregator is into the peculiarities of registering the web gambling business in Europe. All bureaucratic nuances are covered professionally by the legal experts of the company with the consideration of the administrator’s capabilities and orientations.
  3. An embellishment of the platform. The creation of a brand, site and the firm itself is under the responsibilities of the aggregator. Close cooperation with the client ensures matching the expectation with the realities of the sphere. A professional designers’ department works according to modern standards and sets up a trendy environment.
  4. Selection and purchase of software. The critical aspect that secures a successful start of a casino in Europe is the choice and integration of gaming and administrative content. The understanding of what vendors will be the most beneficial for the current project defines how attractive the assortment on the platform will be. So, the aid of specialists is an enormous advantage.
  5. 24/7 support. For the first time, an operator receives timely help from an aggregator on any technical issues or clients’ concerns. Moreover, the professional guide organisation supplies valuable aid on recruiting services. It ensures that the newly–founded team understands the environment and works for the benefit of the portal.

The Main Things about Setting up a Platform in Europe

Gambling business in Europe: crucial notions

An auspicious project in the Old World sounds like an amazing source of constant income. But the question of iGaming lawfulness has teased numerous entrepreneurs who looked forward to making any moves towards the sphere. Is gambling legal in Europe? Yes, it is, but differently in distinct countries.

Crucial elements about the entertainment in the continent:

  • most popular states with favourable conditions to open gambling projects in Europe are Denmark, Germany, Italy, France, Great Britain;
  • Euro Games Technology, Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, and Evolution Gaming are the most recognised supplies of entertainment content in the region;
  • a safe alternative to the individual development of the site is a turnkey casino in Europe.
Online Casino Market gladly waits for your inquiries and orders. Our team is competent enough to fulfil all your plans into reality. Reach out to the client service and talk with the managers about the opportunity to buy a casino in Europe.

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