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The Benefits of the African Online Gambling Market

Demand for Online Gambling in the Region

Residents of many African countries are loyal to the game of chance and take an active part in gambling activities (sports betting, casino games, etc.)

Rapid Development of Mobile Gambling

Africans often use smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices to play their favourite games of chance or place sports bets anywhere and anytime

A Small Number of Potential Competitors

Quite a few gambling companies operate in African countries today. Take advantage of this peculiarity to take your rightful place in the local market

Simple and Fast Project Licensing Process

Online Casino Market will help you with obtaining an international gambling license allowing casino operators to work following African gaming laws

Large Selection of Payment Methods

Residents of African countries use different financial services. Choose the suitable options in our catalogue and connect them to your gaming website

Fast Payback of Gambling Projects

According to statistics, the average payback period for online casinos in African countries is about 3 months. This is an incredibly impressive result

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Efficient Gambling Business in Africa — How To Pave Your Road to Success with Online Casino Market

The online gambling business in Africa is a frequent destination for entrepreneurs in 2020. Many inexperienced people might think that it is not the best place for a businnes, but that is not true. A lot of novice opertors want to open a casino here, since the gambling market in Africa is not overloaded yet.

With thorough market analysis and professional support from Online Casino Market, your gambling business in Africa will be the start of a lucrative career. 

Why is the Gambling Market in Africa Quite Appealing?

Gambling market in Africa: advantages

One of the major advantages that make operators open gambling in Africa is a high level of development for certain regions. For example, South Africa and Tunisia are characterized by increased demand for such entertainment and have a healthy rivalry between the brands.

Moreover, other fast-developing countries (Egypt, Algeria, Nigeria) are also looking forward to attracting operators to open gambling in Africa. If to be more specific, the following advantages make the region appealing at least in the next decade or two.

Financially reliable players

If you launch an African gambling platform with the right focus on the people, you will get high profit. Players in the country are thirsty for gambling and are eager to spend savings on their favourite entertainment activities

A stable increase in the financial aspect

African countries receive constant help from other states and spend these resources to stabilize and grow the economy. This makes people’s earnings more substantial, meaning they will have more money to deposit to your gambling business in Africa

Massive hype on digitalization

Even though Africa is a third-world country, people here are still looking forward to obtaining the latest possible gadgets and trying the trendiest entertainment. The gambling market in Africa uses increased interest for its benefit, introducing online casinos as a popular pastime

Cryptocurrency in big countries

South Africa and Tunisia are the most developed countries on the continent. Cryptocurrency is popular among entrepreneurs there. Moreover, ordinary citizens also begin to get acquainted with online payment methods, with Bitcoin in particular

The general attitude towards the industry

In Africa, there are two types of people — those who care about online gambling and those who do not. While the first ones are trying to enjoy the new entertainment, the second do not mind its existence at all. There are no real haters of the gambling business in Africa

What are the Peculiarities of African Online Gambling Laws?

Considering the low number of technologically advanced countries in Africa, the online gambling business regulations are not described everywhere. However, some countries are still popular among operators, so it is essential to keep in mind the legal peculiarities of possible destinations.

Let us see what the online casino law in Africa looks like:

  • the National Gambling Act of 2004 forbade registering online casinos on the territory of the country;
  • there are no strict regulations about online entertainment of this kind and the country’s residents gladly access foreign platforms;
  • most Muslim-driven countries have quite a contradictory story about African gambling laws since the religious background prohibits any gambling manifestation but has nothing to do with the foreign online casinos and betting stores that target Africa from abroad.

As you can see, the online casino law in Africa is not regulated by any of the major countries. People here can join any gambling website, which operates from offshore, and enjoy slots, roulette, card games, and other online casino content.

Moreover, it is also possible to set up legal online betting in Africa since the locals adore European football, American basketball, and other major events around the globe.

What is a Turnkey Casino in Africa and Why is It Beneficial?

Turnkey casino in Africa: benefits

An Independent attempt to open gambling in Africa may be a bit complicated for a new operator. The lack of experience prevents entrepreneurs from utilizing the advantages of the location. Therefore, when an operator wants to start online gambling in Africa, a convenient turnkey casino solution can be extremely helpful.

Let us see what benefits can one receive from such a quick option for starting an online gambling in Africa:

  1. A turnkey casino in Africa with reliable assistance gives instant access to high-quality gaming content. It includes online casino software in Africa from such providers as Amatic, Greentube, Microgaming, and other top-class manufacturers.
  2. The straightforward process of obtaining an Africa casino license with the help of knowledgeable legal advisors. Since the gambling law in Africa 2020 stays unchanged, the only way to enter the local market is to resort to other jurisdictions.
  3. Essential addition that operators receive with a turnkey casino in Africa is the installation of popular local payment systems. Nowadays, these are M-Pesa, Skrill, SADC Payment Systems, Neteller, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard. This casino software in Africa is an integral part of any online gambling project.
  4. Technical maintenance and software support. When an operator is going to buy a casino in Africa, he wants to ensure no issues can prevent him from obtaining maximum profit. Therefore, a turnkey casino solution is a perfect choice since it includes 24/7 customer support service for any projects.
  5. Promotional support is another essential advantage when operators launch the African gambling business on a turnkey basis. Since new entrepreneurs know the minimum about the gambling market in Africa, an advertising campaign needs to cover the target audience with efficient methods.

What are the Main Things of Starting a Gambling Business with Online Casino Market?

Gambling business in Africa: conclusions

Before even the first step of the organizational process, it is essential to conduct thorough market research that will eventually lead to the following conclusions:

  • main reasons to buy a casino in Africa are financially reliable players, stable economic growth, total digitalization and innovative payment methods available;
  • as you answer the questions “is gambling legal in Africa” you have to choose a particular country to operate in (South Africa, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, and other big states have no online gambling regulations, so offshore licenses can grant operator access to the desired market);
  • an efficient turnkey casino solution in the region includes the development of a website, an connection of the most efficient casino software in Africa, licensing process, installation of payment systems, and promotion.

Online Casino Market always cares about its clients and provides expert personal guides on how to start a casino in Africa. Besides, our specialists offer the most impactful casino software in Africa for sale that includes such companies as Microgaming, Novomatic, EGT, Amatic, and others. We suggest contacting our experts before making the final order. Our responsive customer support service will answer any questions that you might come up with.


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