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Updated 03 november 2022

The modern gambling market is oversaturated with a large number of various offers from top vendors. To develop a truly attractive and memorable product, you need to spend a lot of effort.

Learn how to create content that will help you stand out from the competition in this article from Online Casino Market. You can also order a gaming site from our team.

Unique Mechanics

Online casino games: unique mechanics

Offer participants something new and unusual. As current research shows, users are already very tired of traditional 3x5 playing fields. Therefore, they are looking for something more advanced.

Here are some relevant options:

  1. Cascading slots. The essence of such machines lies in the explosion of symbols after the formation of a prize combination. In place of the burnt icons, new ones appear, automatically forming new winning chains.
  2. Cluster mechanics. Winnings in such slots are formed not by lines, but by clusters consisting of several images. Similar to the previous type of content, winning fragments explode and new symbols appear in their place, increasing a player's chances of gaining a big prize.
  3. Mega Ways. This unique mechanic has been patented by the developer Big Time Gaming. However, it has become incredibly popular in the gambling industry. Therefore, other manufacturers such as Blue Print, Relax Gaming, and Red Tiger, bought the rights to use this approach to building winning chains. Its essence lies in the different sizes of symbols. One icon can cover several lines at once. This makes it easier to create successful combinations.

Progressive Jackpots

Slots differ depending on the method of generating the maximum win. Some operators offer a set amount. The size of the prize cannot change during the game. This type of reward is called a fixed jackpot.

A more relevant option today is progressive winnings. In this case, the prize pool is formed from users' bets.

The more popular the slot, the bigger the jackpot amount. At the same time, a large number of contenders for the super prize significantly reduces the chances of each participant. However, the feeling of excitement and risk encourages players to choose such machines more often.

Producers always publish information about the latest hit big jackpots on their official sites and social media. This allows them to draw additional attention from the audience to certain slots and their gaming range in general.

Catchy Design

Traditional fruit slots are considered classics of the casino industry. They always find their fans. Nevertheless, most players are looking for something new and different. Therefore, manufacturers experiment with design solutions.

Here are some up-to-date options:

  • convenient interface with concise buttons;
  • realistic animation with smooth transitions;
  • bright but not annoying colours;
  • appropriate musical accompaniment, and others.

To get a product of decent quality, it is necessary to apply relevant content creation techniques. The best option is HTML5. This method allows developers to create vibrant cross-platform products that work smoothly on both desktop and mobile devices.

The final solutions are easily integrated into any gaming platform using API tools. This approach implies incredibly fast content installation and configuration.

Original Theme

Casino gaming software: original theme

The most popular subjects today are as follows:

  • fruit slots;
  • ancient civilisations;
  • holiday series;
  • space adventures, and others.

The main problem of many manufacturers is the loss of individuality. They catch some current trends and start copying each other's ideas. That is why there are so many slots on the topic of ancient Egypt, treasure hunting, or mystical adventures on the modern market.

Following a well-developed theme gives a producer a good chance of getting a positive response from the audience. However, a more promising option is to create a new trend.

The implementation of a unique subject will let you patent your idea and become a role model for other producers. This will increase your status among competitors and grow the level of consumers’ trust.

Extensive Catalogue

Some vendors create just a few products and all of them become super hits. At the same time, other companies work actively for years and only 1–2 solutions become recognisable. Nonetheless, you should not rely solely on luck.

You need to expand the catalogue constantly by adding new software. It is critical not to create raw, primitive products in a hurry.

The audience is very demanding nowadays. Players quickly lose interest in titles of dubious quality. Form a professional team that will promptly track current trends and implement fresh and catchy ideas in your products.

Experiment with different mechanics, designs, and themes. A wide variety will provide your potential customers with an extensive choice. The larger the list of content categories in your catalogue, the more target groups of players will be interested in your products.

Bonus Options

The opportunity to get a bigger prize motivates participants to play slots and place considerable bets. If a new product offers the audience a good selection of bonus options, users will undoubtedly be interested in it.

Here are some popular in-game reward options:

Gamble round

This is a risk session. A player can either double the winnings or lose everything. Usually, it is necessary to guess the suit of a closed card or a certain number


Increased coefficients can be obtained by the user in many ways. For example, they are activated when particular images appear on the screen or are applied randomly.

Large multipliers can increase the bet by several dozen times

Extra spins

The opportunity to spin the reels for free allows a gambler to compete for a valuable prize without risking money


A percentage of the amount spent is returned to the game account.

This sum can be used for new bets. As a rule, it cannot be withdrawn

Proper Promotion

Online casino slots: proper promotion

It is worth spending a decent amount on advertising a new product, especially if you are a beginner developer. Prepare a concise but detailed press release to get the media interested. Collaborate with other providers and influencers to quickly spread the information about your gaming solution.

Use these effective methods:

  1. Affiliate services. Partner resources make posts about gambling novelties and help manufacturers and operators get a significant influx of online traffic. A significant advantage of this tool is the possibility to pay for services performed. Thus, you will not risk your finances.
  2. Promotion in social media. It is hard to imagine the life of a modern person without communication on Facebook, Instagram, and other online platforms. Catching posts with relevant graphic content will allow you to attract the attention of the audience to a new product.
  3. Newsletters. This method is one of the oldest tools. However, it has not lost its relevance. E-mails with information about new entertainment solutions should be accompanied by up-to-date discount and bonus offers. Thanks to this, the interest of potential players in a gaming novelty will be much higher.

Advanced Technologies

The future is in innovation. Realistic, bright, and up-to-date content does not leave indifferent gaming enthusiasts.

Manufacturers are experimenting in the following areas:

  1. Live casinos. Highly qualified croupiers communicating in several languages, stylish interiors, and expensive equipment of a gaming studio recreate the atmosphere of a real casino. This greatly increases the level of excitement and contributes to greater involvement of players.
  2. AR tools. Augmented reality software allows suppliers to add lively, vivid tints to any game. It works as a filter from popular social media. No special equipment is required to use AR content.
  3. VR solutions. To immerse into the world of virtual reality, a player needs to have a special headset, glasses, and other devices. They are quite expensive. Nevertheless, the emotions users get from VR games cannot be compared to any other experience. The advantage for developers and operators is that VR enthusiasts are mostly wealthy people who are ready to make high bets.

The Main Things about Creating Profitable iGaming Content

To stand out from the competition and find potential customers, producers need to make their products relevant and recognisable.

To achieve these goals, they should:

  • choose the right mechanics;
  • create a bright design;
  • introduce advanced technologies;
  • add interesting bonus options;
  • promote products properly, etc.

If you want to learn more information about casino content development, please contact Online Casino Market managers.

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