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Updated 28 october 2022

The modern entertainment business is closely connected with a huge amount of data. Operators need to collect up-to-date information effectively and analyse it correctly. Business intelligence (BI) tools allow operators to process the received data competently and form the right decisions in the future.

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Ordering and Visualisation

BI in gambling: data ordering and visualisation

Effective BI tools allow entrepreneurs to classify the information received into certain categories since each online casino department works with particular data. For example, monetary indicators are studied by financial analysts to form a more productive financial strategy.

Audience preference data is critical for marketers. Based on this information, experts decide which methods to attract and retain customers should be applied.

Visualisation plays an important role in the efficient analysis of indicators. It is very easy to get confused with a large array of words and numbers. Therefore, special software transforms the received and processed information into more convenient formats:

  • tables;
  • graphics;
  • presentations, and others.

A simplified view of the data allows the head of a gaming project to quickly highlight the strengths and weaknesses of a particular aspect of the online establishment. In addition, this format helps the manager convey the necessary ideas to the rest of the team fast and easily.

Mobile BI Solutions

Modern automated data analysis tools differ significantly from early programs focused on working with large amounts of information. Today, specialised BI software is available to work on any device.

Viewing reports and tables from a smartphone screen saves time and optimises business operations. For the convenience of users, the generated files are stored on a virtual disk, which can be accessed in just a couple of clicks. This will let them not overload the phones’ memory and mix personal files with work ones.

The Application of BI tools in iGaming Marketing

The method allows operators to perform such tasks:

Target Audience Segmentation

Potential customers of gambling sites are classified according to the following parameters:

  1. Products of users’ interest.
  2. Average client profile.
  3. The motivation of consumers to visit a gaming resource.
  4. The most effective advertising methods.

Such an approach helps businessmen study the preferences and needs of players and form the most efficient marketing strategy.

Work with Existing Clients

This approach will let you segment players into several categories:

VIP participants

These customers may use gambling services very often. They deposit large sums regularly.

The last replenishment of a game account was carried out recently

Loyal consumers

Such clients visit a site quite often, making frequent rather high bets

Developing users

A player has participated in a wager at least 3 times.

The last action was performed not long ago


These are the clients who have enjoyed games of chance only 1–2 times. The last bet was made recently

Doubting customers

Users who have taken 1–2 actions some time before and are in no hurry to show activity

This classification will help an operator determine which category requires more careful study and application of advanced retention techniques. Having identified the target group, it is also important not to forget about other consumers. Do not focus only on working with a new audience, motivate and reward your loyal and VIP clients too.

The Main Things about the Use of BI Tools in Gaming

BI software in casinos: key notions

Efficient data collection and processing will let you make the right business decisions and establish productive operational processes within your online casino.

BI tools are used for the following purposes:

  • the classification and visualisation of information;
  • the formation of effective strategies;
  • the exchange of opinions with the team;
  • quick access to software through mobile apps;
  • target audience segmentation, and lots of others.

These instruments are of great importance for marketing. It helps entrepreneurs find the right approach to both new and regular customers based on their preferences.

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Updated 28 october 2022