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Updated 18 june 2021

The iGaming market is growing rapidly. By 2027, the industry’s turnover will reach 127.3 billion dollars with an average annual increase of 11.4%.

The investment volume in this sector is also steadily increasing but many people are wondering: in which online casino software solutions is it worth investing money in 2024? In this article, we will figure out how to choose a profitable business area and a well-thought-out gambling platform in order to get a tidy profit within the shortest possible time.

Gambling projects in 2021: advice of experts

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Purchase the Best Turnkey Project: Types of Cooperation

Today, there are 2 promising methods of launching a gaming site: the launch of a turnkey casino and the purchase of a platform under the White Label program.

Let us consider the features and benefits of popular iGaming products:

White Label scheme

Under such an agreement, a parent company provides its subsidiary with a ready-made gambling system.

The task of entrepreneurs is to scale and promote their business on the basis of technological developments (software, payment components, and CRM systems) of the franchisor.

The main advantage of this program is that it includes a licence. As a rule, operators work under a sublicence of the parent company registered in Malta, Curacao or other jurisdictions.

Businessmen should pay the supplier for purchasing a White Label platform and also a monthly revenue share. Moreover, operators are responsible for the marketing issues

Turnkey online casino

The technical input of White Label and turnkey casino projects is identical. Customers receive a powerful backend, a catalogue of video games, financial aggregators, and other useful elements.

Besides, the turnkey casino software is distinguished by the high-quality front-end design. Ready-made gaming sites please users with a well-thought-out lobby and convenient navigation.

Such an offer as a turnkey casino website for sale is a great opportunity to establish a profitable business. Entrepreneurs just need to obtain a licence and pay the provider only once — for the delivery and configuration of the ready-made gaming system

Technical Nuances of Choosing an iGaming Project

Turnkey online casino: technical nuances

A successful development of a gaming site is affected by the reliability and high performance of the software. If a platform is haunted by a series of hacker attacks, breakdowns, and technical problems, then such an online casino will not be popular with gamblers and B2B partners.

There are several search criteria for finding a high-quality iGaming solution:

Cross-Platform Interface

About 50% of the profit of operators is accounted for by smartphone owners, so their opinion and preferences are extremely valuable when choosing a platform.

Mobile users are searching for:

  • the understandable and adaptive interface of a gaming site;
  • well-thought-out lobby with flexible settings;
  • high speed of loading an application and an ability to play directly on the website;
  • integration of social networks into mobile games.

However, entrepreneurs should not focus only on mobile online casinos. In 2024, PWA applications are gaining popularity. These are “hybrid” platforms that work seamlessly on both smartphones and desktop devices.

Modern Equipment

A good iGaming project includes the following basic elements:

  • a catalogue of video games that can be characterised by the diversity of plots, interesting mechanics, and new releases from the world’s leading software vendors;
  • financial aggregator with support for fast multicurrency payments;
  • security software that includes a multilevel verification system;
  • module with reporting and CRM tools to track the activity of users;
  • gambling platform — a powerful backend on which all the components of a gaming site are installed.

The completeness of a gambling solution depends largely on the cooperation scheme chosen by operators. Thus, the White Label program, among other things, includes a licence issued by a prestigious jurisdiction. Turnkey casino buyers receive a high-quality front-end with current trends in the web design sphere.

Additional Characteristics

Before launching a gaming site, it is necessary to pay attention to several software parameters:

  • high speed of work with optimal loading and increased internet traffic;
  • simplicity and ease of connection (the best solution is the presence of API tools for seamless integration of the product);
  • technical support from the software vendor;
  • reliable website hosting with a dedicated physical server or cloud storage.

Features of Casino Licensing

For the legal operation on the market, the acquisition of a permit is mandatory. Operators can connect a legal White Label project or independently obtain a licence.

The nuances of choosing a jurisdiction for establishing a turnkey casino business:

  1. Popularity among gamblers. Websites with the .com domain address are extremely in-demand since they can be visited by players from all over the world — even from those countries where gambling is prohibited. The work in the .com domain zone can be possible for the holders of permits issued in Malta, the Isle of Man, Gibraltar, and other countries.
  2. Tax burden. It is important to determine the income tax that must be paid by operators and mandatory deductions from the winnings of users. Loyal taxation is a feature of such offshore zones as Curacao, Malta, Panama, and Kahnawake. Entrepreneurs pay no more than 5% of the net profit and no taxes on real estate, withdrawn capital or VAT.
  3. The simplicity of business registration. Many European countries offer entrepreneurs to establish a company under the simplified procedure. Most of the actions can be done online, for example, application filing, payment of a licence fee, and opening an account in a local bank.

Promising and Profitable iGaming Projects in 2024

iGaming projects in 2021: promising and profitable start-ups

From Online Casino Market, you can buy modern online casinos with a stylish design and high performance.

Let us consider the most promising gambling solutions in 2024:

VR Casino

This is a three-dimensional digital project created with the use of virtual reality technology. Such a solution is distinguished by its high-quality graphics, as well as a detailed and bright picture.

To access a VR casino, users need BroadBand WL and a special headset: helmets, glasses, and other devices.

An interesting and inexpensive headset can be bought from such well-known IT brands as Samsung and Pimax. VR helmets with advanced functionality are released by HTC and Oculus Rift. Products of these companies are equipped with built-in 4K cameras, options for tracking head rotations, and convenient controllers.

The main advantages of a VR casino:

  • a wide range of VR games, including slots, cards, roulette, poker, and blackjack;
  • modern content from Microgaming, NetEnt, NextGen Gaming, and CasExe;
  • high-quality 3D graphics with the elements of software web modelling;
  • positive feedback of gamblers: they enjoy the ability to play in small teams or participate in multiplayer tournaments.

Bitcoin Casino

It is based on blockchain technology. The peer-to-peer and decentralised structure guarantees high speed of operation processing, reliable security, and independence from regulatory bodies.

The development of an online casino based on blockchain technology is beneficial for the following reasons:

  • automatic control of the honesty of results without the involvement of external programs;
  • high speed, security, and anonymity of payments with minimal commission fees;
  • connection of bitcoin slots with unique mathematics of the gameplay;
  • loyal limit policy towards the deposition and withdrawal of funds without restrictions on the part of banks.

Telegram Casino

The solution is based on artificial intelligence and algorithms that allow operators to work with large amounts of data (Big Data). Customers receive a multipurpose chatbot that is simultaneously connected to a social network and a gaming site.

Advantages of launching a Telegram casino:

  • increased number of platforms (gamblers launch virtual slots in the chatbot and then visit a casino website);
  • effective targeting from a social network (legitimate advertising that is focused on the solvent audience);
  • high level of customer service (the chatbot performs a number of routine tasks related to consulting, registration, interlock bypass, and payments of bonuses);
  • interesting in-game tools used for the interaction with gamblers.

The Main Things about Choosing a High-Quality Gaming Site

From us, you can order a profitable turnkey casino, a White Label program, bitcoin projects, VR casinos, and other interesting solutions that will help you to enter the iGaming market without problems.

Features of buying the best turnkey online business from our company:

  • modern equipment with CRM systems, payment aggregators, and security solutions;
  • large selection of casino games: slot machines, table and live games, as well as exclusive VR and bitcoin slots;
  • stylish design of a gaming site with convenient navigation and a well-thought-out lobby;
  • simple connection using API tools.

Online Casino Market provides professional technical support that includes:

  • 2 popular types of cooperation: the purchase of a turnkey casino and cooperation under the White Label scheme. In the first case, clients receive a high-quality and adaptive front-end, and in the second case — an opportunity to work under the sublicence of the parent company.
  • Technical criteria for choosing high-quality casino software: cross-platform interface, a wide range of options, high speed, simple connection, and reliable internet hosting.
  • In 2024, entrepreneurs are recommended to invest in iGaming projects with a quick payback: bitcoin, VR, and Telegram casinos.

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