Fraudsters Attack: How Criminals Receive Private Data

Updated 30 june 2021
The team of Online Casino Market has received reports of fraudulent attempts of stealing our clients’ information. Criminals represent themselves as the company experts and ask for detail our real experts would have never requested. We recommend all our clients to be vigilant and compare the contacts of the managers with the official page of Online Casino Market.

Protection against internet fraud: efficient methods

To prevent potential inconveniences and secure our customers from similar scams, we offer to get acquainted with a detailed guide. The experts will describe the most common ways of online fraud and how to protect against them.

How Criminals Receive Information

One day you typically log in into the site and another find your bank accounts empty. What has gone wrong? Did you receive new offers from your partner company? Have you signed additional agreements and mentioned any personal data? All this suspicious activity can lead to damaging consequences

There are plenty of comparative instances of how individuals reluctantly help web swindlers. Online Casino Market needs our customers to know about these techniques and check every detail when working with any private data.

Spoof Websites

Among the most famous approaches to mislead an individual is to ensure a common environment. It is extremely tricky to separate an authentic site from a trap. The structure seems comparable, functions are something very similar, and the client service reacts quickly and effectively.

The most effective method to abstain from turning into an object of phishing on a spoof site:

  • establish an encrypted connection (https protocol is obligatory);
  • avoid redirects from obscure pages and sites;
  • monitor the name of the resource;
  • use the utility programming with the protection from dubious assets;
  • check the relevance of the site on special services (i.e. WHOIS Search & WHOIS Lookup).

False Social Media Contacts

Today, such famous platforms as Telegram, Facebook, Skype, Instagram, allocate to each user a nickname. The hindrance of this technique is that tricksters can see it as well and create new accounts with slight contrasts in names.

Without an appropriate investigation, it is complicated to notice differences. The picture is something similar, the bio can be replicated, and the correspondence could be proficient. When fraudsters get the cherished data, they erase the false page without the likelihood to recover the correspondence history.

How would you be able to deal with counterfeit accounts:

  • check the accuracy of the name at the official representative page;
  • limit any redirects and refuse requests to follow to any site other than an approved page;
  • mention no private information or send any assets without authoritatively consented documents or other verifications of official services.

Outcomes of Lost Data

Whether it is your ID information or the number, fraudsters can utilise them to their advantage.

How fraudsters can manage the taken information:

  1. Take microloans at resources that do not ask for a lot of data. With a few such credits, a person will find himself in a huge debt.
  2. Address false fines with their instalments. As a rule, a terrified person promptly pays for the punishment and does not check the validity of the ticket.
  3. Call as bank representatives. These “trained professionals” will request more monetary data to manage unlawful transfers if they know your phone number.
  4. Order products with the instalment delay. They retrieve the bought thing while the store contacts the information proprietor for the cash.
  5. Register fake companies. It is utilised to stow away from taxes or manage criminal operations with money.

The Main Things about Securing Private Information

Security of private information: key notions

Systematic instructions to guarantee you do not expose private data to fraudsters:

  • be mindful of the site or social media spelling;
  • minimise the frequency of redirects to any assets other than an actual site;
  • avoid telling additional private information without a legitimate understanding of the situation.

Online Casino Market needs to guarantee our customers the finest services. Our specialists never ask for private data outside the arrangements. We advise that every one of our clients check the legitimacy of the people you communicate with, even if they represent our company members.

Reach out Online Casino Market only through confirmed methods, where you can order additional security measures and receive proficient recommendations on the issue.

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Fraudsters can use contacts that look like ours to scam customers. Therefore, we ask you to enter only the addresses that are indicated on our official website.

Be careful! Our team is not responsible for the activities of persons using similar contact details.

Karen Fill


Karen Fill

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Updated 30 june 2021