Online Casino Business: 6 Ways to Avoid Bankruptcy in 2023

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Updated 20 june 2023

Running a gambling site is a responsible process that includes many stages. An entrepreneur must develop a deliberate strategy to achieve success.

Online casino business: basic information

The Online Casino Market company tells how operators can effectively manage wagering projects and avoid financial problems. We offer diverse programs and services for the successful administration of a gambling platform.

How to Start and Run an iGaming Site

An online casino is a large-scale and time-consuming project that requires high responsibility, an effective business plan, and serious financial investments. An operator can create a web gambling platform independently, or speed everything up by purchasing a ready-made solution.

The iGaming business must be developed properly, in the following stages:

  • learning the industry and building a strategy;
  • elaborating a unique site;
  • creating or buying entertainment software;
  • integrating payment modules;
  • installing security modules;
  • effective marketing with hired specialists.

An entrepreneur should also learn about critical Key performance indicators (KPIs) — Gross gaming revenue (GGR) and Net gaming revenue (NGR). These are profits before and after taking into account the costs of the company's operation. The figures must not only cover expenses but also significantly exceed them, for a thriving business.

To find out whether a project is profitable, an operator needs to calculate the following parameters:

  • bets-to-deposits and NGR-to-deposits;
  • number of conversions;
  • retention and churn rates;
  • amount of active punters per day or month;
  • the lifetime value of players;
  • the average income per user.

Managers must also consider what errors and problems should be avoided in order to minimise the risks.

The Most Common Mistakes of Gambling Operators

Gaming business development: mistakes

Even leading casino managers have faced technical or financial problems in their careers. However, there are mistakes that entrepreneurs make at the stage of planning or launching the platform. They can affect the audience and the performance of the gaming portal, and even lead to bankruptcy.

Here is the list of common mistakes wagering operators make:

  1. Offering old-fashioned content. Some entrepreneurs do not pay attention to gambling trends and the latest technologies. This is a mistake because the modern gaming audience is mostly young people who prefer innovative and fresh content.
  2. Neglecting design. A well-made internet portal has excellent visualisation for attracting customers with the first impression. Unfortunately, many operators neglect the site design which can lead to low competitiveness.
  3. Limited amusement catalogue. Some entrepreneurs believe adding a few nice games is enough to do the job. However, a limited range of entertainment attracts a narrower audience, and customers can quickly lose interest.
  4. Not paying attention to legal aspects. Some businessmen do not devote enough time to researching the norms of their jurisdiction, gaming principles, age limits, or advertising restrictions. Negligence can lead to a loss of reputation, a licence or even the right to run a gambling business.
  5. Ineffective marketing. Many operators save on promotion because it is usually expensive. However, quality advertising is a key element of branding, the omission of which will lead to the failure of a project.
  6. Poor customer support. The feedback from the audience has a huge impact on the company's reputation. Entrepreneurs, who neglect the importance of communication, risk losing the trust of clients.

6 Ways to Avoid Bankruptcy of iGaming Business

An operator needs to lead the project wisely, keeping in mind the following nuances:

Examining the chosen market

To run a legal and profitable business with minimum risks, the entrepreneur must select a dependable jurisdiction and explore the local industry. It is also important to analyse the government, the state of the economy, the political situation, tax rates and other aspects

Following the trends

The choices and preferences of gamers are various and tend to change with time. Although classic entertainment is always popular among punters (fruit slot machines, online poker, card emulators, and others), prominent operators offer as many different games as possible.

When deciding on a portfolio, integrate diverse entertainment innovations (new forms of lotto draws, shooting games, etc.), as well as classic options

Maintaining a licence

Some casino owners can disregard the requirements of the chosen jurisdiction and lose their work permits in the end. The legalisation of a gambling project is crucial — an operator must adhere to the conditions and changes in the local regulation, take into account KYC and AML requirements, and provide an effective ID verification process

Setting a balanced bonus program

It is beneficial for entrepreneurs to use a loyalty system to constantly engage new customers. Successful providers offer generous bonuses to grow clients’ interest in the brand.

Punters get to know the company by testing out the casino’s gaming content before becoming regular customers. However, the system must be balanced, with established limits, so as not to bankrupt the entrepreneur

Improving customer feedback

Effective communication with both new and regular clients is significant for brand development and trusted cooperation. A manager of a casino platform must provide round-the-clock customer support to solve any technical, financial, or legal issues

Enhancing brand promotion

Engaging internet traffic helps stay ahead in a highly competitive market. An operator must develop a marketing strategy that includes a generous bonus system (prizes for registration, first deposit, long-term activity on the site, daily visits, etc.), a VIP program, and other efficient advertising tools (SMM tools, affiliate promotion, etc.)

The Main Things about Casinos Avoiding Bankruptcy

Casinos avoiding bankruptcy: key notions

An operator must launch a gambling project thoroughly to avoid bankruptcy and other problems. An internet casino platform must function smoothly and efficiently, and be constantly updated with new game content and improved marketing tools.

The key things that an operator should pay attention to:

  • starting an online casino requires the creation of an efficient business plan, large financial investments, and a high level of responsibility;
  • it is vital to avoid such mistakes: offering limited and old-fashioned content, neglecting design and legalisation aspects, providing inefficient marketing and poor customer support;
  • there are at least 6 effective ways to avoid bankruptcy for iGaming entrepreneurs when creating or running a project in 2023.

The fastest and easiest way to enter the gambling segment is a turnkey business solution. At 2WinPower, you can buy a high-quality gaming platform with built-in trendy software. We also offer slot development, project strategy elaboration, financial gateway integration, and many other useful services.

Contact our manager to learn more information and start building a profitable gambling career.

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Updated 20 june 2023