The Use of CRM tools for Data Analysis in the Gambling Business

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Updated 05 september 2022

A huge number of users register on various entertainment resources every day. They leave a lot of information that can be effectively used by operators to create the right strategies for interacting with consumers.

CRM (customer relationship management) systems are comprehensive solutions that allow entrepreneurs to collect, deeply analyse, and effectively apply data. It should be understood that each internet project has its special characteristics. However, CRM tools perform many universal tasks applicable to different gambling business formats.

CRM in the gambling business: basic info

The Online Casino Market team wants to familiarise you with the areas where CRM systems are applied.

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The Systematisation and Classification of Big Data

Online casinos deal with huge amounts of information daily. To use the data received correctly, it must be processed appropriately. The classification of information following certain parameters will simplify the interaction of a businessman with an audience greatly.

CRM tools allow an operator to determine:

  • the number of visits to a site by particular groups of players;
  • the total amount of deposits for a specific period;
  • the per cent of completed gaming sessions;
  • the frequency of wins and losses;
  • profits and expenses of a company;
  • the sum of the average bet.

The main categories can be divided into many subgroups to analyse the information obtained in more detail.

Online Traffic Analysis

Online casino traffic: analysis

Studying the afflux and outflow of the audience will let you understand how effective the promotion tools used are.

Recent studies have shown that about 50% of most web casino visitors spend time on a certain resource only once and never return to it. At the same time, advertising costs can be very significant.

Does this mean that an operator needs to cut promotion expenses? No, a businessman just has to find a new approach to the audience and more effective marketing techniques. If a project is aimed at fun players, the above statistics may be quite acceptable. In this case, it is not needed to change anything.

If you are targeting time-on-device users, you should utilise methods that will prolong their stay on your site:

  • free spins;
  • gamble rounds;
  • cashback;
  • daily bonuses;
  • periodic draws of valuable prizes, and others.

Total Sum of Deposits and the Size of the Average Bet

Constant monitoring of game account replenishments will allow you to understand whether the motivation of your customers has decreased. If the total amount of deposits starts to fall rapidly, this is a signal that it is time for you to apply more efficient marketing methods. For example, you can offer gamblers additional benefits for replenishing accounts, such as cashback, free games, loyalty points, etc.

The same applies to the average bet amount. If the indicators are decreasing, besides improving the promotional strategy, a casino owner should also analyse the relevance of the gaming content. Unclaimed products should be replaced with more advanced solutions with lots of bonus options.

Average Win Amount

Experts say that the optimal prize sum in an online casino is about $100. Such an amount will undoubtedly give positive emotions to players. At the same time, it will not bring significant financial losses for operators.

It should be understood that winnings have to be fairly frequent. If customers constantly lose, a gambling club will go into the minus due to a decrease in the loyalty of the target audience.

Consumer Retention

Casino customer retention: statistics

A study of 15,406 online casino accounts showed the following figures:


Percentage of players, %

Any actions after registration


Users that visited the entertainment resource for the second time


third time


fourth time


fifth time


sixth time


This statistic confirms that the outflow of a loyal audience is a common practice for casinos. For entrepreneurs focused on time-on-device customers, this situation is quite acceptable.

At the same time, businessmen focused on working with other categories of users can lose significant amounts invested in promotion with a rapid drop in such indicators.

General Recommendations for Working with CRM Systems

When interacting with client management tools, an operator should pay attention to the following points:

  1. The attraction of a new client is much more costly and difficult than retaining a regular one. Therefore, constant data analysis for identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the marketing strategy will allow you to improve the mechanisms of interaction with permanent consumers.
  2. Recognise the most promising group of clients and focus on working with them. Invest in ads suited to the interests and needs of this category. Offer the customers personalised bonuses and gifts.
  3. Categorise Big Data to promptly find difficult moments in every aspect of your business. Explore reports to form financial plans and control costs.

The Main Things about Data Analysis and CRM Tools in Gambling

The software aimed at the quick and efficient processing of large amounts of information lets operators significantly simplify interaction with customers.

CRM systems help entrepreneurs cope with the following tasks:

  • systematisation of Big Data;
  • profit and cost analysis;
  • studying the afflux and outflow of online traffic;
  • analysing a marketing plan, and others.

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Updated 05 september 2022