Online Casino Churn Rate: Tips to Stop Losing Players in 2024

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Updated 02 january 2024

The analysis of casino churn rate is highly significant for every business because this data is critical to ensure better performance and gain income.

Online casino churn rate: general info

Online Casino Market will provide you with an extensive guide that contains all the necessary information on keeping players and making sure they do not leave rapidly. You can also order top software from us for improving the standings of your casino.

What Is Churn Rate?

The term alludes to the percentage of clients that become inactive on the platform and leave it during a certain timeframe. This notion is not the same as retention. A churn rate shows the number of customers that enrolled and were active for a certain time on your site but have decided to quit.

There are a lot of important questions that operators should ask themselves regarding churn rate:

  • For what reason did players leave the site?
  • Is it possible for them to return?
  • Is there a way to make them come back?
  • What is the strategy for limiting the rate?

Each entrepreneur needs to ponder the prevention of customers leaving their platform. There are plenty of procedures and CRM strategies which can help keep your clients dynamic and decrease the levels of inactivity.

Types of Churn Rate

Two different notions and their formulas should be kept in mind:

  • customer churn rate — A/B*100;
  • revenue churn rate — A*B*C.

In the first option, A stands for the number of customers that have quit, while B signifies the number of clients at the start of a certain timeframe. The second formula puts A as the number of inactive punters in a particular period, B as an average financial transaction, and C as the number of transfers made in a specific timeframe.

Let us say you start a month with 10,000 clients. Before it is over, 8,000 people are still in the system, which implies that 2,000 customers quit.

Here is how you can calculate the rate:

2,000/10,000 x 100 = 20%

Those who prefer to focus on the income that would have been generated had their clients not quit, could use the following example with the revenue formula. 2,000 customers have quit their activity in the online establishment, and the average contribution was $1,000. Every month, they sent it 7 times.

Thus, the calculation of lost revenue is as follows:

2,000 individuals x $1,000 × 7 deposits = $14,000,000

If a gaming group enhances the retention rate by about 5%, its income can develop by up to 95%. Numerous advertisers accept that making the churn rate smaller is one of the most significant things to pay attention to for the growth of any brand.

Primary Reasons for Churning

Casino player churn: reasons

To maintain a successful business venture, it is important to learn why exactly customers tend to quit. You may investigate it by questioning players directly, as client feedback is always important and valuable. Using this information, operators can develop a technique for winning visitors over.

At any particular stage, clients can quit. Sometimes, it may be because of the problems with user experience, which arise after they start their journey on the site. A deeper understanding of the punters' reasons helps create a strategic plan for winning them back, and then determine whether the company needs to follow it.

Here are some of the most widespread issues that can cause players to end their journey, divided into subcategories.

Technical Problems

Troubles with the site can often discourage customers from continuing with their wagering.

Failure to register or verify identity

Any problems with the process of ID confirmation or signing up can negatively reflect on your business. No matter if the registration submissions are not working or if the customer has trouble with the document upload, visitors can get discouraged and quit before even starting their path.

An even more disastrous situation could emerge if customers struggle to withdraw their money because of technical problems. In this case, the operator will have to deal with dozens of dissatisfied clients and bad reviews

Faulty financial system

The entire gaming experience may be ruined because of failed transaction operations, as clients register in hopes of depositing funds and withdrawing their winnings.

If punters want to cash out prizes and there are errors while attempting to receive money, they can get angry and leave

Gambling Experience

Competition in the business can be tough, and what you are presenting to customers may not be entirely enough.

Rivals prevail in terms of offers

The field of gambling is growing exceptionally quickly, and nowadays, there are a lot of players on the market. Every company attempts to be different from its competitors with rewards, extraordinary offers, and promotional instruments.

Clients tend to gravitate towards the casino that has the best marketing techniques

Insufficient game catalogue

It can be difficult to contend with famous brands due to their many years on the market, releasing outstanding titles. They always analyse customer preferences and make sure the content responds to those.

New distributors may run into some complications with that, and, for this reason, they need to introduce a broad scope of offerings.

By giving customers a choice, operators will be able to know which exact preferences they have and use them for future work. Entrepreneurs can introduce a variety of games and see which ones go well with the public

Entertainment is not tailored according to the market

The successful casino offerings should have a lineup with plenty of modern elements and appealing rewards. However, if the site's assortment does not contain the specific needs of a certain market, there will be difficulties with keeping customers interested.

In order to prevent this situation, cooperate with decent suppliers and pay attention to market demands

Irregular updates

Even if your portfolio is creative and appealing, there can still be certain issues. Customers tend to become weary of the same titles and like to try their hand at new deliveries.

Quitting could happen when there are no new offerings for a while on your platform

Customer Support

Every operator's site needs to have sufficient client assistance, otherwise, gamblers will feel underappreciated and unheard.

Unreliable customer service

Communicating straightforwardly with the players is meant to tackle issues and lead up to gamers feeling that they are appreciated.

With assistance, all the problems will be solved speedily, and clients will feel safe and be more likely to return. In the scenario that the service is slow, rude, insufficient, or amateurish, visitors will quit

Lacking search instrument

The simplicity of looking for what people need is fundamental: customers should not feel compelled to continuously scroll for the title they want to try out.

It is ideal to give a reasonable format and easy instruments, for instance, a navigation sidebar or a search tool

Wrong reward estimation

Guaranteeing players an additional perk means that it ought to be appropriately determined and provided at the right time.

If punters do not get what they were told, they leave, and the possibility of getting these users back is almost nonexistent

Lack of currency choice and localisation

Preferably, you need to permit players to choose the money they make transactions with. The same goes for a rate on their local market that they have a preference for.

The product should also be supported in a variety of languages, otherwise, clients may misunderstand the regulations and look for another platform

Preventing the Churn of Customers from Casino Platforms

Preventing casino player churn: tips

Here are some tips on managing unfortunate situations before they happen:

  1. Figure out the reason. The loss of customers can be prevented by distinguishing the essential issues. The operator will need to get in touch with clients to comprehend what aspects have to be enhanced.
  2. Offer many games. Any internet-based establishment should offer players multiple entertainment from notable programming engineers. In addition, the list has to be continuously enhanced.
  3. You have to add well-known titles in a specific market, stay aware of your suppliers' planned deliveries and broaden your offerings.
  4. Be different from competitors. Determine the uniqueness of your products and bring them to a higher level. There are many ways to do this, for instance, by coming up with brand new bonus programs to offer your clients.
  5. Be ahead of the punters' requirements. The successful operator needs to foresee potential problems that clients could experience and adapt to them. Customer inquiries should be addressed ahead of time.
  6. Many industry leaders tend to report all the recent updates and changes. This makes their brands more trustworthy.

Reacquisition Strategy

When you are aware of why your site's punters tend to quit, you can go to great lengths to work on the issue and prevent churning. The data can also be utilised to think of a procedure which will help gain some of your gamblers back.

Prior to attempting to get customers back, a company needs to evaluate the work and the possible outcomes. Are they worth all the effort and resources? The viability of the plan will to a great extent be dependent upon the nature of the preparation.

Operators need to pose some important questions:

  • Is there a high chance of the player returning?
  • For how long will the punter stay?
  • Will the customer bring in enough profits?

These are fundamental inquiries, which may also help understand the reasons for churn. Answers are quite easy to find. If customers left the site due to an absence of entertainment, you can securely expect their comeback by offering a greater and different lineup. If players have left because another gambling site offered better rewards, your platform will need to beat these suggestions. In this case, keeping visitors may not be necessarily worth it.

Bringing a player back to the portal is the first step. Retention techniques will come next, and in this situation, it is important to evaluate whether your site will be able to follow through with that. The profitability of a customer should also be considered. It can be estimated on the basis of former interactions.

After the identification of churn customers, it will be the right time to work on an appealing plan to get them back.

The Main Things about Online Casino Churn

Online casino churn: key notions

This is a certain number of customers that leave the platform at some time, and respectable operators mostly try to retain them.

To recover the players' trust and inspire them to get back, managers generally:

  • suggest lucrative bonus offers;
  • tend to work on the quality of their services.

Implementing both of these techniques results in customers getting back and sticking with the casino for a long time.

However, the most important thing that will prevent you from dealing with churn is having an initial quality platform that ticks all the customers' boxes. Online Casino Market will help you with establishing a successful iGaming project where issues of clients leaving would be minimised.

At our company, you can purchase a quality platform for establishing your gambling business. We also offer plenty of services, such as:

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